The Top 10 Trending Nonalcoholic Drinks Americans Searched for in 2022

From nonalcoholic rum to red wine and margaritas, these trendy options are perfect for moms-to-be or those looking to cut back in the new year.
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By Wyndi Kappes, Assistant Editor
Updated December 19, 2022
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There’s no denying that for many getting into the holiday spirit starts with just that—spirits. Whether you are pregnant and feeling left out of the fun or are a part of the thousands who embrace dry January with the start of the new year, it can help to have some nonalcoholic options to savor over the next few months.

As a part of its Year in Search recap, Google has released data on the top trending nonalcoholic drink searches from this past year. From nonalcoholic rum to red wine and margaritas, check out the top 10 below, and let us know what others you think should’ve made it on the list.

This Year’s Top Trending Nonalcoholic Drinks

1. Nonalcoholic Rum

Mix up the traditional Mai Tai or Mojito with this popular virgin spirit perfected by Ritual. Enjoy all the warm vanilla, toasted spice, and velvety decadence of dark rum, without the alcohol or calories. View different recipes and peruse the nutritional facts at

Buy it: $30,

2. Nonalcoholic Mint Julep

The drink of the Kentucky Derby and a southern favorite, it’s no wonder that this mocktail is one of the top trending options. This five-ingredient drink can be made in five minutes or less and can be batched to serve at your next shower or celebration.

Alcohol-Free Mint Julep Recipe:

3. Nonalcoholic Red Wine

Red wine is a staple of both fancy steak dinners and girl’s nights in. Easy to enjoy, simply pull out a glass and pour. Browse an assortment of curated nonalcoholic red wines at The Zero Proof.

Buy it: Starting at $17,

4. Nonalcoholic Tequila

Perfect for a Paloma or margarita, nonalcoholic tequila comes in many forms, including the popular silver agave tequila. Try the Agave Blanco Spirit from Lyre’s for a unique, full flavor with notes of citrus, roasted agave and peppery spice.

Buy it: $36,

5. Nonalcoholic Vodka

Rounding out the top five is the base for popular drink favorites like martinis and bloody marys. While more complicated to recreate in a nonalcoholic form, ArKay’s award-winning Alcohol-Free Vodka gets five stars from Amazon reviewers for its authentic taste and zero calories, zero sugar makeup.

Buy it: $50,

6. Nonalcoholic Beer

Awarded best nonalcoholic beer by Men’s Health magazine and, Heineken’s 0.0 tastes just like the original without the alcohol. Not a fan of Heineken? You can browse a full list of NA beers at

Buy it:

7. Nonalcoholic margarita

Imagine yourself beachside as you dive into a virgin margarita after a long day spent at work, in the carpool pickup line and at home. While there are assorted mixes you can buy in stores, you can craft something fresh and cut down on sugars and calories by making your own mix at home. Check out a beloved Southern Living recipe below.

Southern Living Virgin Margarita Recipe:

8. Nonalcoholic Mulled Wine

A wintery trend, nonalcoholic mulled wine makes the perfect handwarmer for a turn around the block or an evening spent looking at the neighborhood Christmas lights. Below you can find an easy recipe from The Mindful Mocktail that can be whipped up in the crock pot and left to simmer for 30 minutes.

The Mindful Mocktail Nonalcoholic Mulled Wine Recipe:

9. Nonalcoholic Whiskey

Another common base spirit, whiskey, can be used to make Manhattans and old fashioned’s. Lyre’s Highland Malt is lauded for its deep toffee flavor, spiced oak and nutty grains. This NA spirit can be drunk alone or mixed into a mocktail.

Buy it: $45,

10. Nonalcoholic Piña Colada

Finally, rounding out Google’s list is everyone’s favorite cocktail to get lost in the rain with–the Piña Colada. Virgin Piña Coladas are the ultimate vacation refresher and can be crafted in less than five minutes with little more than a pineapple and coconut water. Check out House of Nash Eats’ five-star recipe below.

Virgin Piña Coladas:

Check out these 16 great mocktail ideas for the holidays.

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