Dads & Dads-to-Be

Caught On Camera: Adorable Doting Dads

These aren’t your standard family portraits, and that’s exactly why we can’t stop looking. Here’s further proof that dad’s tough-guy days were over the moment he left the delivery room.
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“‘Sup, dad?”

Submitted by Jen G.


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“Fancy meeting you down here.”

Submitted by Julie R.


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It’s never too early to get them hooked on fishing.

Submitted by Jen B.


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Tea for two, please!

Submitted by Karen S.


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A sweet salute.

Submitted by Leomarys T.


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Looks like this tough guy’s got a soft spot.

Submitted by Maryann B.


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A quintessential mini-me.

Submitted by Jennifer B.


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Pure Bliss.

Submitted by Jackie D.


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It’s nap time…again.
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Fighting for that coveted spot on Dad’s lap.

Submitted by Jennifer J.


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Best seat in the house.

Submitted by Marcella P.


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A toe touch definitely deserves a kiss.

Submitted by Amanda


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Look at those beach bums!

Submitted by Yolanda A.


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Dads make the best couches.

Submitted by Jennifer F.


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Hats off to these heart breakers!

Submitted by Jessica B


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Baby’s first hike! (And baby’s first selfie?)

Submitted by Tori T.


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Dinner time usually coincides with nap time these days.

Submitted by Kayla


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Two handymen in one house.

Submitted by Suzanne S.


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Three generations of adorable.

Submitted by Julie G.


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“I’m awake, I swear!”

Submitted by Wai S.


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These boys are all tuckered out.

Submitted by Jeremy P.


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Mozart didn’t even start composing until he was five.
By Anisa Arsenault