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Third Trimester

When Will Others Feel Baby Kick?

I can feel my baby moving around, but I want my partner to feel it too! When will other people be able to feel my baby move?

While you've probably felt baby moving around since sometime between weeks 16 and 22, it can take a little longer for the movements to be noticeable from outside your belly. And, just like everything else related to pregnancy, everyone experiences it differently. But don't worry—baby should be sharing his kicks with your partner pretty soon! Most moms say that others are able to feel their babies kick sometime between 20 and 30 weeks. Some moms can feel baby move from the outside a bit earlier, and some a little later—especially if they are overweight or have an anterior placenta (in front of the uterus). Want a more personal take on when moms feel their baby from the outside? Here are some real-mom experiences from the users on our third trimester message board:

"I would try and try to get my husband to feel the kicks and punches I was feeling for weeks but every time he would put his hand on my belly the baby would stop. Finally at week 25 he felt a big one!" —Junebug9
"I think around 20 weeks my husband could really feel little jabs coming from my belly." —Rosebride2006

"He finally felt her at 23 weeks, but he didn't like to push on my belly and she didn't always move when he was right there ready to feel. He really could feel her at 24 weeks." —johnsoar

"Mine was 22 weeks. I didn't realize what it was until I actually saw my tummy move, like somebody was poking me from the inside out." —wiglsworth26

"About 23 weeks because I have an anterior placenta (so it can take a little longer)." —joecubed

"My DH couldn't feel her until about 27 weeks, although I had been feeling movement since around 17 weeks." —mrsain1105

"I am 23 weeks tomorrow and still nothing." —Soter1

"I think around 23 weeks. He could feel little taps on his hand." —wendyj

"DH felt the baby for the first time right after we got back from our 20 week ultrasound." —brandie_larue

"I don't know why, but DH could feel it very early (and me too, when I put my hand on my stomach) — at exactly 16 weeks." —kmgourley

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By The Bump Editors