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Chris Kammer, DDS

Why Is My Mouth So Dry?

My mouth has gotten so dry during pregnancy. Is it normal, and how can I treat it?

Once you get pregnant, your body stores more water to help supply an increasing blood volume, and you may also experience frequent urination. These two things can lead to dry mouth, thirst and other dehydration signs.  Gestational diabetes may contribute to dry mouth and thirst (your doctor will most likely check you for it sometime between weeks 24 and 28, when you get your glucose tolerance test).

Dry mouth isn’t just annoying, it can actually make you more susceptible to oral disease because it’s easier for bacteria to build up in your mouth. So it’s important to stay hydrated. You might also want to try Orazyme Dry Mouth mouthwash. It’s an all-natural, alcohol- and sugar-free mouthwash that can help normalize the moisture balance in your mouth and relieve discomfort, difficulty chewing, rough tongue and mouth sores.

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