8 Pregnancy Symptoms You’ll Actually Like

Morning sickness, backaches and cankles get all the attention. But look on the bright side, you might get these too.
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Updated October 16, 2019

Thicker, shiny hair

Those hormones responsible for a million crappy symptoms could also make your hair thicker and shinier, and some moms-to-be swear theirs grows faster than it used to: “It normally takes me forever to grow my hair out, and now it grows like weeds,” says kara29.

Nail growth

Increases in blood pressure and hormone levels may ramp up fingernail growth, finally giving you the French-manicure-worthy nails you’ve always dreamed of. Prenatal vitamins may also help encourage faster growth. “My nails have always been flaky and weak, but now they’re spectacular!” says zbra33.

Bigger boobs

Even before you took a pregnancy test, your boobs probably started changing (and getting really freaking sore!) to prep for feeding baby. As your milk ducts grow and fill with milk, your boobs will get noticeably bigger. Bring out the V-necks!

Glowing skin

For some moms-to-be, an increased blood volume (by almost 50 percent, according to the International Dermal Institute) causes their cheeks to take on a reddish hue—meaning you might just leave the blush brush shut tight in your makeup case. Plus, sebaceous glands that are tasked with moisturizing your skin start working overtime, giving you that shining pregnancy glow. And even though you do hear about pregnancy acne, those hormone shifts could just clear up your skin. They did for johnsgirl73, who says, “I hardly get breakouts now, which is lovely.”

More complex brain

You’ve probably experienced a bit of “baby brain,” that absentmindedness that many moms-to-be say they get. And it’s true: your brain is changing but not for the worse. It’s actually making you more sensitive to baby’s needs after she is born.

No periods!

“My favorite perk is no period for sure!” says kara29. No tampons, no problem!

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Better sex

Pregnancy makes some moms-to-be more sensitive down below. The best-case scenario? “Even better orgasms!” says merryme52.

Baby kicks

“Do baby kicks count as a symptom? I love those so much!” says all9mos. And yes, they do. Every time your baby moves, your body responds by boosting your heart rate, and that helps you and baby bond.

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