Skin Tags During Pregnancy

Ah, skin tags. Another not-so-fun side-effect of pregnancy. Here's hot to spot them — and what to do about them.
ByDr. Francesca J. Fusco
Feb 2017
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What are skin tags during pregnancy?

Skin tags are extra pieces of skin that look like tiny bumps. They usually appear in places like your arms or boobs (we know, ick), but they’re totally harmless.

What are the signs of skin tags?

You’ll have small, loose growths of skin anywhere your skin rubs together a lot.

Are there any tests for skin tags?

No, but if your doc thinks they’re something other than skin tags, you might get other tests.

How common are skin tags?

Sorry, but they come with all the other skin changes going on with your body (hello,  dark spots on your face!).

How did I get skin tags?

Blame it on the hormones again — they’re most likely the cause. Skin tags usually form in areas where skin rubs against itself, which, let’s face it, is inevitable with all the weight you’re gaining.

How will skin tags affect my baby?

The good news is, even though they’re annoying, they won’t affect baby.

What’s the best way to treat skin tags during pregnancy?

Skin tags typically disappear on their own after birth, but if there’s still extra skin hanging around a few months after baby’s born, you may want to schedule a visit with your dermatologist to have them removed. The process is quick and painless (kind of like removing a wart), and you’ll come out tag-free.

What can I do to prevent skin tags during pregnancy?

Sorry, but you can’t really prevent them.

What do other pregnant moms do when they have skin tags?

“I got a few skin tags in random places (back, neck, armpit) when I was pregnant with baby number two. They didn’t go away for me, but I did have them removed by my doctor.”

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“This is my fourth pregnancy, and I’d never had a skin tag before. I recently developed one on the lower part of my tummy. I was hoping it would go away, but from what I’ve heard, the only way to get rid of them is to have them removed by a doctor.”

“I have a skin tag growing on the left side of my neck and one on my bikini line. My OB said she could remove them after birth.”

Are there any other resources for skin tags?

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