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10 Creative Ways To Reveal Baby's Gender

You've probably heard some basic ideas for spreading the word about baby's sex. But these new ideas will really wow your family and friends — and make sharing your surprise even more exciting.

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Balloon Release

Have a party and open a giant package while all your guests look on. Inside will be pink helium balloons if it's a girl. Blue balloons if it's a boy. Or, pop a balloon with pink or blue confetti inside.

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Make It a Game

Have guests guess baby's gender. At the end of the party, announce what it is. Everyone who guessed correctly gets a trinket to take home with them.

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Gender Reveal Desserts

The original idea is to have your favorite baker create a blue or pink cake, topped with white (or chocolate!) frosting. Then, gather friends and family to slice the cake and discover whether it's a boy or girl. New twists include cookies with pink or blue batter in the middle, and custom fortune cookies with messages inside that reveal the gender. Get more gender reveal dessert ideas.

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Get Big Bro or Big Sis In On the Action

If you have an older child, let him (or her!) announce baby's gender by wearing a shirt that says, "I'm getting a baby brother!" or "I'm getting a baby sister!"

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Alter the Ultrasound Pic

Love Photoshopping your favorite photos? Do it to baby's ultrasound pic! Add a pink bow or a blue tie to baby's sonogram, frame it and send it to his or her future grandparents.

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Have Fun With Maternity Photos

Have photos taken of your pregnant belly with either pink or blue booties, or baby blocks that spell out "girl" or "boy."

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Send Care Packages

Have gifts delivered to the grandparents-to-be. On the tag, write, "Baby is a..." Inside, layer pink and blue tissue, nested boxes, confetti — and whatever else you can find to keep them guessing! At the bottom, a boy's outfit, or a girl's outfit will be waiting for them to find.

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Choose the Right Outfit

Keep it simple. Just wrap a pink or blue scarf or ribbon around your belly. If your family lives far away, have your picture taken wearing it, and send the photo to them.

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Ultrasound Party

Here's an over-the-top idea! Hire an ultrasound technician to come to your living room, so you can discover baby's gender with your friends and family there to witness the whole thing, live and in-person.

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Family Photo

Have a picture taken of your feet, your partner's and an empty pair of baby girl or baby boy shoes.

By Elena Donovan Mauer