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30+ Baby Shower Game Ideas

Our guide to some of the most crowd-pleasing baby shower games out there.
Pacifier-Themed Games

Game: The Pacifier Pass
What you need: Straws, pacifiers with handles you can hold
How to play: Have the guests seperate into teams of 4 or 5 and stand in a line, facing the person in front of them. Each guest must put a straw in their mouth. The first person in line puts the pacifier on their straw. When the host says go everyone on the team passes the pacifier from straw to straw, no hands, no contact. Whichever team is the fastest wins.

Game: Place The Pacifier In The Baby's Mouth
What you need: Picture of a baby, blindfold, a picture of a pacifier for each guest
How to play: Blindfold the guest and have them put their pacifier as close to the baby's mouth as possible. Whoever is the closest wins.

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Diaper-Themed Games

Game: Blindfolded Diapering
What you need: Blindfold, lifesize babydolls, diapers
How to play: Have guests seperate into teams. Each teams gets a doll, blindfold and diapers. Each guest must put the blindfold on, remove the current diaper and put a new one on the doll. After the first team meber does this, they give the doll to the next, until the entire team is finished. The first team to finish wins.

Game: Pass The Dirty Diaper
What you need: Diaper, chocolate, music
How to play: The host must first melt the chocolate in the diaper. Everyone sits in a circle and passes the "dirty" diaper around as the music plays. When the music stops, the guest who is holding the diaper is out of the game. The last guest is the winner.

Game: Don't Say Baby!
What you need: Diaper pin for each guest
How to play: As each guest arrives, have them put the diaper pin on their clothes somewhere. If one guest hears another say the word baby, they can take their pin. Whoever has the most pins at the end wins.

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Balloon-Themed Games

Game: Whose Water Breaks First
What you need: Plastic babies and containers that they can fit inside (ice cube tray, plastic cups, etc.)
How to play: Prior to the party, put one baby into each container, fill with water and freeze. Each guest then receives a frozen container with the baby inside. The guests must try to melt the ice and get their plastic baby out first. They can do this in any way they can think of. Whoever gets their baby out first is the winner.

Game: Having A Baby
What you need: Balloons
How to play: Seperate guests into teams of four or five and giv each person a balloon. When the host says go the first person from each team must blow up their balloon and stick it under their shirt. Once the first person has done this the second person does the same, then the third, etc. Once all team members have balloons under their shirts, the first person must pop their ballon, then the second, and third, etc. The team who blows up and pops their ballons the fasts wins.

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Baby Gear-Themed Games

Game: Baby Sock Game
What you need: 14 pairs of baby socks, timer
How to play: Put all the socks, unpaired, in a pile on the floor. Each guest must match as many socks as they can in one minute. The person who matches the most socks is the winner.

Game: Do You Know What It Is?
What you need: 10-15 paper bags, 10-15 baby items, paper and pen for each guest
How to play: Put one baby item into the bags and number them 1-10, or 15. Randomly pass them out to the guests. The guests must try to figure out what is in each bag without opening them. Once everyone has guessed all bags, the mother-to-be will open each bag and reveal what is inside. Whoever guessed the most right is the winner.

Game: How Many Baby Items Can You Name?
What you need: Paper and pen for each guest
How to play: Each guest must write down any baby items (bottle, pacifier, blanket, etc.) they can think of in 5 minutes.

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Baby Food-Themed Games

Game: Applesauce Never Tasted So Good
What you need: Large plastic garbage bags, jars of applesause, baby spoons, blindfolds
How to play: Seperate guests into teams of two. Have guests put trash bags over their clothes and blindfold everyone. One member of each blindfolded team must try and feed the applesauce to their partner. Whoever finishes their applesauce the fastes is the winner.

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Onesie-Themed Games

Game: Baby Shower Onsies
What you need: Plain, whie onsies, decorative paints and markers, cardboard
How to play: Put the cardboard into each onsie for support and pass them out to the guests. Have everyone decorate the onsies for the mother-to-be to remember the day!

Game: Baby Shower Grab
What you need: Baby clothes, hanger, baby clothes pin
How to play: Hang multiple baby clothes from one hanger using the clothes pins. Have the guest place one hand behind their back and try to remove as many pieces of clothing as possible without dropping the clothes, or the clothes pins. Whoever can get the most off wins.

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Saving Money for Baby-Themed Games

Game: Tinkle In The Pot
What you need:  Two quarters for each participant, masking tape, large jars or glass bowls
How to play: Split guests into teams of 4 or 5. Have teams line up behind the starting line and place jars/bowls across the room. Guests must place a quarter between their knees and waddle to the jar/bowl. Once there, they must drop the quarter into the jar/bowl, without using their hands. If they miss it, they must start over. Every guest goes twice. The team who finishes first wins.

Game: Name Tag Donation Game
What you need: Name tags for each guest
How to play: Prior to the shower fill out the name tags with baby-related words. Have each guest put on a name tag when they arrive. During the shower people can only be called by their name tag name. If a guest calls someone by their first name, they must put money into a piggy bank for the baby.

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Mommy-to-Be Themed Games

Game: How Well Do You Know The Mommy-To-Be
What you need: Paper and pens
How to play: Have the host find out as much about the mother-to-be as a child and write the questions and answers down. Ask the questions to all guests and have them write their answers down on paper. Whoever has the most answers right wins.

Game: Guess Her Age
What you need: Several pictures of the mother-to-be, all at different ages, pens, paper
How to play: Have the guests look at the pictures of the mother-to-be and guess how old she was in each picture. Whoever gets the most right wins.

Game: Watch What You Say
What you need: Paper and pen
How to play: Write down everything the mother-to-be says when opening her presents. Once she is done, tell everyone this is what she said the night the baby was conceived and have her read it aloud to all the guests.

Game: Guess The Baby Pictures
What you need: Baby pictures of all the guests
How to play: Ask for baby pictures before the shower. Arrange pictures in a collage. Guests must guess which picture belongs to the guests at the shower. Whoever gets the most correct wins.

Game: Baby Bucket List
What you need: Tin (or bucket), pens, notecards
How to play: Ask all of your guests to write down one thing you need to do in baby's first year. It can be things they wish they did with their kids, things they want to do when they have a baby, or things they think you and your partner will enjoy doing with baby. The bucket list suggestions can range from trips to take, moments to make sure you remember, to general advice you might forget you need. Save it for baby's birth and once you're able to, keep track of all the bucket list items you complete! It's a fun way to scrapbook baby's first year!

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Guessing Games

Game: The Baby Name Game
What you need: Paper and pen for each guest
How to play: Have each guest write any names they can think of in the allotted time. You can also choose only one letter the names must begin with, to make it more difficult.

Game: Baby Song List
What you need: Paper and pen for each guest
How to play: Each guest must write down as many songs they can think of with the word baby in the title in 5 minutes. The guest with the most songs written is the winner.

Game: Name That Baby Tune
What you need: Baby songs to play out loud for guests
How to play: Play the songs, and the guests must guess the song as quickly as possible. Whoever guesses correctly and the fastest, wins.

Game: Baby Shower Memory Game
What you need: Paper and pen
How to play: Have the mother-to-be walk around and say hi to all the guests, then go into another room. Once there, all the guests must write down what she was wearing. Whoever remembers the most wins.  
Game: Name The Children From These TV Families
What you need: Paper and pen
How to play: See how many of the guests can guess these:

  1. What was the name of Fred and Wilma's child on The Flintstones? Pebbles
  2. What were the names of Ross Gellar's 2 children on Friends? Ben and Emma
  3. Name the 3 kids on The Simpsons: Bart, Maggie and Lisa
  4. Name the 4 children on Family Ties: Alex, Mallory, Jennifer, Andy
  5. Name the 5 Huxtable kids on The Cosby Show: Sondra, Denise, Theo, Vanessa and Rudy
  6. Name the 6 Brady Bunch kids: Marcia, Jan, Cindy, Greg, Peter and Bobby
    Whoever gets the most right wins.

Game: Baby Alphabet Game
What you need: Paper with the alpabet written on it and pen
How to play: Give each guest a piece of paper with the alphabet on it and have them write down a word for each letter that is associated with babies. Whoever can write the most words in one minute is the winner.


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Guess the Mommy-to-Be's Craving Game

Game: The Great Crave Game
What you need: Paper and pen
How to play: Have the mother-to-be describe what she has been craving without actually saying the food. The guests must write down what they think it is. Whoever has the most right answers wins.

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Bottle Racing Game

Game: Bottle Races
What you need: Baby bottle for each guest, filled with a drink
How to play: Each guest takes a bottle and drinks as fast as possible. The one who finishes first wins a prize.

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