Here's Your Go-To Guide on How to Host a Baby Sprinkle

Never heard of a baby sprinkle shower? It’s a baby shower for second baby. Now that you know what it is, here’s how to host the party for next baby.
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July 27, 2018

Though showering a new mother with gifts is a tradition dating all the way back to the Renaissance era, calling such a celebration of mom and baby-to-be a “baby shower” is a fairly more modern term. And making even a newer addition to the newborn party vernacular: the baby sprinkle.

What Is a Baby Sprinkle?

If you’re new to the term baby sprinkle, you might think it’s what happens when changing the diapers of a baby boy with a full bladder. Funny as that image may be, the sprinkle shower is a much drier affair—held to honor moms and dads who are adding another baby to a growing family.

Typically, a baby shower is held to gift new parents with all the essentials they’ll need to welcome their bundle of joy into the world: bottles, bassinets, bouncy chairs, burp cloths, blankets, booties, and that’s just the letter “b” items. Babies require a lot of equipment, which can add up to a budget buster if not for the generous help of friends and family.

When baby No. 2 (or more) comes around, parents usually have many of the necessities still around from their firstborn. What they don’t have—and therefore need—are diapers, gender-specific clothing, baby room decor and items still in use by the first child (think car seats and strollers). At a baby sprinkle, guests help bolster the parents’ already stocked baby supply with the little extras needed to make the next baby feel just as special.

Baby Sprinkle Etiquette

Now that you’re clued in on what a baby sprinkle is, it’s time to talk etiquette. If you’re the mom-to-be, sit back, kick up your swollen ankles and let your family and friends take the party-planning wheel. While you’re relaxing (and wishing you could have a glass of wine), go online and register for the items you need to help the next baby ease right into the mix of your growing family. Think clothes, toys, diapers and potential big ticket necessities, like a car seat, stroller and high chair.

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If you’re the guest, stick to any gifting guidelines noted in the baby sprinkle invitation wording, or check out the mom-to-be’s registry to see what she really wants and needs. But if you want your baby sprinkle gift to stand out in the crowd, consider items personalized to the new baby (but check on gender and name details before you buy!), dress up the baby basics (diaper cake, anyone?) or give items meant to pamper mom.

If you’re the host, the bad news is you still have a lot of work ahead of you. The good news is it’s all to celebrate a new baby, so make it fun! Reduce the party-planning stress with these hostess tips based on baby sprinkle etiquette.

  • Keep it low key. A baby sprinkle tends to be more casual than a traditional baby shower. Since mom and dad will likely need much less for their new arrival, you don’t have to invite every distant relative, friendly acquaintance or coworker. Keep the guest list to close family and friends.
  • Give guests the details. Remember this is a day to celebrate the parents and welcome baby. If specific gifts would be helpful, note them on the invitation, include registry links and any other needed information about the party.
  • Don’t assume. Since the baby sprinkle is new territory for many, don’t expect everyone to know what it is. Be prepared to explain the concept on the invitation or when guests call or email to RSVP. Traditional etiquette has long been the baby shower is reserved for the first child. So while the goal may be to celebrate new life, some guests may turn up their noses to what they see as a second baby shower. Set ‘em straight (kindly, of course) and don’t worry about those who aren’t on board.

Baby Sprinkle Ideas

With the dos and don’ts out of the way, let the fun begin. Party planning can feel overwhelming no matter what the occasion, but don’t get bogged down with too many details. It’s as simple as sticking to the basics: invitation style, invitation wording, decorations, food, favors and games. And the one thing that can help pull it all together: great baby sprinkle themes!

Sure, the gender of the new child is an easy theme steeped in pink and blue simplicity, but there are also plenty of baby sprinkle ideas to make the baby shower for the new baby feel fresh and different from the firstborn’s bash.

Baby Sprinkle Idea #1: Sprinkle With Love

Image: Megan Rubey
  • Baby sprinkle theme: Let jimmies, those colorful confetti candies, set the stage for your theme.
  • Baby sprinkle invitations: Rain and showers may bring flowers, but baby sprinkles bring tiny kisses. Toss some confetti as we celebrate the next baby to join the family.
  • Baby sprinkle decorations: Get inspired by candy sprinkles, filling clear balloons with confetti, using polka dots to add pops of color and serving funfetti cake and sprinkle-topped yogurt- or chocolate-dipped pretzels.
  • Baby sprinkle favors: Let guests leave with a statement piece that plays up the baby sprinkle theme. Beaded bracelets in pretty hues make the perfect thank you gift for guests.
  • Baby sprinkle game: Fill a large lidded jar with sprinkles or paper confetti. Hide inside a number of tiny plastic babies, each that look slightly different. Let guests twist and turn the jar to see if they can guess the number of hidden babies. The guest with the closest number wins.

Baby Sprinkle Idea #2: Welcome to the Jungle

Image: Megan Rubey
  • Baby sprinkle theme: With another little wild one on the way, play up a jungle theme with a sophisticated spin for this sprinkle shower.
  • Baby sprinkle invitations: We’re not lion! The Thompson family is welcoming a new little monkey to their growing bunch! Swing on by to celebrate their next new adventure.
  • Baby sprinkle decorations: Keep the jungle theme from looking like a toddler’s birthday party by adding an upscale vibe. Cover tables in champagne pink linen for a girl, pale teal for a boy or butter yellow for gender neutral. Then top with tropical forest foliage, serving food on gold-toned plates. Small doses of animal print go a long way! Use painted vases in tones of black and white, filled with simple leafy greens.
  • Baby sprinkle favors: Hot glue small plastic jungle animals (available at craft stores) to the lids of small mason jars. Spray paint the animal-topped lids in metallic gold. When dry, fill the jars with green bath crystals. Simple and stylish!
  • Baby sprinkle game: Print game cards where each guest has to match the animal to the baby name (think bear to cub, deer to fawn). The guest with the most answers correct wins.

Baby Sprinkle Idea #3: PampHer

Image: Megan Rubey
  • Baby sprinkle theme: It’s a safe bet that with one or more children at home, mom is already exhausted. And getting less sleep with the next one on the way isn’t going to help. Take a pampered approached with a theme to turn this celebration into one that will feel spa-mazing!
  • Baby sprinkle invitations: With nighttime feedings and diaper changes coming her way, you know what this busy mom is needing? She time! Join us for a pampering spa afternoon with the girls.
  • Baby sprinkle decorations: If you’re not hosting the party at a spa or salon, turn your space into a tranquil escape with a retreat feel. Combine natural elements like rocks and plants with soft towels in pale pastels. Small succulents in short milk glass vases add the perfect touch of green, without feeling too fussy.
  • Baby sprinkle favors: Top green painted dowels with a fluffy bath puff to make a flower guests can use in the shower.
  • Baby sprinkle game: In addition to moisturizing hand treatments, DIY manicures and letting everyone sit back and relax with cucumbers over their eyes, a little entertainment can be a much needed treat too. Gather a collection of nail polish bottles with fun hue names. Number each bottle and hand out game cards with all of the nail polish names listed. The guest who can correctly match the most names with colors wins. (And take home a stash of pretty polish as their prize!)

Baby Sprinkle Idea #4: New Baby in Bloom

Image: Megan Rubey
  • Baby sprinkle theme: With another family member about to bloom, plant the seed to grow a more than garden-variety sprinkle shower.
  • Baby sprinkle invitations: Growing one flower has been so much fun, they’ve decided to plant another one. Come celebrate the budding baby about to bloom!
  • Baby sprinkle decorations: Plan an outdoor event and let Mother Nature handle decor. If she slacks at all, fill the space with pretty floral arrangements in bright colors. For a trendy twist, pair coordinating pieces, such as plates and linens in black and white stripes.
  • Baby sprinkle favors: A garden theme lends lots of options for easy party favors, such as seed packets, floral-scented candles or tiny succulents planted in vintage tea cups.
  • Baby sprinkle game: Add a baby twist to a traditional yard game. For moms who don’t yet know the sex of the baby, set up a game of cornhole with half the bags in blue and half the bags in pink. Count up the number of blue bags versus pinks bags successfully tossed through the target to predict if baby will be a boy or girl.

Baby Sprinkle Idea #5: Little Slugger

Image: Megan Rubey
  • Baby sprinkle theme: As one more member joins the family team, turn the baby sprinkle into a coed sports-themed celebration.
  • Baby sprinkle invitations: The Meyers knocked it out of the park again, adding another player to their team. Cheer them on at the baby sprinkle backyard barbecue. All family and friends welcome!
  • Baby sprinkle decorations: An outdoor barbecue makes for a casual setting. Add in sports, and it’s even more so. While you don’t need to go over the top in decor, dress up the space a bit with tables covered in gingham linens and sunflowers held in jars painted to resemble baseballs.
  • Baby sprinkle favors: Fill cellophane food bags with peanuts. Close the top and add a tag that reads, “Here’s hoping the new little peanut is all he (or she) is cracked up to be.”
  • Baby sprinkle game: Let the guys and kids take center stage in a game that will bring on the belly laughs. Break up the group so kids are one team and grown-ups are on the other. Have two bunches of oversized clothing and a baseball bat in front of each team. On “go,” each player has to put on all of the clothes, and then place his forehead on the end of the bat with the other end on the ground. The kids have to spin around the bat twice while the adults go for a spin three times. When the rotations are complete, the player has to run down and touch a target item and then run back to give his clothes to the next player to repeat the same actions. The team who finishes the fastest wins.
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