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Q&A: Best Clothes for a Newborn?

What kind of clothes will be most comfortable and convenient for my newborn?

We put this question to the experts (aka, our users). Here's what you had to say...

"She wore footed sleepers all day every day for about a month, but it was cold so she needed to be covered head to toe. After about a month we started wearing cotton pants and cute onesies. I bought some longsleeved onesies to go underneath the cute short sleeved onesies because it still isn't consistently warm enough for short sleeves. Any tops with collars end up looking goofy on the newborn — they don't sit well since the outfit itself doesn't fit well initially. Even once the outfit fits better, the collar still doesn't lie very well." — Missa1128

"We dress her in sleep and plays (footed sleepers) most days because two piece outfits ride up. The pants ride up to her knees and the bottom of her shirt rides up her back. We try to use ones with zippers when she goes to my mom for the day since the snaps are hard on my moms arthritic hands. I really like Carter's brand — their cotton is very soft. Much of the first month she was dressed in a sleeping gown around the clock. Since both baby and mommy were home, and she slept most of the time, this was most convenient for diaper changes. Now that it's getting warmer, she sleeps in a onesie and a SwaddleMe blanket only (no gown)." — Expecting0207

"We usually dress DS for comfort. He wears mainly knit fabrics and the style of outfit he wears depends on the weather. If it's warm I'll dress him in a cute onesie or romper, and if it's cooler, I'll put a pair of knit pants over the onesie or dress him in a sleep and play. He hasn't worn anything heavier up to this point simply because he hasn't needed it! For sleep he usually wears a long-sleeved T-shirt and wearable blanket (a Halo sleep sack or something similar)."_ —crk05

"When we are at home, he wears mostly gowns (with mitts)! They are so much easier than buttoning onesies and the other cute outfits. The rest of the time he is either in footed sleepers or onesies." — ErinAGS04

"When we're at home she wears long sleeve one-pieces and socks. And she's usually swaddled in a SwaddleMe blanket during the day and at night a Miracle Blanket. At night she's in a sleeping gown (for easy diaper changes), and I especially like the ones that velcro instead of go over her head. I really like the details of the Gerber Onesie. They are so cute and I like how they fasten on the side. Cotton materials are best for breathe-ability and function, IMO." — Rossica+1

"His first few weeks we loved the side snap tees (much easier to get on than onesies since they don't go over the head). They were easy on the umbilical stump and DS's circumcision as well. Carter's brand were the best; they're tagless, all soft cotton, and kept their shape better than other brands. Over the tees we pretty much exclusively used gowns. Again, easy to get on, and very easy for diaper changes since you just have to pull them up instead of fiddling with snaps and things. Now that he's a month we use onesies instead of the tees, because with all his moving around they don't ride up. And now that the bellybutton and circumcision have healed we don't worry about that comfort-wise. We still use gowns alot, but also onesies (on top of the undershirt weight ones) and pants, and outfits if we go out." — ModernMomma

"My DS is only a week and a half. I *love* the gowns that I can just pull up for a diaper change! I only have three and if he messes two, I'm sure to do wash so I'm not without one!! I've tried onsies, but they are not as easy as the gown. I'm hoping to use them as he gets a little bit bigger. I also love the side snap long sleeved Ts, but I feel that his legs get a bit too cold due to this later winter weather." — SAB717

"When my daughter was a newborn, we loved the footed sleepers with zippers. Onesies were a pain to get over her head, and t-shirts tended to right up. At night she worn gowns a lot. Again, I liked ones that opened with snaps to avoid going over her head. Now we tend to do onesies and cotton pants, and I'm trying to make sure she wears all the cute outfits people gave her. But to be honest I don't like dresses at this stage... they ride up too much and are just a pain to get in the car seat, etc. I much prefer sleep and play outfits, etc." —madhatter2003