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18 Best Toddler Snow Boots (That Moms Will Love Too)

Keep your little one’s toes warm (and stylish!) with these cute and cozy snow boots for toddlers.

While you may look at a snowy, slushy day as a reason to stay cozy on the couch, chances are your kiddo thinks the opposite. Toddlers are natural born explorers—and winter is a season made for adventure. There’s snow to stomp on, ice to slide over and slush to splash in! Your job? Making sure your winter-loving toddler is warm and safe, especially on those wobbly feet. Here, your guide to snagging the best toddler snow boots that’ll keep them warm, dry and on their feet, having fun.

What to Look for in Toddler Snow Boots

There’s more to buying snow boots for toddlers than cuteness alone. The best toddler snow boots keep your kid’s feet warm, dry, comfortable—and nimble. Take a look at some of the must-haves to tick off your toddler winter boots shopping list.

Easy on, easy off. Do you want to be asked to tie up laces every 10 minutes? Of course not. So look for toddler snow boots that are slip on or have zippers—while also sealing off the space that snow could drip into.

Perfect fit. Believe it or not, toddler snow boots that are too small or too big can actually lead to cold feet. Only a properly fitting snow boot has the ability to trap the heat produced by your child’s feet and keep it inside the boot. You know the boot is a good fit if your child can walk and run in her boots without any shuffling (and that’s with heavy socks). Tip: If you can pop the insole out of the snow boot, do it and have your toddler stand on it. Is there’s a finger- or finger-and-a-half width of space at the end of the boot? Then it’s a good fit.

Weatherproof. Have you ever had the displeasure of wearing leaky boots? It’s terrible. Help your child avoid that wet, uncomfortable mess: Buy only toddler snow boots that are are 100 percent waterproof. Be warned: Some have only a waterproof shell around the foot, leaving the shaft up the leg susceptible to leaks.

Warm inside. Take a peek inside those toddler snow boots and read the tag. You want to be sure they’re insulated with a soft, warm lining, like Thinsulate or shearling.

Gripping soles. Slipping and falling is a real possibility when playing in the snow. Should that stop your toddler from exploring? Heck, no! Instead, make sure your pick for toddler snow boots has grooved, rubber soles for proper traction and stability.

Best Toddler Snow Boots

There are a lot of snow boots out there. Like, a lot. Some are adorable but not warm. Some are warm but not at all cute. And still others seem to be perfect until your child is wading through a snow drift and you realize water-resistant isn’t quite the same as waterproof. Never fear. We’ve shopped around with the must-have checklist in hand to make shopping for the best toddler snow boots a whole lot easier.

Photo: Courtesy of Columbia

1. Columbia Youth Powderbug Plus II Snow Boot

Columbia doesn’t mess around when it comes to keeping grownup feet warm in the winter. And they do the same for kids with these sporty-cool Columbia snow boots for toddler boys and girls. Besides the must-haves, like being waterproof and easy to slip on, we love the Velcro keep-em-tight strap and the top-of-the-boot bungee that prevents wayward snow from falling in. Bonus: The heels of these toddler snow boots carry reflective patches for added safety and visibility.

Buy it: $55, Columbia.com

Photo: Courtesy of Bogs

2. Bogs B-Moc Bears Kids’ Insulated Boots

Bogs has become a go-to brand for toddler boots, thanks to their awesome sole-grips and easy-up boot handles, which help foster your kid’s independence. But what we really love about these waterproof snow boots for toddlers: The polar bears! (They come in three color combos: pink and gray; aqua and yellow; and purple and aqua, so you truly can’t go wrong.)

Buy it: $65, Bogsfootwear.com

Photo: Courtesy of Merrell

3. Merrell Little Kid’s Snow Quest Lite Boot

Bring a bit of brightness to gloomy winter days with these pink snow boots for toddler girls. Kids will love that they’re so darn cute. You will love that your child will stay dry (waterproof), warm (Thermalite insulation), and safe (stellar traction), and you can even remove the liner for easy drying. (Not into pink? They also come in blue/lime

Buy it: $55, Merrell.com

Photo: Courtesy of The North Face

4. The North Face Toddler Alpenglow

We expect North Face toddler snow boots to be waterproof, well-insulated and have toddler-proof traction—and these deliver on all counts. So it feels like such a bonus that these winter boots are so darn stylish too. We love the puff of fun fluff that peeks out from the ankle. (These toddler snow boots come in four color combos, so your kid is bound to like at least one of them.)

Buy it: $50, The North Face.com

Photo: Courtesy of Kamik

5. Kamik Snobuster2 Toddler & Youth Snow Boot

We’ve got some serious lavender love for these all-rubber purple snow boots for toddler girls by Kamik. Don’t be fooled by their rainboot-like exterior. These lightweight boots are built to keep toddlers’ feet warm and dry all winter thanks to the moisture-wicking thermal-guard liner and the toggle seal that works to keep heat at their feet. They’re also one of the most affordable picks on our list of best toddler snow boots.

Buy it: $35, DSW.com

Photo: Courtesy of Totes

6. Totes Maddie Girls Cold Weather Boots

The only thing we don’t like about these waterproof Totes is that they don’t come in mom sizes. We are in total swoon-mode over this warm black pair streaked with rainbow goodness. Just look at the pom-poms (and the price)!

Buy it: $35, JCPenny.com

Photo: Courtesy of SnowMaster

7. SnowMaster Icestorm Waterproof Winter Boots

Once again, Target proves that you don’t have to drop a lot of dollars to get a great winter shoe. We’re all over these Target toddler snow boots in berry, which boast a thermal rating of -25℉. They’re also waterproof and have a bungee-toggle combo that seals in warmth and keeps out drippy snow.

Buy it: $35, Target.com

Photo: Courtesy of Keen

8. Kootenay Waterproof

The Keen brand isn’t just for beachy runarounds and nature hikes. They bring it when it comes to snow boots for toddlers too. This slick gray and orange pair, lined with faux shearling, are waterproof and slip-and-slide resistant, so they keep up with your active toddler. (They come in wineberry/dahlia mauve too.)

Buy it: $70, Keenfootwear.com

Photo: Courtesy of Itasca

9. Itasca Snow Scamp Toddler Girls' Waterproof Winter Boots

Hello, Lite-Brite! These multi-on-black geometric toddler snow boots totally scream fun. You know what they also scream? Warmth and comfort, thanks to their waterproof construction and warm, padded footbed.

Buy it: $45, Kohls.com

Photo: Courtesy of Superfit

10. Superfit Maxeye Toddler Snow Boot

These aren’t just comfy, cozy toddler snow boots. They’re one-eyed, one-horned, flying fuchsia feet monsters! And they’re the friendly, quirky-cute sort, constructed out of waterproof fabric and thermoplastic rubber traction soles. What’s also awesome? A bungee closure at the opening and oodles of warmth.

Buy it: $65, DSW.com

Photo: Courtesy of UGG

11. UGG Kids Ludvig

Isn’t it time this classic work boot design left the construction site and headed for a snowy hill? After all, these toddler snow boots are made with waterproof suede uppers and have Thinsulate insulation, so your little one’s snow-covered feet will stay warm. (One heads up: That sheepskin lining is the real deal, made from sheep or lamb wool.)

Buy it: $80, Zappos.com

Photo: Courtesy of See Kai Run

12. Abby Waterproof Boot

Seam-sealed and waterproof, you simply can’t go wrong with these beyond-stylish tweed toddler snow boots from See Kai Run. The toggle front and Velcro strap help keep these boots from slipping off—and the textured rubber sole keeps your kid from slipping too. (Also: How fantastic does gray, lavender and turquoise look together?)

Buy it: $70, Nordstrom.com

Photo: Courtesy of Bearpaw

13. Kids' Amanda

We can’t decide which one we like more: the Bearpaw toddler snow boots in black and fuschia or the grey and lavender combo. No matter which you pick, both are stylish, warm, waterproof and have a doubly-plush faux fur collar.

*Buy it: *$42, Bearpaw.com

Photo: Courtesy of Boden

14. Leather Winter Boots

Boden knows classic cuteness. We’re loving this red, white, blue and black boot, with sherpa lining peeking out the top. These toddler snow boots sport waterproof leather, a super-grip sole and a keep-warm lining that can be removed and washed. Because of all the pluses—and because the cherry red and laces are so darn sweet—we’re ok breaking our slip-ons-only rule.

Buy it: $67, BodenUSA.com

Photo: Courtesy of Kodiak

15. Klondike Toddler & Youth Snow Boot

Gotta love a pair of tasteful grey and pink snow boots for toddlers, especially when they’re 100 percent practical too. These beauties are fully waterproof and insulated, have great traction and sport 360-degree silver reflective trim for added safety. An added plus: You can remove the wool insole if needed.

Buy it: $85, DSW.com

Photo: Courtesy of See Kai Run

16. Hallie WP

This seam-sealed waterproof pair is killing it in the style department. Your child will melt over the spray of embroidered flowers running up to meet the tweed-y pink tippity top. These toddler snow boots also feature a side zipper to help the case of “I-can-do-it-myself” that might be hitting your household pretty hard this season.

Buy: $65, SeeKaiRun.com

Photo: Courtesy of Kamik

17. Kamik Kids Snowbug4

Have an aspiring astronaut who also loves stomping through the snow? You’re in luck. These snow boots for toddler boys is out of this world with its weatherproof design and pumped-up foam insulation. And zooming at the speed of light is no issue, since these puppies have extra durable and traction-friendly rubber soles.

Buy it: $45, Zappos.com

Photo: Courtesy Butler

18. Butler Macaroni 3-in-1 Tall Boot

You've no doubt heard of 3-in-1 cribs—but 3-in-1 snow boots? Yep, you read that right. These 100 percent waterproof all-weather boots offer loads of warmth and comfort, thanks to the thick tech liner. And they do triple duty, transforming into overshoes (with the liner removed) and slippers (using just the liner), giving you plenty of bang for your buck.

Buy it: $80, Thebutlerbrand.com

Updated January 2018

PHOTO: Aleksandar Nakic