What Should Baby Wear to Bed This Winter?

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Feb 2017
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With the cold weather quickly approaching I’ve been thinking about how to dress my 10 month old son for bed. Last winter when he was still a teeny tiny baby, we layered on the clothes and swaddled him up to keep him warm at night. And let’s not forget our astronomically high heating bills.

Now that Harry is mobile, we can’t bundle him up as much this year. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends against using blankets in the crib until baby’s first birthday, and even if I were comfortable using them my son tosses and turns so much he’d fling them off in a matter of minutes.

In efforts to keep your heating bills down, I thought I’d quickly share what my son is going to wear to sleep this winter.

Sleep Sacks

We’ve used Halo Sleepsacks since bringing Harry home from the hospital. They are awesome! We stopped using them over the summer and now that Harry cruises around his crib in the morning they seem like a tripping hazard. Fortunately the good people at Halo thought of situations like these: sleepsacks with leg holes!

I ordered this fleece sleepsack last week. I ordered the 12-18 month size thinking it would fit Harry, who’s in the 90th percentile for height. Be warned, it’s huge. As in a good five inches taller than my baby. I thought that would be problematic, but since his feet are exposed and he needs to wear socks anyways, I just tucked the leg cuffs into his socks. Harry’s worn cotton two-piece PJs underneath the sleepsack and it’s worked perfectly so far!

If tucking the leg cuffs into baby’s socks doesn’t work for you it would be very easy to fold them inside the sleepsack and secure with a few stitches that can be removed when baby is taller.

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Fleece Pajamas

I remember sleeping in fleece PJs as a kid. I also remember being pinched with the zipper a few times… ouch! Luckily for today’s babies and toddlers most fleece PJs have an extra piece of fabric behind the zipper to protect their delicate skin.

Fleece PJs are a great option for winter because they’re incredibly warm without adding much bulk. I’ve been putting a short-sleeved onesie underneath the PJs for extra warmth, and as it gets colder out I might put long sleeves and socks on him.

Between our two options Harry will be sleeping in style this winter! And hopefully he’ll be nice and warm, too!

What are  you putting your baby to sleep in this winter?

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