10 Sweet Sibling Gifts for Baby’s New Big Brother or Sister

Get your firstborn child extra-excited about your growing family with these awesome presents.
ByEmily Platt
Associate Editor
Aug 2020
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You’re not the only one who’s getting ready to meet baby number two. Bringing another child home will be a big change for your older child, who’s used to being the center of your universe. But with a little TLC—and a thoughtful new sibling gift—you can make sure they still feel important.

Giving a gift to the older sibling when baby is born is a popular practice meant to ease your kiddo’s anxiety and stir up excitement about your growing family. This could be a sibling gift “from” the new baby or a present preparing them for baby’s birth. What makes a good new sibling gift? Something that’s personalized, involves your munchkin in newborn preparations or simply makes having a little brother or sister sound fun. Below, find 10 presents that fit the bill.

Photo: Courtesy Skip Hop

A Mini “Diaper” Bag

When you head out to the park or around town for errands, you can load up all of baby’s necessities in your bag, and your tot can load up their favorite must-haves in theirs! We’re loving this super-cute backpack that comes in multiple animal designs.

Buy it: Skip Hop Zoo Pack Backpack, $20, Amazon.com

Photo: Courtesy The New York Doll Collection

A Play Stroller

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? Keep that in mind when shopping for new sibling gifts. When you’re pushing baby around in a stroller, your tot is going to want to mimic your every move. Giving them a pint-size stroller (and a doll or stuffed animal to take care of) will make your child feel in charge and uber-responsible. This one has rave reviews, plus a chic denim design.

Buy it: The New York Doll Collection My First Doll Stroller in Denim for Baby Doll, $20, Amazon.com

Photo: Courtesy Gaga Kidz; Courtesy Ollie + Penny

A Big Sibling Shirt

Fill your firstborn with a sense of pride by giving a special outfit as a new sibling gift, which they can wear to the hospital when baby arrives. Etsy sells tons of adorable options for big brothers and sisters, including matching sets your children can wear together.

Buy it: Gaga Kidz Big Brother Little Brother Shirts, $26 for a set of 2, Etsy.com; Ollie + Penny Big Sister Shirt, $29, Etsy.com

Photo: Courtesy Tiny Land

A Teepee Tent

Having a space for your kids to bond and play together in as they get older is priceless. This tent is durable, suitable for indoor and outdoor, made with natural materials and comes with a padded mat—it’s the perfect place for baby and toddler to embark on new adventures together over the years.

Buy it: Tiny Land Kids Teepee Tent, $70, Amazon.com

Photo: Courtesy Manhattan Toy

A Baby Doll

Distract your little one with their own “baby” while you’re busy introducing a newborn to the world. This soft doll is the perfect new sibling gift for a toddler, but you can also opt for a more advanced doll depending on your kid’s age.

Buy it: Manhattan Toy Baby Stella Peach Soft First Baby Doll, $35, Amazon.com

Photo: Courtesy I See Me!

A Big Sibling Book

Sometimes all a skeptical sibling needs is some positive reinforcement. These personalized bedtime books are entertaining, encouraging and will hopefully send your child off to sleep with happy dreams about their new role. Talk about a good sibling gift from the new baby.

Buy it: The Super, Incredible Big Sister by Jennifer Dewing, $35, Nordstrom.com; The Super, Incredible Big Brother by Jennifer Dewing, $35, Nordstrom.com

Photo: Courtesy The Idea Box Kids

A Sibling Activities Box

This creative kit makes a genius gift for an older sibling before baby is born. The box is filled with wooden coins that have thematic activities and questions printed on them, like “make a welcome home sign for the baby” and “can you feel the baby move yet?” They’ll help you teach your child important caretaking skills, involve them in big moments and discuss the coming changes openly and honestly.

Buy it: The Idea Box Kids Big Sibling Activities, $25, Etsy.com

Photo: Courtesy 1-800-Baskets.com

Edible New Sibling Gifts

As a seasoned parent, you’re not above a sugar bribe. These cookies are sure to sweeten the deal of siblinghood; plus, the wording (“I’m a big brother/sister”) will give them a cool sense of big-kid authority.

Buy it: Cheryl’s Cookies Big Brother Gift Tin, $25, Cheryls.com; Cheryl’s Cookies Big Sister Gift Tin, $25, Cheryls.com

Buy it: I’m a Big Brother! Chocolate Chip Cookie Jar, $23, 1-800-Baskets.com; I’m a Big Sister! Chocolate Chip Cookie Jar, $23, 1-800-Baskets.com

Photo: Courtesy Finn + Emma

Big and Little Toys

While we love sibling gifts from the new baby, we’re also big fans of sibling gifts your firstborn can give to baby. Present your child with the big stuffed animal before baby is born, then let them bestow the mini version on their little brother or sister once they arrive. They’ll bond over their matching toys, and your older child will learn that sharing is caring.

Buy it: Finn + Emma Mister Elephant Plush Collection, $58 for both the small and medium sizes, PotteryBarnKids.com

Photo: Courtesy Potter Style

A Personalized Book

This book is all about your toddler (or big kid)! It’s a place for them to record their thoughts and emotions about baby. They’ll love it because it’s everything according to them—and on their terms. You’ll love it because it’s a peek inside their world.

Buy it: The Big Sibling Book: Baby’s First Year According to ME by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, $17 for the hardcover-spiral design, Amazon.com

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Updated May 2020

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