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7 Awesome Gifts to Give Your Soon-to-Be Big Sibling

You’re not the only one who’s getting ready to meet baby number two. Bringing another baby home is a huge shock to your toddler, since she’s used to being the center of your universe. But with a little TLC — and some awesome toys! — you can make sure she still feels important.

A personalized book

This book is all about your toddler! It’s a place for her to color, scribble down her feelings, thoughts and emotions — and even share that she’s got a new sibling! She’ll love it because it’s everything according to her — and on her terms. You’ll love it because it’s a peek inside her world. ToysRUs.com , $40



A mini “diaper” bag

When you head out to the park or around town for errands, you can load up all of baby’s necessities in your bag, and your tot can load up his favorite must-haves in his! We’re loving this super-cute owl backpack because it works for boys and girls. Zappos.com , $22



A play stroller

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? When you’re pushing baby around in a stroller, your tot is going to want to mimic your every move. Giving her a pint-size stroller (and her babies to take care of) will make her feel in charge and uber-responsible. ToysRUs.com , $60



Big brother shirt

Your tot will definitely know just what an important role he plays in baby’s life when he’s wearing this shirt! Let him wear it to the hospital when baby arrives to let the new kid know who’s the boss around here — plus, he’ll look adorable! Diapers.com , $8



Soft baby care brush

Want your toddler to get used to the idea of being mommy’s little helper once the baby’s  arrived? A gentle brush (that works for her and your newborn) will get her excited about helping — and you won’t stress that she’s being too rough. Diapers.com , $20



Play-pretend baby doll

Your soon-to-be big sister can practice holding, caring for and interacting with a baby, so once the real thing arrives, it won’t be such a shock. buybuyBABY.com , $35




A big sister, big brother book

The best way to prep for a new arrival is by being honest. So, before you tuck your tot in, read this book together and talk about what having a new baby will really be like. It won’t scare him, but it will get him started on understanding how life with a new baby will be different than what he’s used to. Amazon.com , $6

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