23 Big Sister Gifts to Celebrate Her New Status

Help your daughter celebrate her new big sister title with these adorable and thoughtful gifts
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By Cassie Kreitner, Senior Editor
Updated September 28, 2023
Big Sister Gift Hero
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Getting ready to welcome another baby is a big deal for the whole family, and preparing older siblings for baby’s arrival is key. Whether your daughter’s old enough to express how she feels about her new role or is too young to fully grasp the news, big sister-to-be gifts can get her used to the idea of having a little brother or sister. From baby dolls that encourage nurturing skills and empathy to personalized books and matching outfits, the best big sister gifts can help her feel important and involved during the rest of your pregnancy. Alternatively, you can present a big sister gift when she first meets baby to sweeten the deal. Below, find big sister gift ideas your daughter is sure to love. (Searching for big brother gifts too? Check out our favorites here.)

The Best Big Sister Gifts

We’ve gathered some of the best big sister gifts to remind your daughter just how special they are during this time.

Personalized book

You’re a Big Sister by Marianne Richmond
Image: Put Me In the Story

The best big sister gifts highlight the fact that your love for your firstborn won’t change, even when your family size does. It’s a reassuring message for toddlers that often bears repeating, and this heartwarming personalized book serves as a sweet reminder that the best is yet to come for your daughter and your family.

Matching pajamas

Little Sleepies Matching Sibling Sets
Image: Little Sleepies
Buying Options
Little Sleepies|$34

Your kids may be on different sleep schedules, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a cute matching PJ moment. Little Sleepies has great sibling sets available in preemie, infant, toddler and kids’ sizes. The fabric is incredibly soft and there’s tons of playful prints to choose from. The Mermaid Magic look is super cute for your little siren and her baby sis—plus Mom can match too!

Coloring book

I’m a New Big Sister! Coloring Book
Image: Amazon
Buying Options
Amazon| $6.99

Get your little one excited for baby with this coloring book designed exclusively for big sisters. Created for ages 2 and up, it has cute illustrations of siblings, baby animals, mermaids and more. Plus, each page boasts a big-kid affirmation—like “the baby loves me” and “I can be a big helper in my family”—to help your daughter feel supported, loved and inspired.

Baby doll

 Manhattan Toy Baby Stella Beige Baby Doll
Image: Maisonette

Caring for a baby doll is a great way to teach kids about empathy. One of the best big sister gifts, a soft doll is perfect for toddlers to cuddle and interact with. Stella comes with a magnetic pacifier, removable cloth diaper and onesie, so your eldest can change, dress and soothe her baby alongside you and her new sibling. Plus, all of her features are embroidered, which makes the plush doll a safe and snuggly companion, not unlike the rest of her stuffed animals.

Doll wrap carrier

Agnes and the Sheep Solly Dolly
Image: Solly Baby
Buying Options
Solly Baby| $38

Planning on using a wrap carrier to transport your newborn? Let their older sister imitate you with this miniature version by Solly Baby. Crafted from about 30 percent of the fabric used in the adult iteration and featuring a sweet hand-painted print from the children’s storybook Agnes and the Sheep, this adorable multi-wear carrier is a perfect new big sister gift.

Baby doll bath set

Liberty Imports 13” Little Newborn Doll Bath Set
Image: Amazon
Buying Options

This big sister gift is sure to make a splash. Fill the functioning tub and sprayer with water and let your toddler give the waterproof doll a bath while you spruce up baby. Your little girl will love that she can rub-a-dub-dub her baby alongside her sibling’s tub.

Art station

HearthSong 3-in-1 Folding Tabletop Easel with Chalkboard, Whiteboard and Paper Roll Holder
Image: HearthSong
Buying Options
HearthSong| $79.99

Looking for unique gifts for sister? This pop-up art studio fits the bill. It features a dual-sided easel that will let your daughter express her creative side—and has everything siblings need for their own eventual paint ‘n sip parties (milk and water, of course). Your daughter can toggle between chalk and marker masterpieces, thanks to the respective sides that hold six pieces of chalk and six dry-erase markers with eraser tips that fit nicely into the attached wooden trays. Our favorite part, though, is its portability. Just lift the middle bracket, fold it down flat and take the kit where your daughter wants to go—like a grandparent’s house if they’re on big sister duty while you’re still in the hospital, perhaps?

Big sister T-shirt

Finn + Emma Big Sis Graphic Tee
Image: Finn + Emma
Buying Options
Finn + Emma|$22

Looking forward to dressing your kids in matching outfits? Start with the first time they’ll meet. This short sleeve tee spells her new role out in colorful letters, and the matching short sleeve lil sis and lil bro onesies are equally precious. Sibling mode activated—and what a way to commemorate the occasion!

Ride-on wagon

Radio Flyer 3-in-1 Off-Road EZ Fold Wagon
Image: Walmart

Move over, double stroller: This multifunctional wagon is a fun alternative that’ll make your big kid feel special on solo rides. And once baby’s old enough, the shared seat will be great for sibling bonding as you go from point A to point B. Your older child will enjoy bouncing around with her brother or sister and can even take on a leadership role looking out for bumps in the road.


Little Brown Barn Co Big Sister Crayons
Image: Etsy
Buying Options

Why not use big sister-to-be gifts to announce her new sibling status? This rainbow crayon set spells out the words big sister, making it one of the more unique gifts for sister. Plus, the letters are large enough for little hands to grasp, and she can use them to create a welcome home sign for her baby brother or sister.

Play tent

Wonder & Wise Painting Teepee
Image: Saks Fifth Avenue

Still searching for big sister gift ideas? This tent acts as a safe haven she can sneak away to when she needs a break from baby (and those times are sure to happen once or twice). Better yet, this play space is a blank canvas—literally—for her to personalize as she sees fit. It comes with fabric markers for drawing, and the tent can easily fit two, so baby can join in when they get older.

Toy subscription

Toy subscription Lovevery The Play Kits
Image: Lovevery
Buying Options
Lovevery|$120 per kit

We love good big sister gifts that keep on giving. Lovevery’s toy subscription service is great for a baby’s first year, but also a smart gift idea for older siblings who are building new skills and beginning to process their emotions. So many big feels can follow the introduction of a new sibling into the mix, and the Montessori-inspired The Observer and The Storyteller Play Kits can help big sisters navigate it all. We’re big fans of the wooden dolls and emotions book set, as well as the storytelling puppet set (with changing emotion eyes)—all of which can help your daughter relay what she’s feeling inside in a comfortable and less vulnerable way.

Mood rings

Super Smalls Me Time Double Mood Rings
Image: Saks Fifth Avenue

Now, about those moods—it’s totally normal for a big sister to experience mood swings now that she is sharing the spotlight. Fortunately, a well-chosen big sister gift can help her feel seen and work through those complex emotions. This pair of retro-inspired mood rings makes for a unique gift for sister that lets her feel how she needs to feel (maybe slipping her ‘magic’ ring on can help mellow out the mercurial moments), while letting her dress up and accessorize too. The box comes with two color-changing mood stone rings surrounded by a halo of pink and blue gems, so she can rock two at once or share with a friend or older sibling. Suitable for toddlers 3+ years.

Doll bed

Emery’s World - Pretend & Play Double Doll Bed
Image: Fat Brain Toys
Buying Options
Fat Brain Toys|$39.95

Will your kids share the same room someday? This bedroom set is a fitting big sister gift that can help your kiddo get comfortable with the idea of bunking with a buddy in the future. The coral-colored doll beds—with coordinating bedding—can be stacked as bunks or arranged separately. And a sturdy ladder can be hung on the side for the “older” doll to climb into bed. All in all, it’s a sweet role-play prop to let her play around with the idea of a shared bedroom well before move-in day arrives.


Micro Kickboard Mini Deluxe LED Scooter
Image: Saks Fifth Avenue

Nothing says she’s a big kid now like being able to ride solo. This toddler scooter has an adjustable handlebar, motion-activated light-up wheels, and plenty of additional safety and design features that make it first-scooter friendly. While you push baby in the stroller, she can scoot along beside you and practice her steering skills. Just don’t forget to pick up a helmet and knee pads too.

Toy camera

Kiko+ & GG Pink Lens Hapista Camera
Image: Maisonette
Buying Options

When a new baby comes home, the opportunities for catching memories and milestones on film are endless. But when all the attention is on baby, older children may feel a little left out. One way to combat feelings of jealousy? Give your kiddo their own camera so they can capture their own snaps. This toy version is made from sustainably-sourced wood and has a kaleidoscope and pink-hued lens that makes the world appear a little rosier.


Melissa & Doug Fold and Go Mini Dollhouse
Image: Melissa & Doug

This portable wooden dollhouse is ideal for independent and imaginative play. It comes fully furnished with two dolls and 11 pieces of furniture, so there’s plenty to keep her occupied when you’re running around with her baby brother or baby sister.

Mini backpack

Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid Backpack
Image: Macy’s

Heading out for a jaunt with two or more kids isn’t always a walk in the park. But with Skip Hop’s colorful animal backpacks, your oldest can lighten the load by carrying some of her necessities—think snacks and her favorite stuffed animal—in a toddler backpack. Even better? It doubles as a safety harness thanks to a detachable tether to keep little ones close when you have your hands full with a newborn.

Sister bracelet

Bits & Bows Sister Bracelet
Image: Maisonette
Buying Options

Celebrate your daughter’s forever bond with her new sibling with this unique gift for sisters: this stretchy bracelet, complete with beads that spell out “sister” flanked by two hearts. It comes in three different colors, so you can pick your daughter’s favorite (pink, lavender or magenta)—and the company was started by sisters too!

Toy stroller

Teamson Olivia's Little World Polka Dots Princess Baby Doll Deluxe Stroller
Image: Target

Little kids love imitating a parent’s every move. That’s why a mini stroller is one of the best gifts for a big sister. Your little girl will love taking charge of their own doll or stuffed animal while you're out for a walk or playing at home. This pick by Teamson is a winning example, because it looks just like mom’s with the large storage compartment underneath and a removable bassinet—for, you know, naps on the go.

Ball pit

Little Big Playroom Classic Pink Ball Pit Bundle
Image: Strolleria

Big sister gift ideas that give her somewhere to play and bond with baby are always a winner. This surefire fun ball pit is designed for up to two kiddos to play together (starting at 6+ months), and unlike many ball pits for babies, toddlers and preschoolers, it comes with hundreds of balls. The pretty soft pink cover won’t be an eyesore in your home, and it’s machine-washable—always a bonus when it comes to toys and gear.

Big sister hat

BUBU Best Big Sister Hat in Hot Pink
Image: Maisonette
Buying Options
Maisonette |$24

Planning to introduce your daughter to her new sibling at the hospital? Top her outfit off with this hot pink trucker hat. It comes in two sizes—medium (for toddlers 18 months to 4 years) and large (for little kids 4 years+)—so if you have a whole girl gang at home, ready to cover their newest squad member in smooches, you’re set! There’s also an equally-adorable big bro version for little boys.

Personalized toy box

Dibsies Personalized Modern Expressions Signature Series Toy Box
Image: Etsy
Buying Options

Although toddlers need to learn how to share with others, it’s also a nice idea to give a big sister a designated place for her toys, especially ones that aren’t age-appropriate for baby just yet. This stylish toy box has child-friendly rounded corners, smooth edges and a safety lid that won’t catch little fingers. Plus, with the addition of a cushion, it can even double as a kids’ seat for storytime. Personalize this big sister gift with her name, so everyone else (AKA younger siblings) knows it’s off limits.

How We Chose the Best Big Sister Gifts

Welcoming a new child into your family is an exciting time for everyone, including your daughter. They’re going to be a big sister soon! Whether you’re looking for a gift to get them excited about the journey or to remind them that they’re still special, we did the work to find the best big sister gifts out there so you don’t have to. When selecting the gifts, we considered what’s on trend and what people are searching for. We also made sure to read user reviews to see what real consumers have experienced when buying these gifts, and didn’t consider anything with less than an average four-star rating.

Interested in learning more about our editorial process? Read about how our team develops and reviews all articles here.

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