9 Festive Fall-Theme Baby Shower Ideas

Planning a fall baby shower? Get some inspiration from these ideas. From pumpkins and sunflowers to Halloween and football, these autumnal themes will have guests falling head-over-heels in love.
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By Nehal Aggarwal, Editor
Updated September 11, 2023
fall themed baby shower ideas
Image: Sugar Crush Co., Fun365, Pretty My Party
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As the season turns from summer to autumn, the leaves begin to change color, the air becomes crisper and many begin to indulge all the coziness that comes with outdoor bonfires and knit sweaters. For many, autumn is a festive season—and if you’re expecting during this time, there’s all the more to celebrate. If you’re looking to throw a fall-theme baby shower, you’re in luck. From sunflower baby shower ideas to Halloween baby shower themes and more, there are lots of ways to make your event feel seasonal and memorable. Below, the best fall baby shower ideas to make the day extra special.

Halloween-Themed Baby Shower

Arguably one of the best things about autumn is Halloween. If you’re passionate about dressing up in costume and all things spooky, why not throw a Halloween baby shower?

Invitations: Halloween baby showers offer plenty of opportunities to get creative with the theme. You can amp up the scare-factor with skeleton-themed invitations or keep things sweet with friendly ghost-themed invites.

Decor: Take some inspiration from blogger Quinn of Sugar Crush Co., who settled on carved jack-o-lantern pumpkins and white balloons covered in black tulle for decor. She also used cupcake toppers featuring “hey little boo” signs, gold pumpkins and ghosts to elevate the theme. Plus, she even sprinkled candy corn on her dessert table to serve as additional decor.

Food: Like decorations, the options for Halloween-themed food are endless. Set out cheese boards (make sure to avoid soft, unpasteurized cheeses!), pair peeled oranges with mint leaves to replicate pumpkins and pour dips into cauldron-shaped serving bowls. For dessert, create Halloween-themed cupcakes or serve customized cookies.

Favors: For party favors, stick to simple yet classic bags of wrapped candies. Sugar Rush Co. used adorable ghost-themed take home boxes to put treats in.

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Image: ArtHomeBoutique, JimsRustyGarden, SweetsShopDesign, FavorUniverse | Etsy

Blooming Sunflowers Baby Shower Theme

Planning to host your baby shower in late September or early October? Why not opt for a sunflower baby shower theme? This theme is perfect if it doesn’t quite feel like fall in your hometown until later on in the season.

Invitations: If you’re looking for a sunny invitation to match your theme, you’re in luck. There are tons of sunflower baby shower invites to pick from—and many even come as bundles of invitations and thank you notes.

Decor: A sunflower baby shower wouldn’t be complete without some sunflowers. Consider adding some to your venue for a pop of color, and working within a color scheme of yellows, beiges, browns and greens to really stay on theme. Some sunflower baby shower ideas for decor include personalized banners, a custom welcome sign and a trendy yellow balloon garland.

Food: Use your food table to add to the theme and incorporate desserts, like strawberries dipped in yellow chocolate, chocolate sunflower lollipops or sunflower cookies. You can even highlight foods that are naturally yellow in color, such as quiche, mac and cheese and lemon bars.

Favors: For a sunflower baby shower favor, set out wicker baskets holding personalized packets of sunflower seeds. Not only are these super cute, but they’re simple to put together.

Waiting for Our Little Pumpkin Baby Shower

When it comes to fall baby shower ideas, the most obvious one that might come to mind is a pumpkin-themed baby shower—and there’s a lot you can do with it.

Invitations: There are so many pumpkin-themed invitations on the market, and you can even make your own. Blogger Tanea of Parties By Tanea included the gourd to tie together every step of baby shower planning, from pumpkin-themed invitations to thank you notes.

Decor: For the decor, Tanea featured a festive sign, colorful balloon arch and plenty of pumpkins. Along with placing gourds of all sizes and colors along the event space, she also placed some miniatures into clear vases to act as an accent on her dessert table. (Bonus: If you’re looking to recreate this decor, Tanea sells most of these items in her baby shower decor kit.)

Food: For food, Tanea offered muffins and several types of pies, including pumpkin, in keeping with the theme. You can also stick with traditional fall ingredients, like apples, pumpkin and maple, or get creative with cake pops and cupcakes decorated to match the theme.

Favors: A favor idea that’s bound to be a hit for any little pumpkin baby shower? Customized pumpkin-shaped cookies. Not only are these beautifully made, but your guests will likely also appreciate a favor that won’t add to any existing household clutter.

Our Greatest Adventure Awaits Baby Shower

If you’re someone who likes to head outside and find a trail to hike on crisp autumn days, this fall theme baby shower is for you.

Invitations: Invitations for a “greatest adventure” baby shower range from watercolors of national parks and mountains to hot air balloons and more. Similar to sunflower baby showers, many of these are also available as bundles of invites and thank you notes.

Decor: In her event, The House of Hood incorporated lots of rustic elements from the great outdoors, including wooden serving platters in the shape of tree trunks and a garland made out of pinecones. Plus, she added faux leaves to the dessert table. Meanwhile, Lindsey Wagner combined decor and function with her innovative use of a white tent as the gift station. Both events stuck with hues of white, green and brown to evoke all the cozy feelings of fall.

Food: The best part about outdoorsy baby shower themes? Options for desserts are endless. The House of Hood set out custom, bear-themed cookies and a plain white cake topped with two bear figurines, while Lindsey Wagner featured s’mores cupcakes and homemade peanut butter blossom cookies.

Favors: As seen in Lindsey’s event, individually wrapped smores ingredients make for great favors. If you’re inviting guests with young children, you can even set out a basket of small teddy bears for guests to take home as a favor.

Baby Is Brewing Baby Shower

The best thing about this fall theme baby shower is you can spin it two different ways: as a Halloween-themed baby shower filled with cauldrons and purple (non-alcoholic) punch, or as a brewery-themed baby shower slightly more akin to Oktoberfest. While you won’t be donning your lederhosen and indulging in a glass of beer until after baby’s birth, if heading out to your local brewery or vineyard is a favorite fall pastime, this is one way to tie it into your shower.

Invitations: One of our favorite themed “baby is brewing” invitations features a vibrant watercolor picture of a beer mug next to a baby bottle. Bonus: They come as a bundle with thank you cards and raffle cards for any baby shower games you have planned.

Decor: Toast From the Host held her co-ed, outdoor shower in a wine and beer garden that featured plenty of wooden elements and greenery as part of its existing decor. To add a personal touch, the host covered the tables with gingham plaid tablecloths and used personalized beer growlers as flower centerpieces.

Food: If you’re looking to host an alcohol-free event, there are tons of recipes for festive mocktails everyone will enjoy sipping on. We also love the homemade fruity popsicles Toast From the Host made for her event to help cool guests off. For food, consider a cheese board, tacos, sandwiches and other items you might find on the menu of your favorite winery or taphouse.

Favors: Any personalized growlers included in the decor will make for wonderful favors, as will personalized wine glasses and beer cozies. Or, you can keep things simple with brewery-themed cookies.

The Apple of My Eye Baby Shower

Nothing says fall like a trip to the apple orchard and a slice of warm apple pie. If you’re on the hunt for a fall baby shower idea, look to this versatile fruit.

Invitations: Apple-themed baby shower invitations are plentiful. We love this bundle featuring invitations, a welcome sign, notes for wishes and advice, thank you notes and favor tags. (Plus, at $35 it’s a steal!)

Decor: For their shower, Lux Events Design opted for a large wooden sign painted with an apple as the backdrop for their desserts. In front of the table, they used wicker baskets full of green apples along with a bushel of faux green leaves. On each table, they placed white and green floral centerpieces interspersed with green apples, as well as small baskets of apples for the guests.

Food: You can’t go wrong with apples. Serve them sliced, with peanut butter, as a pie, fritters, donuts—the options really are endless. For drinks, serve apple cider hot or cold depending on weather.

Favors: We love Lux Events Design’s ideas of offering individual baskets of apples as favors. It’s simple to put together, elegantly matches the theme and will serve as a useful snack for guests on their way home. Or, to simplify it further, send guests home with mini jars of apple butter.

Image: Fun365

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice Baby Shower

If you’ve been eagerly awaiting your first pumpkin spice latte of the season, this is the fall theme baby shower for you.

Invitations: These pumpkin spice baby shower invites from Cadence Paige are perfectly on theme. Featuring a picnic blanket, pumpkins, changing leaves and an adorable pair of baby booties, the invite captures the essence of any fall baby shower theme.

Decor: For her event, party planner Kelsey Graves opted to decorate a statement wall using large decals of fall leaves and a sign made of wooden pumpkins that read, “I Love You a Latte.” She also used adorable DIY latte cups to hang off the dessert table. On top of the table, Kelsey placed a garland of maple leaves, pumpkin-shaped candle holders with votives and two-tone ceramic pumpkins.

Food: Kelsey’s event featured plenty of pumpkin spice, with pumpkin spice muffins, donuts, and, of course, lattes. You can branch out a bit, with tureens of pumpkin soup, pumpkin butter spread out on crackers or loaves of pumpkin spice bread.

Favors: While custom cookies and soaps are always hits for baby shower favors, when it comes to pumpkin spice, it doesn’t get any better than these adorable, custom mini candles. Another idea? Keep it simple and send guests home with the thing that started it all: a bottle of pumpkin spice.

Image: CadencePaige, IchabodsImagination, SportyTreasures, IEstyles | Etsy

It’s Almost Game Day Baby Shower

Get ready to tailgate! For some families, autumn brings back a favorite pastime: watching football. While the mama-to-be is likely not tailgating as she did in her pre-pregnancy days, there are numerous ways to infuse the sport into a fall baby shower.

Invitations: Choose from a colorful invitation that evokes all the feels of an autumn game day with pops of blue, orange and brown; a tailgating-themed invitation that’s perfectly on theme; or a simple yet chic little rookie invite with elegant drawings of a football and helmet alongside a baby onesie.

Decor: Incorporate football-themed welcome signs and a baby name banner into the decorations, as well as adorable baby clothes, like football-themed baby booties and onesies. Plus, a football signed by all the guests makes for a great keepsake for the mom-to-be after the shower is over.

Food: For snacks, you can still feature some favorite game day snacks like chips and pretzels, as well as offer themed-desserts, like cake pops and cupcakes with football-patterned icing.

Favors: Like the “baby is brewing” theme, you can’t go wrong with custom game day beer cozies as favors. However, we also love the idea of sending guests home with individually wrapped bags of popcorn or lollipops in the shape of football helmets.

Mommy Deerest Woodland Baby Shower Theme

A woodland theme for fall baby showers is classic—and for good reason. It’s a great theme to honor the outdoors as fall approaches. Plus, those small, furry woodland critters—such as deer, foxes, rabbits and chipmunks—are just as cute as can be and are the perfect precursor to baby’s adorableness.

Invitations: Thanks to the popularity of woodland baby showers, there are lots of invitations options, many of which include cute caricatures of deers, bears, foxes, owls and other forest creatures.

Decor: This Mommy Deerest baby shower from Kennedy Grey Designs serves as a wonderful example for setting woodland creatures as the focal point. Each table at the event held a framed drawing of a woodland creature, while the dessert table was decorated with small woodland figurines. Plus, there were even signs around the venue that displayed various animal foot tracks and other fun facts. Guests were also offered DIY woodland masks for pictures, while the mom-to-be wore an elegant floral crown. We love the focus on small furry creatures, but there’s also plenty of inspiration to capture from this Kennedy Grey Designs shower. Small details like the leaf-based chandeliers, twinkle lights and pinecone name tags for seating arrangements seamlessly tied the theme together.

Food: For snacks, Kennedy Grey Designs set up an innovative trail mix bar, filled with chocolate chips, various nuts and pretzels, so guests could make their own trail mix. More food ideas include mini s’mores-themed cupcakes, chocolate-dipped strawberries and homemade Rice Krispie bars.

Favors: For woodland-themed baby shower favors, look to elements of the forest you can incorporate. For example, send guests home with mini succulents, small jars of honey or custom cookies of woodland creatures.

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