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12 Cute Baby Shower Invitations

You’ve picked the date, decided on the guest list and now the hard work starts: Picking a theme and choosing invitations to match. It’s easy to get overwhelmed (there are so many sweet options to choose from!), but these gorgeous invitations will make a statement — and help you zero in on a theme.

A Bow or a Boy?

Baby showers can be the perfect place to reveal whether you’re expecting a he or a she – and this simple, straightforward card plays right into the theme. $36 for 20,



Cute and cuddly, a wildlife-inspired celebration is traditional — but totally timeless. (And gender-neutral!) You can even ask guests to bring their favorite stuffed animal along for the mama-to-be. $40 for 20,


Balloons for Baby

You can customize everything from the shape of the paper down to the lining of the envelope, so every inch of this card is made just for mama-to-be. $64 for 25,


Flower Power

Want to keep baby’s gender a secret until birth? These colorful flower bursts will keep anyone from leaning too far on team blue — or pink. $16 for 150 coins,

Plus, Paperless Post is offering a free gift of 25 Coins for your first set of cards. (We love free!) 


Plenty of Room

Need to let your guests in on all the details? There’s lots of space on this card to fill in everything you need (without it looking cluttered). $47 for 50,



Winnie the Pooh

It’s a little ‘90s, we know, but nothing says baby-on-board quite like the cuddly and cozy Pooh Bear. $4 for 8,



Baby’s First Train

This one’s great for a mom who’s expecting a little boy — or even a daddy who just loves trains! It’s simple, straightforward and still modern. $21 for 20,



Contemporary Chic

Got a modern mama who wants an equally mod shower? Then this monochromatic invite is perfect. If you’re worried the black is too harsh, opt for greys, beiges and soft pinks (or blues) when you’re decorating. $2 each,



Tried and True

If you’re planning an upscale bash, a statement invite like this is straightforward — but still colorful and appropriate. You can choose between three different color schemes for a boy, girl or gender neutral shower. $100 for 50,



Precious Giraffes

The coolest part about these customizable invites is that you can work with the designer to make sure you’re getting exactly what you’d imagined. We like to think the kissing giraffes are pretty cute too. $64 for 25,



Animals on Parade

You can throw an eco-friendly shower by sending out these e-invitations. Just make sure you’ve got up-to-date email information for your guests — and you can even keep track of all your RSVPs right online. Sounds good to us! $16 for 150 coins,

Plus, Paperless Post is offering a free gift of 25 Coins for your first set of cards.


Shake, Rattle and Hum

We love this invite because it’s fresh, modern and sophisticated. Add a personalized photo to the back and rattle-decorated liners to sit alongside the invitation. Post-shower, this invite would look great hanging in your nursery. $64 for 25,

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