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Creative Baby Shower Favors Your Guests Will Love

These awesome, out-of-the-box party favors put a modern twist on the traditional fun — and won’t get left behind at the end of the party.

Soda Pop Favors

No matter your party theme, these little “about to pop” soda favors work perfectly. They’re playful (but not cheesy) and perfect to serve on a hot day.

Photo: Damask Love

Nail Polish Favors

Is it a girl or a boy? Give guests either a pink or blue nail hue, accented with pretty tags. This favor is tasteful, simple and won’t cost a fortune.

Photo: LifeAsWeKnowIt-Blog.com

Mini Succulents

These succulents won’t grow as fast as baby will — and even your single friends will want to take care of one. Use them as centerpieces and let guests bring them home.

Photo: Elise Blaha

Vintage Milk Bottles

Fill these mini-milk bottles with the sweet treat of your choice (colorful mini candies or chocolates work great) and then when they’re empty, guests can reuse they for whatever they’d like! Total win-win.

Photo: Kate Aspen

Cookie Cutter Favors

Having a baby around the holidays? Get your guests a gift they’ll actually use (if most of them like to bake, of course). These cookie cutters are a festive way to celebrate the arrival of your very own holiday gift!

Photo: Overstock.com

Cookie Mix in a Bottle

Fill these bottles with all the dry ingredients for a batch of cookies and attach instructions on what to add and how long to bake. When baby’s born, guests can whip up a sweet treat of their own. (Hey, maybe they’ll even share with you.) Yum!

Photo: Hatter and Hare Events

Baby Food Candles

You can completely customize every inch of these pint-size candles — from the scent and color to the lettering on the tag. When guests light them, they’ll think of you and baby.

Photo: Milton and Margies / Etsy

Lotion Favors

Who wouldn’t want to leave a party smelling fresher than when they arrived? These little pocket-sized lotions are perfect for an on-the-go kind of gal.

Photo: Badabadababy.com

Honey Favors

We know you’re looking forward to meeting your sweet baby — and so is everyone else. These cute little containers make cool table displays, and they’re useful in the kitchen too.

Photo: A Subtle Revelry

Champagne Favors

Okay, so maybe you can’t drink right now, but that doesn’t mean your shower party guests can’t! Package one of these up with a sweet little note and once baby arrives, they’ll pop their mini-bottles in your (and baby’s!) honor.

Photo: We Love Champagne Store

Cake Pops

Cake pops are a hot trend with good reason — they're delicious! Pick colors, flavors and sprinkles to personalize your order.

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