21 Baby Shower Favors Your Guests Will Love

Finding the best baby shower favor ideas has never been easier—or more fun!
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September 17, 2020
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If you thought coming up with a spot-on baby shower theme, finding the perfect invitations and scoping out the most Pinterest-worthy decor and food was tough, you clearly have yet to fall into the rabbit hole of choosing baby shower favors. Not only are there a trillion items to choose from, but also, no shower host wants to dole out snoozy or useless favors. Relax—we’ve got you covered: From indulgent DIYs to adorable ready-made treats, we’ve gathered the best baby shower favor ideas that are guaranteed to thrill your guests. (You’re welcome!)

Image: Courtesy of Sweet Plse Cotton Candy/Etsy

Sweet Treats

Nothing speaks to everyone’s inner child quite like an ice cream cone—except maybe cotton candy. And when it’s a cotton candy ice cream cone? Win, win! These unique baby shower favors are a fluffy pink dream come true, serving up plenty of nostalgia with a side of sticky sweetness.

Buy it: Cotton Candy Ice Cream Cones, 12 for $26 (custom labels $.24 each),

Image: Courtesy of Eastern Leaf

Let Love Grow

Whether you’re searching for woodland baby shower favors or simply something fresh to give your guests, these burlap-hugged baby trees are a can’t-miss gift. Now everyone can raise a little one of their own!

Buy it: Pine Tree Plant Favor in Burlap Pouch, $5 each,

Image: Courtesy of Sip Hip Hooray/Etsy

Too Cool

Coed baby shower favors they can actually use? We’ll drink to that! Customize these colorful cold-drink koozies with any expression you choose—we’re thinking Huggies & Chuggies, A Baby’s Brewing or maybe Oh Baby, Baby—then set them up by a cooler of beer and LaCroix for guests to take on the way out.

Buy it: Custom Can Coolers, 12 for $32,

Image: Courtesy of New Leaf Wellness

Scrubs Up Well

Everyone loves a little pampering, and this lemony sugar scrub from New Leaf Wellness is the perfect DIY indulgence. It’s super-easy to prepare and makes skin smooth as a baby’s, well, you know the rest.

What you’ll need: 2 54 oz. containers solid organic virgin coconut oil, 7 cups granulated white sugar, 2 10 ml. bottles lemon essential oil, 36 4 oz. glass jelly jars (washed and dried) and labels for jars.

How to make it: Stir coconut oil, sugar and essential oil in a bowl until smooth. Fill jars halfway with mixture, patting with the back of a spoon to remove air bubbles. Finish filling to the bottom of the jar’s screw lines, patting to smooth the top. Cap it and store in a cool, dry place.

Image: Courtesy of Kappa

True Colors

You gotta love when unique baby shower favors are also great throwbacks! Offer your shower guests adult coloring books paired with pretty colored pencils and—voila!—you’ve got an artfully creative hit on your hands.

Buy it: Kappa Designer Series Adult Coloring Books, $48 for case of 48,

Image: Courtesy of Free Mountain Designs/Etsy

Flower Power

These seed bomb baby shower favors are a lovely way to honor any future flower child. Each heart is jammed full of annual and perennial wildflower seeds for your guests to grow at home. Bloomin’ genius!

Buy it: Wildflower Seed Bombs, 50 for $18,

Image: Courtesy of Evermine Occasions

Pop Stars

Popcorn baby shower party favors from the ready-to-pop mom-to-be—what could be more fitting? The folks at Evermine Occasions took things up a notch by gifting the kernels in mason jars with burlap-like tags. (Looking for coed baby shower favor ideas? Look no further.)

What you’ll need: Mason jars, popcorn kernels, labels, twine and craft paper.

How to make it: Fill each mason jar with kernels and secure with a lid, then cover the lid with a piece of craft paper secured with twine. Thread the twine through the label, and you’re done.

Image: Courtesy of 3 Cheers Printables/Etsy

Balm Squad

Some of the best baby shower favors are also the simplest and most useful. Swing by your local drugstore or Target and buy a bunch of eoslip balms (you know, the ones shaped like a ball). Next, order, download and print these special labels on high-quality cardstock. Use a 1.5-inch hole punch to punch out the Os, stick the balms into the holes and boom! Favors done. (PS: If you’re looking for baby shower favor ideas for a nautical party, 3Cheers makes anchor-themed lip balm printables for baby boy shower favors.)

Buy it: Sprinkled with Love Baby Shower Favor, $7,

Image: Courtesy of Project Nursery

Say Cheese

You can’t go wrong with a delectable edible favor. You could go the candy, brownie or cookie route, and not a single guest would complain. Or you could amp it up and copy this fab idea over at Project Nursery and hand out individual mason jars filled with cheesecake for truly unique baby shower favors. (For how-tos, check out the blog post.)

Image: Courtesy of Little Things Favors

The Wheel Deal

Thinking about hosting an adventure-themed baby shower? Or one all about travel and transportation? (Toy train centerpieces!) Enter: These pewter bike bottle openers, which have a vintage look and make for wheely cute coed baby shower favors.

Buy it: Bicycle Bottle Openers, from $3,

Image: Courtesy of The Succulent Source

A Bed of Rosettes

Succulents are incredibly popular right now—and for good reason. Unlike babies, they’re super-duper easy to care for. And just like babies, they are too dang cute for words. Bonus: When you use them as baby shower favors, they can also double as party decor.

Buy it: 2.5-inch Rosette Succulents, $3 each,

Image: Courtesy of Kate Aspen

Good Clean Fun

Baby shower soap favors are another can’t-miss pick, whether you’re looking for favors for a boy or girl. This one obviously fits perfectly with the adorable “cute-as-a-button” shower theme, but you can make soap favors work with any theme, because, well, soap is used in the shower, see.

Buy it: Scented Button Soap, from $2,

Image: Courtesy of Beay-Coup

Oreos, Upgraded

Candy buffets where you fill your own cellophane bags with childhood favorites are sweet and all, but some showers demand a simpler—but equally wistful and yummy—favor, like these fancied-up, chocolate-dipped Oreos. The best part? They come pre-wrapped in cello bags and tied with a ribbon so your job is done.
Buy it: Custom Baby Shower Oreo, 24 for $60,

Image: Courtesy of Wedding Favor Discount

All Abuzz

Hosting a ladies’ tea? What about a mom-to-bee-theme shower? Or are you simply on the lookout for Winnie-the-Pooh baby shower favors? No matter which way you’re going, gifting these customized clover honey jars will be a sweet surprise. (And how cute is that teeny bronze bee charm?!)

Buy it: Personalized Honey Jars, 24 for $79,

Image: Courtesy of Little Things Favors

Budding Star

Vintage-inspired showers are all the rage, but sometimes (just sometimes) you want baby shower favor ideas that don’t involve mason jars. That’s when these glass bud vases come into play. They’re cute, classy and they do double duty, acting as both part of the decor and the party favor.

Buy it: Transparent Glass Favor Bud Vases, from $18 for a set of 5,

Image: Courtesy of Idea Chic/Etsy

To a Tea

An elegant teatime baby shower calls for the perfect tea to give as baby shower favors. These sweet bags hold enough loose-leaf fruit mint decaf tea for each guest to brew her own large pot at home.

Buy it: Brewing Tea Bag party favor, $3 each,

Image: Courtesy of customaed/Etsy; Courtesy Of Korbel

Tiny Bubbles

The easiest—and most universally loved—of all coed favors is alcohol. Simply stock up on mini Korbels and adorn them with custom labels or gift tags reading She’s Ready to Pop, Pop It When She Pops, Baby Bubbly or some other celebratory phrase.

Buy it: Case Korbel Favors, $86,; and POP Gift Tag, 24 for $22,

Image: Courtesy of Birthday in a Box; Courtesy of Party City

Wax Work

Baby shower candle favors are a classic for a reason. But those go-to subtle tealights can be a bit of a bore. If you’re showering a glam mom-to-be, go for the sparkliest, shiniest, glitteriest pink candleholders in town—they’re perfect for baby girl shower favors. Is mom-to-be more into vintage charms? Aqua glass holders are ideal—and great for baby boy shower favors.

Buy it: Pink Glitter Tealight Candle Holder, from $2,; Blue Glass Tealight Holder, 4 for $9,

Image: Courtesy of A Beautiful Mess

Bath Bliss

For the group of ladies who love luxuriating in the tub (as in, every woman you know), these DIY bath bomb baby shower party favors from A Beautiful Mess are on point.

What you’ll need: 4 oz. baking soda, 2 oz. Epsom salts, 2 oz. cornstarch, 2 oz. citric acid, 1 to 1 1/2 tsp. water, 1 tsp. essential oil, 1 1/4 tsp. olive oil, 1 to 2 drops food coloring and a mold for your bath bombs, like a plastic fillable ornament.

How to make it: Whisk the baking soda, Epsom salts, cornstarch and citric acid together in a bowl, removing any clumps. In a glass jar, stir together the water, essential oil, olive oil and food coloring. Slowly pour your liquid into the dry mixture, whisking as you go. When all ingredients are combined, squeeze a bit in your hand to make sure it sticks together fairly well. Next, fill each half of your mold with the mixture until it’s slightly overflowing, and lightly press the halves together. Gently remove one side of the mold and allow the bath bomb to dry out for about 10 minutes before removing the other side.

Image: Courtesy of Arya's Cookies/Etsy

Wild for Cookies

Whether you’re hunting down elephant baby shower favors for your safari-themed gathering or just looking for a hands-down adorable treat to give to guests, these custom cookies are sure to end the party on a sweet note. And thanks to the yellow and gray color scheme, they make great baby shower favor ideas for a boy or girl.

Buy it: Elephant Cookies, 12 for $23;

Image: Courtesy of Something Turquoise

Cocktail Hour

What would a baby shower be without a mason jar? Luckily, you’ll never have to know. We love how Jen at Something Turquoise morphed mason jars into fab coed baby shower favors with a little help from mini cola cans and a variety of nips. Cheers to the baby-to-be!

Updated November 2017

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