Baby Shower Invitation Wording to Welcome the Wee One Into the World

When it’s time to pamper the parents and baby, let guests know all the specifics with the best baby shower invitation wording for every kind of occasion.
ByCarrie Anton
August 6, 2020
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Planning a baby shower? It all starts with the invites. But unlike other parties where you’re just required to cover the basics—when, where, why and how to RSVP—baby shower invitation wording usually includes a bit of a boost about the sex of the baby, what the parents need and what kind of occasion the day will bring.

You might need baby shower invitation wording for a boy or baby sprinkle wording for growing families. If the parents would like limited items, that may mean bring-a-book instead of a card wording or diaper shower invitation wording.

Whatever kind of baby shower invitation wording you need, rest assured the list we’ve created is just like a diaper—that is, it’s got you and baby covered. See what strikes your fancy, then find the perfect stationery to get your message across. ( Minted is a great place to start.)

Baby Shower Invitation Wording for a Boy

Break out all things blue, because a little guy is on the way! Help guests know exactly that with baby shower invitation wording for a boy. Pair up these mini-masculine openers with the essential shower facts for all you need to know on how to fill out a baby shower invitation.

Image: Megan Rubey

It’s almost time to welcome our little man to the world! Join us in showering the mom and her new bundle-to-be with lots of love.

Image: Megan Rubey

Boy, oh boy! Guess what she’s having? Now it’s time to party—and we need you!

Image: Megan Rubey

Skip the snakes and snails and puppy dog tails! This little guy needs bottles, blankets and burp cloths!

Baby Shower Invitation Wording for a Girl

When it’s time to bring a new little lady into the world, celebrate her arrival in the style she—and mom—deserve. Whether the party is pretty in pink, a sophisticated affair over high tea or a nautical take for a shower at sea, use these sweet openers for baby shower invitation wording for a girl.

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Image: Megan Rubey

Join us for a sugar, spice and everything nice baby shower. Because it’s a girl!

Image: Megan Rubey

A baby girl is on the way, and we’re tickled pink. Won’t you join us to make her and mom’s day extra special?

Image: Megan Rubey

Who run the world? Girls! Calling all my ladies to come celebrate the little queen in waiting.

Coed Baby Shower Invitation Wording

Who says showers are for ladies only? Since they say it takes a village to raise a child, use the following coed baby shower invitation wording to ask all your friends to join in on the fun. After all, the more the merrier!

Image: Megan Rubey

A baby’s a brewing, so we’re throwing a bash. And it wouldn’t be a party without you there, so come raise a glass to our new addition!

Image: Megan Rubey

Since we’ve got a bun in the oven, we’re firing up the grill to celebrate the baby-to-be—with burgers and brats!

Image: Megan Rubey

We’ve traveled all around the world and back again, but our real adventure begins when baby is born. Come help us kick off our new amazing journey.

Bring a Book Instead of a Card Wording

Greeting cards are nice, but the parents and baby are sure to get more use from books instead. Use bring-a-book instead of card wording on the baby shower invitation to let guests know they can skip the card aisle in exchange for a better cover-to-cover read.

Image: Megan Rubey

Skip the card for a book instead, we want baby to be well-read!

Image: Megan Rubey

“There is no friend as loyal as book.” —Ernest Hemingway
Please skip the card and instead help us fill our baby’s shelves with all the “friends” she needs.

Image: Megan Rubey

Help build baby’s library by writing your well-wishes in a favorite children’s book instead of a greeting card.

Baby Sprinkle Wording

Adding to a growing family usually means baby’s parents don’t need as many of the “big” baby items, such as strollers, play pens and tummy time toys. However, while big brother or sister may have plenty to share from their baby days, the new little one will still need diapers, wipes, gift cards and other non-reusable basics. That’s when it’s time to transition from baby shower wording to baby sprinkle wording. These openers are perfect to pair with a list of things seasoned parents specifically need for their new addition.

Image: Megan Rubey

Little babies are filled with so much fun! We’ve decided to have another one.

Image: Megan Rubey

With another sweet baby along on the way, we hope you’ll join us to brighten the day.

Image: Megan Rubey

Two little hands and sweet little feet, another baby makes our family complete!

Gender Reveal Invitation Wording

Finding out if new baby-to-be is a boy or girl is a big moment for the proud parents-to-be. While some parents celebrate it with the doctor during an ultrasound or on the day of delivery, others want to make it more magical by making the announcement surrounded by family and friends. Whether it be slicing into a pink or blue cake, breaking into a colorful confetti-filled piñata or turning the fun into a gender guessing game, the following are lines you need for gender reveal invitation wording.

Image: Megan Rubey

Boy or girl? We’ll soon know who will be the star of our show.

Image: Megan Rubey

It could be a he. It could be a she. Join us to learn what baby will be!

Image: Megan Rubey

Prince or princess? Boy or girl? We’ll soon find out who’ll rule our world.

Image: Megan Rubey

Twinkle, twinkle, little star. How we wonder what you are!

Diaper Shower Invitation Wording

There isn’t a better way to say it: When baby’s born, shit gets real. Literally. Thankfully there are diapers to keep baby covered. And with the little one wearing diapers for a least a year or two, any help the parents-to-be can get in the baby bottom department can help from blowing their monthly baby budget. That’s where a diaper shower comes in handy. Perfect for a work baby shower or for parents having twins, try the following diaper shower invitation wording to let guests know the party is B.Y.O.D.

Image: Megan Rubey

Every party needs a pooper, and she’s arriving soon. Help us “pamper” our little girl at a diaper shower.

Image: Megan Rubey

Join us for a donuts and diapers shower to celebrate our fave coworker and mama-to-be. You bring the diapers and wipes, we’ll fill the break room with donuts and coffee.

Image: Megan Rubey

Unlike unicorns, babies don’t poop rainbows. Keep the new little one from becoming a hot mess by bringing diapers and wipes to the Pamper Party.Updated December 2018

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