The Best Coed Baby Shower Games Ever

So long “Sniff the Diaper.” Get the party started with these 20 irresistibly fun coed baby shower games.
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By Holly Pevzner, Contributing Writer
Updated May 9, 2019
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If you think it’s hard getting a gaggle of excitable ladies to play “Guess The Baby Food Flavor,” try coaxing a bunch of guys who’d rather be at home watching sports. Indeed, the coed baby shower trend doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon, so we’ve decided to go rogue. Ready for a real party? Bring it with these next-level coed baby shower games.

Game: Shower Squares

Pay to play is the way for this football-inspired game that everyone loves. Bonus: You’ll never see a man more excited for a onesie to be opened.
What you need: shower squares printout, $8 download
How to play: First, download or DIY your own game card. Next, sell squares for $1 just like a Super Bowl grid, but instead of betting on the point spread, you’re betting on how many baby bottles and onesies the parents-to-be will receive. After everyone buys a square, the remaining ones go to baby. After all the gifts are opened and tallied, the guest (or baby) who bought the square where the two numbers intersect wins the pot.

Game: My Water Broke!

Not exactly the drinking game your guests are used to, but it’s still super-fun as far as coed baby shower games go.
What you need: ice cubes, plastic babies
How to play: Before the shower, drop tiny plastic babies (available at any party store) inside ice cube trays, fill with water, and freeze. When guests arrive, plop a baby cube into their beverage, letting them know that whoever’s ice melts first, releasing the baby, has to yell “My water broke!” to collect a prize.

Game: Blow & Pop Baby Race

This is one of the easiest baby shower games for large coed groups, but it certainly doesn’t skimp on the fun: Simply see who can get their “bump” ready to rock—and then pop—first.
What you need: balloons
How to play: Give each guest a balloon, then divide everyone into teams of four or five. When the host yells “Go!” the first person from each team races to blow up their balloon and stick it under his or her shirt. Then the next person follows suit, and so on. Once the whole team is sporting balloon baby bumps, it’s up to the first person to figure out how to pop his or her balloon. When it goes boom, the next team member is up and so on. The group that inflates and pops all their balloons first, wins.

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Game: Baby Bump Twister

One of the best coed baby shower games of all time is also one of the best games of all time, period.
What you need: Twister, balloons
How to play: Remember Twister? It’s exactly like that, except all players must left-foot-on-green right-hand-on-yellow with a balloon stuffed under their shirt. It’s like everyone is pregnant, you see.

Game: What’s in Your Phone?

Finally, diddling on your phone at a baby shower will earn you points, not scorn.
What you need: smartphones, checklists, pens
How to play: Guests are each given a what’s-in-your-phone checklist, which includes baby-themed items like: Do you have a song in iTunes with the word “baby” in the title? Is this baby shower in your calendar? Do you have a picture of one of the parents-to-be on your phone? Each time a guest has a match in his or her phone, a point is earned. The guest with the most points at the end of the game is the champ.

Game: Guess Who

Play an IRL Throwback Thursday with this classic coed baby shower game where guests must match vintage baby shots with their corresponding grown-ups. What you need: Baby pictures of all shower attendees, poster board, paper, pens
How to play: In your baby shower invitation, request that each guest email you a baby picture of him or herself or bring a hard copy to the shower. Arrange the photos on poster board and assign each adorable image a number. During the festivities, hand out paper for guests to write down which baby matches which grown-up. (Hand out name tags if needed.) Whoever gets the most correct is crowned the champion.

Game: Baby Pictionary

Can you draw a totally recognizable picture of a breast pump? What about a diaper rash? Put your guests to the test with this always funny get-together game.
What you need: Card stock cut into playing cards, chalkboard, chalk
How to play: Before the shower, write words or phrases related to babies onto each card. Go beyond pacifier and crib. Be creative! Think: Diaper blowout, sleepless nights, leaky boobs! Divide guests into teams. Each round-one player from each team picks a card and must draw on the board. If his or her team correctly identifies the picture in the allotted time, they get a point. First team to earn 10 points wins.

Game: Cads About Maternity

Got a potty mouth and a dirty mind? Awesome. This funny coed baby shower game is for you.
What you need: Cads About Maternity, ($20)
How to play: This baby-themed game plays like the infamous Cards Against Humanity—and it’s just as fun and cringe-worthy too. Here, one player reads a card out loud, and everyone else submits an answer card that’s generally vulgar, redic, or hash-taggable. Best answer wins.

Game: Baby Gift Bingo

Amp up the gift-opening excitement by adding a bit of Bingo gameplay to the mix.
What you need: blank Bingo cards, pens
How to play: Just before parents-to-be start opening presents, hand out blank Bingo cards. Have each guest fill in the squares with the items they think the new parents will receive. (Alternatively, the host can pre-make the Bingo cards.) As the gifts get unwrapped, guests cross off items received. The first shower-goer to get five answers in a row—Bingo!— wins a prize.

Game: Don’t Say Baby

Can you manage to not talk about all things baby at a shower? Probably not. But for this coed baby shower game, you’ll need to at least figure out how not to use the word.
What you need: diaper pins or clothespins
How to play: Hand each guest either a diaper pin or a clothespin to wear on his or her shirt. Tell all your guests that they’re not allowed to utter the word “baby” till after gifts are opened. If anyone hears another guest say the forbidden word, he or she can steal the offending guest’s pin. Once gifts are open, the person with the most pins wins a prize.

Game: Stroller Racing

If you crave action-packed, fun coed baby shower games, here’s one. You’ll have a hard time not cracking up as guests race to get baby from point A to point B safely.
What you need: two umbrella strollers, two baby dolls, household objects for obstacles
How to play: With the help of items like a hose, ladder, even kid toys, set up a race course big enough for two stroller-pushers to navigate at a time. Strap a baby doll into each stroller and time each driver as he or she speeds through the course. Points are deducted for running off course, spilling baby, crashing the stroller, and other mishaps. Complete the course the fastest with stroller and baby still inside? You win!

Game: Baby Face

Will baby have mom’s eyes and dad’s goatee? You shall see after guests mix and match pictures to come up with their best what-will-baby-look-like predictions.
What you need: several color photocopies of mom- and dad-to-be’s headshots, construction paper, glue sticks, scissors
How to play: Cut construction paper into baby-face silhouettes and hand one to each guest. At the same time, give each person color copy photos of mom- and dad-to-be. Have each person cut traits from both pictures (think: dad’s hair, mom’s eyes, etc.) and Frankenstein them together on the baby face with the glue. Post each masterpiece on the wall for a who’s-best vote.

Game: Spilling Secrets

Coed baby shower games shouldn’t embarrass anyone—except the guests of honor. This one is kind of like the so-you’re-having-a-baby version of The Newlywed Game, but with slightly fewer questions about makin’ whoopee.
What you need: paper, pen
How to play: Prior to play, separately ask mom- and dad-to-be to answer the same 20 questions that revolve around baby. (For instance: Do you want a girl or boy? What’s your biggest birth fear? Who will be better at changing diapers?) Write down their answers. Bring the pair in front of the shower guests and, for each question, ask mom- and dad-to-be to guess the answer their partner gave. Poll the audience to see who thinks the response is correct, then reveal the answer.

Game: Heads Up! Baby Edition

You know Heads Up!—Ellen DeGeneres’ hilarious party game? You can download a baby shower upgrade and, voilà, you’ve got one of the best coed baby shower games in your hand.
What you need: Heads Up! app; in-app Baby Shower game purchase ($.99 for each; iTunes or Google Play)
How to play: One player holds their phone, screen out, on their forehead and words appear on the screen, like “pacifier” and “baby bump.” Guests need to convey what word is shown without saying any part of the answer or offering an obvious rhyme. When the correct response is given, tilt the screen up for a new keyword—or pass by tilting it down.

Game: Timer Game

Watching other people open presents can get kinda snoozy. What’s way more fun? coed baby shower games that let guests get in on some schwag too.
What you need: timer
How to play: Give the whole gift-opening process a little oomph by setting a kitchen timer for 15 minutes or less. Whoever bought the gift that the mom- or dad-to-be has in hand when the timer goes off, wins a prize. (Think: nips, lottery tickets, cigars, gift card.)

Game: Scattergories, Baby Style

There’s no reason to wait until game night to bust out Scattergories. Baby it up and play at any coed baby shower to get all guest involved.
What you need: cardstock, pen, paper, timer
How to play: Pre-shower, create and print Scattergories cards featuring five to eight baby-themed categories, like Boys’ Names, Things Said During Labor, Reasons Baby Is Crying, Found in a Diaper Bag, etc. Instead of rolling a lettered dice, the guests play four rounds culling answers for each letter in the word BABY. Answers need to be unique (ie: not duplicated) to get points. And each round needs to be completed within a set period of time. Whoever gets the most points wins.

Game: Who Said It?

This coed baby shower game is a sweet and silly rewind, as guests try to match childhood memories to mom- or dad-to-be.
What you need: construction paper cut into speech bubbles, tape, marker
How to play: Before the shower, ask the parents-to-be to share five to 10 funny, wacky, heartwarming tidbits about their own childhood. Write these facts on each speech bubble, tack them up around the party space and have guests guess if the quote is from the mom- or dad-to-be. Whoever gets the most right wins.

Game: Baby Jeopardy

It’s like Jeopardy!, but without the smug host. Just lots and lots of laughs.
What you need: poster board, sticky notes, marker
How to play: On a big piece of poster board, write categories like All the Pregnant Ladies; Push it Real Good; Baby Stuff You Should Really Know By Now; etc. Write five or so questions under each category, covering each with a sticky note that has a dollar amount written on top. Split shower guests into two teams and have them pick a square to answer as a group or individually. The team with the the most “money” wins!

Game: Battle of the Sexes

Does Father know best? Or is Mom always right? We shall see as women match wits with the men in this fun coed baby shower game of trivia.
What you need: paper and pen
How to play: Before the party, do a little research and make up a list of baby-related trivia questions, such as: What’s the technical name for baby’s first poop? What is the No. 1 boy baby name in the country right this second? How many diapers will baby go through in one year? Which is not a nickname for a pacifier: binky, pacy, dummy, tuck-tuck? Each team takes turns answering questions down the list. The group that gets the most right, wins.

Game: Baby Song List

Hey baby, you were born to be my baby one more time? If you instantly knew those were No Doubt, Bon Jovi, and Brit-Britt songs, you will rock this game.
What you need: paper, pen
How to play: Guests work in teams of four or five to come up with as many songs as they can that have the word “baby” in the lyrics or title. Each team then presents their song list to the group. The team with the most songs wins a prize. Tie? Each team must perform a snippet of one of their songs and the rest of the guests pick a winner.

Updated October 2017

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