When to Have Your Baby Shower

You want to sport that baby bump but avoid the pains of late pregnancy. Hear from fellow Bumpies on when's the best time to have your shower.
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Updated January 8, 2020
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Wondering when the best time is to have your baby shower? We put this one to our users, and it sounds like earlier is better. Here’s what they had to say!

“My shower is planned when I will be 35 weeks along, and I would have preferred it much earlier for planning and shopping purposes. We had to pick the date we chose due to everyone going on vacation for Easter and Spring Break. Convenient for everyone but me!” — Hilarycee

“I had my shower at 32 weeks. I personally didn’t want to wait any longer because I was getting so uncomfortable. You want to be able to enjoy it as well as have the energy to deal with everything afterwards. You will need to wash the clothes, put everything away, and then go shopping for what you still need. Those things take time and energy which we are quickly running out of!” — sannice1979

“I am having my shower at 35 weeks. I think it is a good time, because I still have plenty of time afterwards to buy anything we still need. However this is the latest I would want it. Any later you are almost considered full term and could deliver any minute. I might not have enough time to buy anything I still need.” — alyadams

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“I’m having a work shower at 35 weeks and a family shower at 37 weeks. It is later than most, but it’s nice to have something to look forward to at this point. Of course we have to have the essentials (car seat, bassinet) on hand in case of early delivery.” — Sarah&JoeinSC

“I’m having my shower the next two weekends!! I’ll be 31 and 32 weeks. I think it’s a good time for me because I am still able to get around, so I can shop for what I still need and take back what I don’t want.” — asned

“A work shower is planned for me tomorrow at nearly 38 weeks and I think this is WAY too late to be having it (I really did try to decline). I am uncomfortable in my own skin right now and I have NO energy come day’s end to spend organizing. At this late point in the game, I feel like I could go into labor at any minute and that my thank-you notes will go out really late. I know people will understand, but it’s not the way I like to do things!” — MrsFeisty

“My shower is planned for this weekend, when I am 36 (almost 37) weeks. Although it allowed me a good amount of time to add extra items to my registry, I do wish it was just a couple of weeks earlier. At this point I am too big and I tire too easily to prepare and set up all of these items. Although my husband will help, it is overwhelming at this stage. I wish everything was already here and ready for baby. Once all is set up, I still have to purchase, write, and mail thank you cards…all while being able to ‘go’ at anytime.” — tgifhim

“I had my first when i was 28 weeks because that was what worked best for my sisters. Honestly, I LOVED having my first — bigger — shower early because I’ve had a lot of time to go through what I got and set it up and get organized. Plus, that was at the beginning of my third trimester when I still had lots of energy. I’m glad I got tons of big stuff at that shower because I can’t imagine having to set up all the toys and such at 37 weeks. Plus, earlier showers give you more time to search out the good deals and order stuff online that you need but don’t get off your registry.” — mamaerin

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