Baby Shower Games: Baby Clothes Games

Make your shower a fashionable one with these baby clothes games.
ByThe Bump Editors
March 16, 2021
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Game: Baby Shower Grab
What you need: baby clothes, hanger, clothes pin
How to play: Hang baby clothes from one hanger using the clothes pins. Then have the guest use one hand to pull off as many pieces of clothing as they can without dropping them, or the pins. Whoever gets the most off is the winner.

Game: Baby Sock Game
What you need: pairs of baby socks, timer
How to play: Put a pile of unpaired socks in a pile on the floor. Each guest gets one minute to match up as many as pssible. Whoever gets the most wins.

Game: Diaper Raffle
What you need: a prize
How to play: Everyone who brings a pack of diapers for the mom-to-be will be entered into the raffle. Choose a winner at the end.

Game: Guess the Bibs Lottery
What you need: paper and pen
How to play: As the guests arrive at the shower, ask them to guess how many bibs the guest of honor will receive as gifts. Whoever is the closest wins.

Game: Dress the Baby
What you need: baby dolls, diapers, baby clothes distributed evenly among each of the guests
How to play: When the host says “go,” each person will dress their doll using all of the pieces of clothing. Whoever gets the most clothes on the fastest wins.

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