Bye-Bye Baby Vibes: 9 Trendy Products for Your Mini-Me

Mini-adulting is about encouraging independence, including kids in your own passions and ditching babyish looks for design-forward products.
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Updated March 25, 2024
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As attitudes toward children have evolved over the years, so has the way we care for them. “Because I said so” may have been a regular part of parenting vocabulary back when we were kids sporting ill-fitting hand-me-downs and crooked at-home haircuts, but no longer. These days, we strive to speak to our children with respect and empathy—and it’s not uncommon for them to be better dressed and coiffed than we are.

All of these elements tie into the emerging trend of mini-adulting. Never heard of it? Luckily, we’re here to keep you informed! In 2024 we analyzed changing attitudes and approaches to raising kids, and published a report identifying four emerging trends. In this article, we’re looking at how treating kids as “mini adults” impacts fashion and lifestyle choices, with style-conscious parents choosing products for their kids that they themselves would be happy to wear, read or play with. Read on for our favorite products to keep your little one looking sharp, inspire shared interests and promote self-sufficiency.

How We Chose Products for Mini Adults

There’s no shortage of stuff for folks looking to ride the mini-adulting wave and keep their kids on trend. But who wants to buy more stuff for their kids? If you’re like most parents, you prefer to keep it simple and purchase high-quality products that are worth both their price tag and the space they take up in your home, or the time your child spends using them. When choosing the best buys for parents who prioritize style, shared interests and self-sufficiency, we considered the following:

  • We conducted extensive market research and trend analysis in partnership with WGSN, one of the world’s leading trend forecasting agencies, to determine which brands are nailing the mini-adulting theme.

  • We read user reviews to ensure that these products live up to their claims and actually work for today’s families. Only products with average reviews of four or more stars made the final list.

  • We looked at whether classes, books and games were endorsed by experts and had stamps of approval from reputable organizations.

  • Since The Bump editors are parents too, we relied on our own first-hand experience and included brands we trust and use with our own kids.

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Nurturing Self-Sufficiency

Our own parents may have urged us to follow the rules, get good grades, go to college and get a steady job. But now that we’ve got kids of our own, today’s parents are digging a little deeper and asking why. We’re encouraging our children to create their own definitions of success, follow their passions and find joy in their work.

Parents surveyed for the Purpose of Education Index ranked critical thinking and practical skills as top priorities for education. Moreover, the study suggests that “the American public wants an education system that prepares students not only with the basics, but with the skills that they need to live in the real world.” In practice, this means that parents are prioritizing practical STEAM skills rather than being laser focused on their kids getting straight A’s and an Ivy League diploma. The products below aim to meet that standard, offering your “mini adult” opportunities to learn by doing, sharpen digital literacy and get a head start on financial savvy.

Educational game

ABC mouse
Image: Amazon

Little ones are learning to swipe, tap and scroll before they’re even potty-trained—so why not make the most of their screen time? ABCMouse offers 10 levels of award-winning educational activities for your child, with lessons in things like letter recognition, phonics, counting, colors and the solar system. There are levels for toddlers over the age of 2 through 2nd grade, so multiple kids in the family can play, each learning at their own pace. This online game is an example of “edu-tainment,” a micro-trend that blends learning and fun using technology.

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Toddler-friendly tablet

Toddler-friendly tablet
Image: Amazon
Buying Options

Gen Alpha, and the forthcoming wave of Gen Beta kids, will enter the world as digital natives. With this in mind, it’s important to invest in tools that help them exist online safely. The Amazon Fire Kids Tablet is designed for this very purpose. Created for small people between the ages of 3 and 7, this tablet comes with a kid-proof case and comprehensive parental controls to keep inappropriate content at bay. Your purchase comes with a one-year subscription to Amazon Kids+, which includes access to thousands of books and educational games—and you can easily manage your child’s usage of their device. Approve or deny app store requests, put screen-time limits in place and pause or resume the tablet from your own phone.

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Book about financial literacy

Our parents may not have liked to talk about money (growing up, it was practically a dirty word in my house), but today’s parents don’t want finances to be a taboo topic. The sooner kids learn about earning, saving, borrowing and budgeting, the better—and this sweet story will help them do just that. A picture book about a boy named Daymond who starts a small business with his friends, it’s a bedtime story that teaches basic monetary concepts and helps set your mini adult up for a successful financial future. Although this book skews a little older (ages 4 to 8) it’s never too early to start teaching your child simple lessons in financial literacy.

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Inspiring Shared Interest

Like all individuals, young or old, toddlers have a unique set of interests. And while we love to encourage these personal passions—whether it be dinosaurs, princesses, cars or something totally left field—it’s nice to foster shared interests with your kids. That way you can bond while doing things that both of you enjoy!

If you think you’ve got nothing in common with your toddler, think again. It’s not about forcing a particular activity upon them; it’s as simple as introducing them to the things you love in an age-appropriate manner. Into the great outdoors? Take a daily nature walk with your toddler. Love to cook? Promote your little one to sous-chef at suppertime. Have a passion for yoga? Sign up for a baby yoga class. We promise your little one will just be happy to be spending quality time with you, regardless of your chosen hobby.

Looking for inspiration? From classes you can take together to toys that foster shared passions like cooking and music, the engaging, accessible options below are certain to make you think differently about playtime with your mini-me.

E-learning platform

Image: Outschool
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Outschool|From $5

Offering classes in everything from chess and drawing to coding and piano, this online learning utopia lets you take lessons alongside your child. Choose something that interests you both and sign up for a one-time class, a weekly club or a full curriculum. Parents rave about Outschool’s educational offerings, which are affordable and wide-ranging. Daniel Carroll, dad of one and associate director of e-commerce content for The Bump, tells us, “My daughter took classes through Outschool during COVID lockdown and learned everything from math to chocolatiering.” Online video chats and one-on-one tutors are available, and you can choose your preferred schedule and class format.

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Child-friendly utensils

Material: The Kids Set
Image: Material
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We all need to eat—which means someone’s gotta cook. Even if you order take-out more often than you whip up a meal from scratch, it’s essential to arm your kiddos with some basic kitchen skills, and this aesthetic set is designed to do just that. It comes with two fully functional cooking utensils: a whisk and a spatula, both made from BPA-free silicone. “We started using this set when my daughter was 2, and it was an instant hit!” says Ashlee Neuman, The Bump content director and mom of two. “The utensils are perfectly sized for little hands and well designed for your baking and cooking needs. My kiddo uses these to help me make cookies, cakes and pancakes on the regular.” In addition, your budding chef can learn how to build a recipe, even if they can’t yet read! The Cook Deck features 70 illustrated cards with ingredients, measurements, techniques, utensils and directions. Make a game of putting them together to create culinary masterpieces, then dig in together and decide whether it’s a make-again dish, or it’s back to the drawing (er, cutting) board!

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Child-size guitar

Image: Maisonette

Love music? Share your passion with your child when you give them this acoustic guitar, sized just right for little hands. Made for kids ages 3 and up, it only has three strings, so it’s simple for them to learn about chords, strumming and finger placement. Made from real wood, it’s an actual guitar, not a toy, and reviewers say it gives a true classical guitar sound. It comes with flashcards and access to an app that offers self-paced lessons. You’ll be jamming together before you know it (“Stairway to Heaven”, anyone?).

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Mini-Me Styling

Can you picture your parents wearing the clothing they dressed you in as a child? No matter how fashionable your folks imagined they were (and you imagined yourself to be), the answer is probably a resounding nope. But these days, it’s not uncommon to see a little one toddle past in an outfit that makes you wonder: “Does that come in my size?”

So what’s causing this rise in mini-fashionistas? According to our research, it stems from social media, the rise of “mom-fluencers” and a greater cultural emphasis on the importance of style. Erin Rechner, head of kidswear at WGSN, notes that “social media has shifted today’s kidswear market to a greater focus on trend and style. Gen Z’s are starting to become parents themselves, and being born with tech at their fingertips, this generation is increasingly aware of the importance fashion plays throughout social media in an always-on world.”

Another trend that goes hand in hand with “kidult clothing” is the rise in matching outfits for parents and kids—aka mommy-and-me or daddy-and-me outfits. This is evident on social media, as many parents now post a cute snap of their family in matching pajamas each holiday season.

Want to get in on the trend? The brands listed below have kids clothing that’s sure to turn heads and set off a spree of imitation looks in your local neighborhood.

Designer kids clothes

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Yes, the prices at this online clothing retailer might give you sticker shock, but if you want to dress baby in Gucci, Versace and Givenchy, this is the place to click “add to cart.” From leather sandals to puffy ski jackets, cashmere tracksuits to ruffled sundresses, you’ll find everything you need to keep your mini me looking fly. And keep in mind, when your little one grows out of these duds, you can likely resell them for a pretty penny—as long as there haven’t been any diaper explosions that wouldn’t wash out.

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Mommy and me outfits

Image: Maisonette
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Maisonette|From $10

Maisonette is the perfect online destination if you’re looking for some sweet and stylish mommy-and-me matching outfits. From holiday dresses to sweaters, you’ll find plenty of Insta-ready choices in a variety of sizes and styles. They also have plenty of coordinated looks for siblings, if you don’t want to get the whole family involved. Jewelry, pajamas and sweatshirts with sassy sayings are other fun offerings at this online mainstay for fashionable parents and kids.

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Matching family pajamas

Little Sleepies
Image: Little Sleepies

Affordable, cozy, well-made pajamas are essential for parents and kids alike, and if you’d like to twin with your mini-me, Little Sleepies has your number. Their pajamas are made from super-soft ribbed bamboo, which helps regulate temperature while you sleep. That makes for a more restful night—even when you’re getting up for middle-of-the-night feedings or to soothe a nightmare. They’ve got tops and bottoms for grown-ups, zip-up sleepers for baby, and two-piece sets for kids, all in a huge variety of fun prints and colors, from subtle and stylish to bright and whimsical. (There’s even pet bandanas for your canine companions!) These pajamas are perfect for people with sensitive skin and comfortable in all seasons. You can toss them in the washer and dryer, too—they won’t shrink and will only get softer the more you wash them.

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About the writer:

As a commerce editor for Woman’s World and First for Women, Elizabeth Nelson tested, researched and reviewed everything from e-bikes and adjustable beds to swimsuits and skincare products. As the mom of two daughters who are now both in college, she can attest to the fact that they do indeed go from mini-adults to full-grown adults in the blink of an eye.


The Bump Future of Parenting Report, March 2024

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