5 Irresistibly Cute Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Boy? Girl? Either way, it calls for a celebration! From gender reveal party games to cake ideas, here’s your guide to sharing the news.
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September 17, 2020
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The gender of your child is a cherished surprise—not just for you but also your loved ones. So why not make the most of it? With a gender reveal party, you get to pull together all that’s wonderful into one memorable afternoon: great news, great company—and once you’re done reading this post—great food and fun. Read on for five unique gender reveal party ideas that will help you savor every moment. And if you’re hankering for more (or prefer not to throw a party) check out more unique ways to spread the word.

What Is a Gender Reveal Party?

A gender reveal party is a gathering of your closest friends and family to announce the most highly anticipated news in your universe, that’s what! But unlike a baby shower, where a friend or family member gets all the fun in planning it, a gender reveal party is typically entirely up to you. Whether you go all-out (balloons galore! A pony!) to share news of baby’s gender, or opt for gender reveal party ideas that are more low-key and low effort, the goal is to have fun. After all, it’s your secret—you get to choose how to divulge it.

Gender Reveal Party Etiquette

There’s no one “right” way to reveal baby’s gender. Your options are seemingly endless (just take a scroll through Pinterest!). But when deciding between gender reveal party ideas, there are a few points to keep in mind, says Katherine Kommer, founder of Baby Showers Inc.:

Wait until mid-pregnancy. Gender reveal parties are typically planned around 20 weeks, when your mid-pregnancy ultrasound checks baby’s anatomy and can usually detect gender. You can also combine it with your baby shower.

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Pay attention to details. Once you choose a theme or color scheme from the many gender reveal party ideas, stock up on supplies that match, right down to the napkins. It’s a surefire way to give your gender reveal party a pulled-together look.

Hold the gifts. This shindig is really about The News. But if you’re a guest who happens to be reading this and you don’t want to show up empty-handed, bring a little somethin’-somethin’ that’s gender neutral, or if you’re really set on finding something pink or blue, bring two gifts—but keep the gift receipts to return the one you don’t end up giving. (We’ve included gender reveal gift ideas for each party theme below because let’s face it, there will always be guests who insist.)

Have a baby shower (if you want one). While a gender reveal party tends to take place somewhat earlier in the pregnancy with your dearest family and friends, a baby shower is typically held in the third trimester, closer to baby’s due date, with perhaps a larger guest list. So you can absolutely still have a baby shower later on, especially if a friend is offering to throw one.

5 Irresistible Gender Reveal Party Ideas

How often do you have intel that everyone else is dying to know? Not often, right? These baby gender reveal party ideas will help you savor that feeling a little longer while also entertaining your guests.

Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how we wonder what you are

It’s not just a nursery rhyme—this sweet theme offers tons of great gender reveal party ideas for you to have fun with. Sprinkle gold stars ($6 for 2.5 ounces) everywhere you can, and the fete is sure to shine.

Gender reveal party game: When guests come in, have them each take a “team boy” or “team girl” star or moon-shaped gender reveal pin]( ($24 for 12)—whichever they think you’ll be having. Then, when it’s time for the big announcement, step into a different room and return with a dozen pink or blue star-shaped balloons. Everyone who guessed correctly takes home a prize.

Gender reveal cake: For this gender reveal cake idea, adorn the dessert with stars, moons and clouds. Bring the theme home with a cake topper ($7) that says it all.

Gender reveal party decorations: More stars! Besides the gold confetti, bring pink ($6) and blue ($6) colors into the mix. Get celestial with spiral ceiling decorations ($10 for 30).

Gender reveal party invitation: Silver stars and a bright yellow crescent in this adorable invitate show your guests you’re over the moon about the news.

Gender reveal gift ideas: Think stars and sleep with a part toy, part sound machine Sleep Sheep ($30). A (moon and stars mobile)[ ($60) woud also be perfect for this gender reveal party idea.

Image: Invitation: Etsy

Whoo will it be?

Guess whoo, pink or blue? Adorable owls transform a nursery into a woodsy wonderland—so they’re one of the wisest (read: practical) gender reveal party ideas around.

Gender reveal party game: Gather everyone around a table set up with small canvases and non-toxic paints, and ask them to create something that would fit into the forest theme—trees, flowers and rocks, for instance. Afterward, line the canvases on the table, and have mom- and dad-to-be add their own masterpiece (which they worked on before the party) to the gallery: a painting of an owl painted blue or pink. Secret revealed! And now baby’s room has wall decor too.

Gender reveal cake: Whoo could resist? Cake or cupcakes decorated in pink or blue frosting topped with decorations that go along with the owl theme, like these toppers made from a downloadable template ($4). Just make sure to serve them up after the gender reveal party game! (If you’d like to skip the art project, you can turn the cake cutting into the reveal—just ask the baker to add pink or blue food dye to your white cake and cover it all up with vanilla or chocolate frosting as well as a pink and blue owl.)

Gender reveal party decorations: Green or brown streamers, bouquets of pussy willow in tall vases bedecked with clip-art owls, green and brown paper lanterns, streamers and balloons. Serve up drinks with these fantastic straws ($6 for 12).

Gender reveal party invitation: Start building up the suspense with these “Guess Whoo?” cards, featuring a chalkboard-inspired backdrop ($12).

Gender reveal gift ideas: Plush owls, an owl piggy bank, owl bookends or an owl book, like the award-winning Owl Moon ($10).

Image: Cake Topper, Invite: Etsy

Ahoy, baby!

The baby gender reveal party ideas for this theme are all anchored around water, whales and maritime fun—especially if it’s a pool party.

Gender reveal party game: Before your guests arrive, fill your pool with a couple dozen or so little toy boats ($6 for six), one of which has a pink or blue sticker on the bottom. Keep everyone out of the pool until the game starts, then have everyone jump in to hunt for the boat with the answer! (No pool? No problem. Just bust out a kiddie pool.)

Gender reveal cake: Stick to red, white and blue and decorate with stripes and rope designs. Finish it off with this cake topper ($20).

Gender reveal decorations: Anchor your gender reveal decorations with a sea-minded garland ($4), whale-themed plates ($2 for 8) and nautical party cups ($11 for 12) for some festive flair.

Gender reveal party invitation: Get the guests in a nautical mood (and have them start guessing) before they even arrive with these cheerful cards ($13).

Gender reveal gift Ideas: Rubber ducks, bath supplies, baby’s first swimmies, a baby float or baby sunglasses.

Image: Ivitation: Minted

Pink or blue, we love you!

If you love the two shades, there’s no reason why you can’t use both as your theme. Check out these gender reveal party ideas for ways to incorporate your dual color palette throughout the festivities.

Gender reveal party game: Hide mini Hershey’s bars throughout the party space. For one bar, color in the letters on the wrapper so that it spells “he” or “she”. Whoever finds that bar first is also the first to discover baby’s gender.

Gender reveal cake: Frost your cake in pink and blue, or top the frosting with pink and blue macarons.

Gender reveal party decorations: We love this “Little Man or Little Miss?” banner ($5), complete with bows and bow ties. These matching paper plates ($3 for 8) are charming too.

Gender reveal party invitation: The whimsical pink and blue balloons on this gender reveal invite ($90 for 45 invitations) make it a perfect companion for the theme. Plus, these cards let you add a family photo on the back.

Gender reveal party gift Ideas: All the classics: teddy bears, swaddling blankets, bath towels, and books, like the longtime favorite Guess How Much I Love You ($9).

Image: Invitation: Etsy

Our little peanut is on the way

Turn your party space into a three-ring circus and step right up for these fun big-top-themed gender reveal party ideas.

Gender reveal party game: As guests arrive, give them a “ticket” that says Team Boy or Team Girl. Set up three games in different areas of the party space: for instance, Pin the Nose on the Circus Clown, ring toss and Guess How Many Peanuts Are in the Jar. Whichever team does the best on all three games earns the honor of opening up an envelope that reveals baby’s gender. (Cue the pink or blue confetti!)

Gender reveal cake: Decorate your cake like a circus tent with bright scalloping or triangles and stripes. Top with a cute elephant toy.

Gender reveal party decorations: Helium balloons and banners in cheerful primary colors. Boxes of animal crackers and circus treat bags filled with popcorn, and peanuts do double duty as cute decor and tasty snacks.

Gender reveal party invitation: Design (or buy) a card that looks like a ticket. This adorable example, featuring an elephant, invites guests to a “must-see show!”

Gender reveal party gift ideas: Plush circus animals, a Jack-in-the-box or teething rings.

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