20 Ways to Word a Brilliant Birth Announcement

From classic to comedic, here are some ideas for how to write your birth announcement—and some top-of-the-line birth announcement cards to choose from.
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By Martina Garvey, Associate E-Commerce Editor
Updated November 28, 2022
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Image: Minted | The Bump
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So you just had a baby—congrats! Up next? Introducing your new addition to the world with a personalized baby announcement. Birth announcements are cards sent out to your family and friends announcing the arrival of your son or daughter (or multiples). They typically feature a newborn photo and essential birth announcement info, including:

  • Name
  • Birthday
  • Weight
  • Length (in inches)
  • Time and place baby was born (optional)
  • Parent or parents’ names

And any other message you’d like to share! If this last bit has you stumped, don’t worry. We rounded up some of the best birth announcement wording options to give your little one a meaningful introduction to the world. Pick the opening lines, add the basic info above and—voila—you have your very own baby announcement card.

Need more inspiration? (Or want to speed up the process and buy stationery on the spot?) We also included shoppable designs for every situation. Whether they’re for a baby girl or a baby boy, for a special holiday or a certain theme, these birth announcement ideas say it all.

Baby Girl Birth Announcement Wording

Searching for a sweet, whimsical message to announce the birth of your baby girl? Look no further—the birth announcement wording of these three notes should do the trick.

  • Twinkle, twinkle, little star. Do you know how loved you are? Introducing our baby girl…
  • Welcome to the world, precious girl. Announcing the arrival of our daughter…
  • Thank heaven for little girls. Introducing our daughter…

Baby Girl Birth Announcements to Buy

From classic stripes to abstract paint strokes, we can’t get enough of these baby girl birth announcements. Take a peek and consider how you might customize one of these for your own baby announcement.

Artistic stripes

Mixbook Watercolor Stripes Girls Birth Announcements
Mixbook Watercolor Stripes Girls Birth Announcements
Image: Mixbook

Searching for elegant birth announcement cards with a luxury feel? Check out this design by Mixbook. The artistic striped pattern is printed on the finest heavy-weight paper that has been ethically sourced from sustainable forests.

Pretty florals

Blooming Floral Birth Announcement
Blooming Floral Birth Announcement
Image: Tinyprints

Share a picture of your little flower with these blooming lovely birth announcement cards. Customize your baby's details and include a photo on luxe paper for a stylish finish.

Photo collage

Little Stack Birth Announcement Cards
Little Stack Birth Announcement Cards
Image: Minted

Want to share more than one picture of your little wonder? Consider these photo collage birth announcements by Minted. The pared-back design lets baby take center-stage.

Baby Boy Birth Announcement Wording

Check out these equally joyous baby boy announcements. It’s worth noting: With a little light tweaking, most of these birth announcement ideas work for any gender. So pick the one that feels most true to you and your family, and edit away.

  • How wonderful life is now he’s in the world. Announcing the arrival of our son…
  • Oh boy, he’s finally here! Welcoming little [baby’s name] to the world…
  • He’s officially a big brother! Say hello to [older son]’s new best friend… This one’s for siblings and can easily be used for sisters too!

Baby Boy Birth Announcements to Buy

The baby boy birth announcement ideas don’t end there. The following shoppable options range from adorable to punny.

Glitter polka dots

Mixbook Glittered Confetti Announcement Boys Birth Announcements
Mixbook Glittered Confetti Announcement Boys Birth Announcements
Image: Mixbook

Showcase your newborn baby boy with these cool-toned birth announcement cards. A background of glittery blue polka dots ensures a black-and-white photo pops.

Illustrated animals

Rainforest Wreath Birth Announcement Cards

How cute are these whimsical birth announcement cards? An illustrated botanical wreath frames baby's initials and the cards can be customized with a photo and message of your choice.

Modern script

Hello Script Birth Announcement
Hello Script Birth Announcement
Image: Shutterfly

Announce your newest arrival with this minimalist birth announcement. Add baby's name, a favorite photo and the news everyone's been waiting for.

Twin Birth Announcement Wording

Double the pleasure, double the fun! There’s two times the love in a twin birth announcement, and no one’s going to fault you for playing up that number. Go ahead, double down on those twin references using these birth announcement wording solutions:

  • Twice the love, twice the joy. [Parents’ names] proudly introduce their twins…
  • The best things come in pairs. We joyfully introduce our sons to the world…
  • Doubles, anyone? Say hello to the next famous tennis twins, our daughters…

Twin Birth Announcements to Buy

Ready to think about twin birth announcement designs? Try one of these totally awesome photo cards that give both babies a special shout out.

Too cute

Two Cute Birth Announcement Cards

Here at The Bump, we can’t resist a good twin pun. That’s why we love this birth announcement card that reads: “two cute.” It’s funny because it’s true!

Magnetic cards

LD Design Loft Twin Birth Announcement Modern Script
LD Design Loft Twin Birth Announcement Modern Script
Image: Zazzle

Proud grandparents will love sticking this magnetic birth announcement onto their fridge at home. Add a picture of both babies and a personal message for added aw-factor.

Geometric card

Magnolia Press Simply Twins Birth Announcement

This birth announcement card offers two separate slots to add a photo of each baby alongside their names and any other details you choose to include.

Holiday Birth Announcement Wording

Whether baby was born right before the holidays or you’ve been holding out until now, holiday birth announcements are a surefire way to add some extra joy to the season. Here, some birth announcement ideas for how to phrase your very merry card:

  • It’s an especially happy new year with this little [boy/girl] in our lives. Details…
  • Look what Santa brought us! Details…
  • ’Tis the season—for love. Season’s greetings from our new little love bug…

Holiday Birth Announcements to Buy

Love the idea of holiday birth announcements? Keep scrolling for some design inspiration. Whether you’re celebrating Christmas or New Year’s, these festive cards should do the trick.

Green foil cards

Airborn Holiday Birth Announcement Cards
Airborn Holiday Birth Announcement Cards
Image: Minted

Let baby's first holiday shine with a foil pressed card that serves as both a birth announcement and a Christmas card. Hand-pressed with green foil the festive card is sure to spread some holiday cheer.

Holiday joy

Between Friends Simply Joyful Birth Announcement
Between Friends Simply Joyful Birth Announcement
Image: Shutterfly

Celebrate a joyful occasion with this birth announcement card by Shutterfly. Baby’s photo is topped off with a festive holiday banner.

Merry little Christmas

Colorful Merry Little Christmas Portrait Birth Holiday Card
Colorful Merry Little Christmas Portrait Birth Holiday Card
Image: Zazzle

Combine a happy holiday message with baby’s birth announcement, for a sweet memento they’ll treasure forever.

Unique Birth Announcement Wording

Every child is one of a kind—so why not introduce baby in a unique way? Check out these three fresh birth announcement ideas, whether you’re a millennial mom, a bookworm dad or just one happy parent.

  • The snuggle is real. Meet the cuddliest member of our family…
  • “Any day spent with you is my favorite day. So today is my new favorite day.” Say hello to our new little love, who has already brightened our days. Details… (We love this quote from Winnie-the-Pooh, but if you’re a big reader, you can comb any of your favorite children’s books for some wonderfully under-appreciated quotes, and pair a recognizable name with unexpected and meaningful words.)
  • A new cheek to kiss, a new child to love. Our hearts are brimming as we announce the birth of our [son/daughter]… A good option for second-time parents.

Unique Birth Announcements to Buy

Pair creative wording with a creative card design! These surprising finds are sure to please any modern moms and dads.

Woodland theme

Little Friends Birth Announcement Cards

Hand-drawn illustrations of whimsical woodland creatures adorn this unique birth announcement card.

Birth announcement booklet

Modern Plus Birth Announcement Booklette Cards

Share even more photos and details about your new arrival with these unique booklets, available exclusively at Minted. The pages feature rounded corners, gold binding and plenty of space for photos and text.

Foil-pressed cards

Someone You Should Meet Birth Announcement Cards
Someone You Should Meet Birth Announcement Cards
Image: Minted

These luxurious cards boast hand-pressed gold foil text. The foil detail shimmers and shines as it catches the light, making this the perfect keepsake for your golden child.

Funny Birth Announcement Wording

What’s more LOL-worthy than the realities of new parenthood? (Answer: Not much.) So why not just roll with it and go the funny route with your birth announcement wording. You know all the parents out there will relate.

  • The true meaning of #blessed: Sleepless nights and nonstop poop…but look at that little face! (Swoon.) Introducing…
  • Escaped from the womb! Wanted—for stealing his parents’ hearts. Meet…
  • Sh!t just got real. (Seriously, it’s in abundance.) Say hello to our little pooper…

Funny Birth Announcements to Buy

These funny birth announcements—including a James Bond-inspired card and a humorous take on a new sibling—are sure to make you (and your card recipients) giggle.

Sibling cards

Up Up Creative Another Brother Birth Announcements
Up Up Creative Another Brother Birth Announcements
Image: Minted

If baby has big siblings why not include them in the birth announcement? This tongue in cheek card reads: “Oh brother! There’s another?!”

Punny card

The Snuggle is Real Birth Announcement Cards

A good sense of humor will help get you through parenting struggles like long sleepless nights, spit-up and dirty diapers.That’s why we love this card that features a funny play on words to celebrate baby.

Name cards

Phrosne Ras The Name Birth Announcements

This funny card announces baby with confidence and pizzazz.

Disney Birth Announcement Wording

For those die-hard fans of classic kid movies, here are a few Disney-themed birth announcement ideas. (Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t love receiving a Star Wars birth announcement?)

  • Meet our Minnie-Me! Announcing the arrival of… With a photo of a little girl in Minnie ears.
  • The force awakens (at all hours of the night). Meet our new little jedi…
  • We wished upon a star—and our dreams came true. She’s finally here to say hello! Introducing…

Disney Birth Announcements to Buy

We get it: You can’t get enough of Disney. (Neither can we!) Welcome your new movie-watching buddy with one of these kid-friendly birth announcement designs, all of which nod to a beloved Disney character.

Minnie Mouse

Disney's Mickey & Friends Baby Minnie Mouse Birth Announcement
Disney's Mickey & Friends Baby Minnie Mouse Birth Announcement
Image: Zazzle

Baby will be pretty in pink thanks to this Minnie Mouse birth announcement card.

Winnie the Pooh

Sweetest Adventure Birth Announcement Cards
Sweetest Adventure Birth Announcement Cards
Image: Minted

This Winnie the Pooh birth announcement features a storybook page starting with chapter one to introduce your new arrival and the beginning of your sweetest adventure.

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