UPPAbaby Vista Stroller Review

Sleek, stylish and smart, this multitasking stroller is ready to transform and adapt whenever you are.
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March 2, 2017
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• Very user friendly
• Multiple configuration options
• Can easily convert to double stroller
• Extremely large storage basket

• Heavy compared with other travel systems

Bottom Line
The UPPAbaby Vista is the creme de la creme of stroller systems. With tons of standard options and smart versatility that accommodates up to three kids at once, this is the only stroller you’ll ever need.

Rating: 4.5 stars


Strollers are probably one of the most diverse categories of baby products on the market, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the different brands and styles. So just like you would with car shopping, you really need to ID your can’t-live-without features: Do you want a coupe (lightweight umbrella stroller)? A sedan (jogging stroller)? An SUV (stroller system)? If you said yes to that third option, you’ll definitely want to consider the UPPAbaby Vista. After test-driving it, I have to say it is the Range Rover of stroller systems.

The Vista stroller system features an all-in-one frame that can interchangeably support an infant bassinet, car seat (with the proper adapter) or toddler seat from birth through the toddler years. With the purchase of a few extra accessories, it can transform into a double stroller and even be adapted to accommodate three children. At close to $900, there’s no denying that the Vista is a major investment. But given its versatility, simplicity and design, it’s likely going to be with your family for the long haul, which might make it worth the price tag.

So what exactly does that sizable price tag get you? A whole lot, actually. You get the super-strong and sleek aluminum/magnesium frame, all-terrain wheels (the back wheels are massive—neither rain, sleet nor snow will slow you down), infant bassinet, bassinet storage bag, toddler seat, bumper bar, rain shield, bug shield and, one of my absolute favorite features, a ginormous storage basket. You can spend hours running errands and filling the basket up with all your purchases.

For some parents, a key selling point of the UPPAbaby Vista is the inclusion of the infant bassinet. The Vista’s bassinet attachment not only allows you to wheel baby (up to 20 pounds) around comfortably, it can also double as a bassinet for sleep at home—it’s been tested and approved as an overnight sleep solution. (FYI: This same bassinet can also be purchased separately to use with the UPPAbaby Cruz, the Vista’s more compact sister stroller, from $190.) The interior of the bassinet is extremely cozy and plush, the aerated mattress and vented canopy ensure baby won’t overheat, and the waterproof liner comes off easily in the event of any diaper mishaps. Not having to purchase an additional infant bassinet is a great space saver, especially in an already-overcrowded apartment. If you like, you can buy the foldable bassinet stand ($150), which takes up the same amount of space as a drying rack, along with a hamper insert to make it even more functional in a small nursery or bedroom ($50).

If baby isn’t into lying flat (and many aren’t), UPPAbaby has an Infant SnugSeat insert ($40) for the toddler seat that lets newborns up to 21 pounds ride safely and securely on an incline. The cozy insert keeps baby’s head and neck from rolling. (Traditionally, most upright strollers are recommended for babies 6 months and up, since that’s when they’re able to sit up unsupported).

The Vista’s ability to easily convert into a double stroller is really key if you plan on having more than one child. You’ll just need to purchase a lower and an upper adapter ($20 each) and a seat for your second child. The stroller can be set in multiple configurations using the existing bassinet and toddler seat, and can also accommodate a car seat (the UPPAbaby Mesa car seat or select Maxi-Cosi and Chicco models), or the brand’s own RumbleSeat ($170), which is similar to the toddler seat and works for children from 3 months or up to 35 pounds or 36 inches. If you’re considering adding a third ring to the circus, there is a PiggyBack board ($120) that attaches to the back of the stroller, allowing your oldest child to stand.


The UPPAbaby Vista offers an incredibly smooth ride and easy maneuverability. Even as one of the largest single strollers on the market (it’s 26.5 inches wide), this baby takes corners like it’s on rails. I can wheel my toddler around the entire first floor of my house without bumping into a single piece of furniture. It glides smoothly on flat pavement and is shock resistant on rougher terrain. My daughter never complains that the ride is bumpy.

That said, it is a bit wider than some other travel systems, like the sleeker Bugaboo Cameleon or the Britax B-Agile, so something to consider if you primarily navigate narrow aisles, doorways and sidewalks. If you’re a shorty like me with a much taller husband, the telescoping handlebar allows you to adjust the height with the click of a button. It goes from 39 inches to 43 inches. Another one of my favorite features is the easy-to-see, color-coded footbrake (red means stop; green means go), as opposed to a harder-to-reach side brake that other strollers use.

Toddlers will delight in the front- and rear-facing seat with 180-degree reclining function, which you can adjust with one hand. My 3-year-old daughter loves the fact that she can lie flat on her back and snooze if she’s tired, or sit upright or in a slightly reclining position depending on her mood. I love that all it takes is the push of a button to adjust the seat or extend the bottom portion of the seat for your child’s maximum comfort. The toddler seat canopy also has a peekaboo window on top that you can flip open to see your child. It also has an extendable SPF 50+ sun canopy on both the bassinet and toddler seat that blocks UV rays.


I’ve put together four strollers over the past five years and can honestly say that despite its size, the Vista is by far one of the easiest ones to assemble. Sure, the enormous box looks intimidating—you immediately envision pulling an all-nighter to put it together and question why you ever decided to have children in the first place. But rest assured: In less than 15 minutes, the Vista is out of the box and fully assembled, ready for use. The bassinet and toddler seat come fully assembled with their own respective extendable canopies—other stroller systems use the same canopy for both and it’s extremely annoying and difficult to switch between the two. Also, the fact that both are vented eliminates the need to purchase an additional “sun canopy.”

I also have to give a proper shout-out to the genius who designed the amazing storage basket—it’s large and sturdy enough to hold pretty much anything you could possibly think of toting along for your ride (up to 30 pounds), and it’s easy to access. Plus, there’s a built-in cupholder. But the most ingenious design of the Vista is its ability to fold in half without removing the toddler seat—hallelujah! This is by no means a lightweight stroller (28 pounds, whereas some of the other popular travel system strollers range from 16.5 to 23 pounds), but its functionality and simplicity make it a breeze to use. And lastly, as far as colors go, we went with black, but it’s also available in an array of seven other options, including bright red, neutral wheat and rich indigo.


The Vista is, hands down, the most user-friendly stroller out there. It’s as though UPPAbaby took inventory of all the best features of different strollers on the market and fused them all into one. Many other stroller systems have similar options, but I don’t believe any have the wealth of features that come standard the way the Vista does. Aside from a car seat, a stroller is the one piece of equipment that needs to stand the test of time. The Vista provides a sturdy, comfortable ride for your child (or children) that will make strolling a joy for both you and them.

Jessica Ferlauto is a mother of two young girls and is a high school teacher in New Jersey. Her favorite activities include cooking, baking, reading, skiing and taking trips to the beach.

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