Baby Registry Guide for Twins and Triplets

Twins (or more!) on the way? This comprehensive guide will walk you through all your baby registry must-haves.
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August 6, 2020
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As an expectant mom of twins or multiples, be prepared to stock your house with twice as many toys, bottles, diapers, pacifiers, burp cloths and bouncy chairs as any of your friends. You’ll likely have a double stroller nearly the width of a wheelchair, but you’ll learn to navigate it through the door of your favorite coffee shop and over bumps in the sidewalk like a pro. You’ll become an Olympic multitasker: Feeding two babies at once? Check. Cooing at one baby while rocking the other with your foot? Check. Making homemade baby food while ordering diapers online? Check. You’ll soon discover you can handle more than you ever imagined possible (on less sleep than you ever imagined possible). So it makes sense to expect the same hard-working features in the baby products on your registry—items that do double duty and can handle all the cute chaos that come with two or more babies that share the same birthday. Get ready to click on these top picks for your multiples registry.

Baby Registry Must-Haves for Multiples

Double the basics
Plan duplicates of your essentials list, specifically bottles, pacifiers and even nasal aspirations like the NoseFrida. Consider choosing a different brand of bottle for each child so there’s never any confusion over whose is whose, especially when one baby needs a special formula or milk, or you’re trying to keep track of how much they’re taking in. The same advice goes for pacifiers and snot-suckers. Color code them, label them or buy different brands—the goal is to minimize germ-sharing between babies. This is especially critical when one baby gets a cold and you’re trying desperately to keep the other one healthy!

A double stroller and a single stroller
There’s no getting around the fact that you need an everyday workhorse double stroller that can carry two kids from babyhood through the preschool years. But you’re also going to want a single umbrella stroller for those luxurious times when you take just one baby to the pediatrician or for a stroll around the block and get to leave the monster two-seater behind. Umbrella strollers are inexpensive enough that you could buy two—in case you’re lucky enough to have Grandma also wheeling just one—but since you already have so much gear with twins, this is one extra you can do without. The other caregiver can use the double stroller, which comes in handy as extra cart space at the supermarket. Note that the usual minimum age for umbrella strollers is 6 months, so until then, it’s often easier to take infants out in a baby carrier or Snap-N-Go stroller, which is a rolling frame for the car seat.

Two bouncers
There are some items you can manage having only one of, but a bouncer definitely isn’t one of them. As a mom of multiples, you won’t have enough arms—or energy—to soothe and entertain all your babies at once. It’s essential to have several safe, happy spots to leave one or both kids while you run to the bathroom, empty the dishwasher or make a quick call.

Sound machine
A white noise machine is a great addition to the nursery of any newborn, but you’ll find it’s especially helpful for multiples who can sometimes wake each other up during the night. While a sound machine won’t stop this from happening every time, it definitely creates enough background noise to help keep one baby snoozing even if the others are fussing.

Diaper subscription
The last thing you’re going to want to do is spend time hauling huge boxes of diapers home—and you’re going to need some 400 to 600 diapers per month for two babies! You might even need to buy two sets if your babies are born different sizes. Instead, you can add regular deliveries from The Honest Co., or Amazon to your registry and let friends and family sign you up for two or three months worth of supplies. As your babies get bigger, it’s simple to log on and change the size of the diapers at anytime. This is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Bottle props
Even if you master the challenge of breastfeeding two babies at once, it’s likely that at some point you’ll need to use a bottle of pumped milk or formula. And if you don’t have a team of trusty helpers, this is where bottle props will become your best friend. As long as you’re close by and keeping an eye on baby, bottle props are a hands-free, sanity-saving way to take care of feeding one or more babies.

Costco membership
When you’re a mom of multiples you’re going to need more of everything—more wipes, more paper towels, more baby wash and more chocolate covered pretzels (a mom of multiples has to keep her energy up, right?). Buying items in bulk won’t just save money, it’ll save precious time running to the store every five minutes to stock up on supplies.

Baby Registry Items to Skip

Rocking chair or glider
Before you found out there were multiples in your near future, you may have imagined yourself cuddled up with your little bundle in a cozy rocker. It’s a sweet image—and of course you’ll have plenty of cuddle time—but here’s the thing: You can’t all fit comfortably together in one glider or rocker. Skip the chair and splurge instead on an oversized love seat or a small couch that’ll make room for everyone in your fast-expanding family.

Double breastfeeding pillow
A double breastfeeding pillow seems like a brilliant idea, but the truth is a single breastfeeding pillow, often paired with a regular firm pillow, can do the job just as well.

Skip anything that warms: wipe warmers, bottle warmers, food warmers. With two babies, you’ll already need plenty of gear, so it’s important to keep it simple whenever you can. Warmers take up space and add time to your routine—two things you definitely want to avoid.

Tricks and Tips From Moms of Multiples

These moms have been there, done that. See what they wish they’d known back when they were registering.

“Having twins can be expensive. Register for things that other folks would love to buy you, but would break the bank if you had to get it all yourself. Think: high chairs, car seats, bouncy chairs and even strollers.” —Jessica R., mom of 6-year-old boy-girl twins

“Don’t buy two of the exact same design for bouncy seats, play mats or early toys. All kids are different and what one may like, the other may not, so it’s better to have different items.” —Abby S., mom of 7-year-old fraternal twin boys and 2-year-old fraternal twin girls

“The Rock ‘N Play from Fisher-Price came so in handy and were my twins’ beds until they were 5 months old. It is really cozy and keeps their heads a little elevated, so it helps with reflux.” —Anne C., mom of 8-month-old fraternal boy-girl twins

“You don’t need two of everything. That said, it was a lifesaver for me to have duplicate baby rockers, infant seats for the house, Miracle blankets, microfleece sleepsack blankets, exersaucers and changing pads. If you’re not sure what you’ll need, register for everything you can think of and then return some gifts for credit.” —Leena D., mom of 4-year-old identical twin girls

“I wish I’d had my shower earlier! My babies came eight weeks early, five days before my shower. So in addition to having to cancel the shower (bummer!), I then had a houseful of unopened boxes—not what you want to come home to after a c-section. If you’re expecting multiples, have your shower earlier so you have time to organize.” —Allison F., mom of 3-year-old twin boys and a 16-month-old girl

Best Baby Gear for Moms of Multiples

So you’re caught up on all the baby registry must-haves for twins and triplets—but how do you decide which gear to get? We’ve rounded up some of our editors’ favorite feature-packed, high-performance baby products to start you off on the right foot.

Image: Baby Jogger

Best stroller: Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller
Lightweight, easy to fold, simple to maneuver—the City Mini earns the Triple Crown of twin strollers. Plus, with a roomy underseat storage system, you can avoid the drama of getting two babies into a shopping cart—just toss your grocery store staples down below and head for the checkout. Features you’ll love:

• An expansive UV 50+ sun canopy offers complete protection from the elements, plus peekaboo windows so you can check on your brood while you walk.

• Swivel wheels make it easy to maneuver around tight corners, and front-wheel suspension guarantees a smooth ride even over curbs and cracked sidewalks.

Buy it: $450,

Image: Clek

Best car seat: Clek Fllo
Space is at a premium when you have more than one baby. Two, or even three, Clek Fllo car seats can fit across the backseat of most cars, giving you more room for toys, books and all the other gear you need to tote around for multiples. Features you’ll love:

• A removable newborn insert accommodates babies as small as 5 pounds in the rear-facing position—it’s a great choice if you’re driving home with preemies.

• Grows with your child in the forward-facing position up to 64 pounds.

• This car seat uses something called energy-absorbing crumple technology to direct force away from your child in the event of a crash, sending it through collapsable aluminum honeycomb-shaped cores in the seat’s base.

Buy it: $380,

Image: First Years

Best high chair: The First Years Deluxe Reclining Feeding Seat
Saving space is a priority when you have a house full of baby gear. A high chair that attaches to a standard dining chair lets you avoid tripping over bulky standing styles. Plus, you can just slide the chairs close together, making it easy to feed multiple mouths. Features you’ll love:

• It accommodates infants all the way up to 4-year-olds, so no need to shell out for multiple chairs as your babies grow.

• Five reclining positions allow babies to rest while you eat, or bigger kids to sit up and join the conversation at mealtime.

• That super-low price tag!

Buy it: $28,

Image: DaVinci

Best crib: DaVinci Carter’s Colby 4-in-1 Low-Profile Convertible Crib

Since there’s no way around getting two separate cribs (each baby needs their own separate, safe sleep space), you’ll likely want to save money and save space. This simple crib from the new Carter’s collection for DaVinci does both. Features you’ll love:

• The 4-in-1 design means you get a lot of bang for your buck: this crib converts to a toddler bed, a day bed and a full-size bed.

• The sleek gray and white design coordinates with any nursery design—but you can pair it with a dresser from the same collection if you choose.

Buy it: $169,

Image: Graco

Best playard: Graco Pack 'N Play Playard with Twin Bassinet
One of the only play yards on the market designed with twins in mind also happens to be one of the best. Removeable twin bassinets give you flexibility to put your babies to sleep in different rooms or keep them together. It also doubles as an extra changing station. When it’s time to corral the babies in the play yard, there’s more than enough room for a twosome (and some toys) to get along. Features you’ll love:

• Wheels on one side let you quickly roll the play yard from room to room.

• An innovative squeeze latch makes it ridiculously easy to fold up, stow in the carrying bag and use as a travel sleeper for multiple infants.

Buy it: $139,

Image: Twingaroo

Best carrier: Twingaroo Twin Carrier
As a mom, there’s nothing quite as sweet as feeling your newborn cuddled against your chest while snoozing in a baby carrier. For twin moms, it’s not quite that simple. But with the innovative Twingaroo, you get the chance to keep both babies close—one in the front and one in the back. Features you’ll love:

• It has a built-in diaper backpack with two insulated bottle holders and a convenient front pocket for your keys or cell phone.

• A wide, padded waist belt distributes weight comfortably and evenly.

• Quickly transforms into a single carrier if you’re toting only one baby.

Buy it: $170,

Image: Tiny Love

Best bouncer: Tiny Love 3-in-1 Rocker Napper
This master of multitasking combines the best elements of a regular bouncer—soothing rocking motion, a vibrating option, calming music and an adorable mobile—with the convenience of a bassinet. When one baby falls asleep in the chair, just convert it into a flat sleeper and let her dream away. Features you’ll love:

• Seat can be adjusted to three different reclined angles—the middle one is great for feeding babies with reflux.

• Lights and soft toys on the adjustable mobile engage baby’s senses.

Buy it: $100,

Image: Nook

Best activity mat: Nook LilyPad2
Great news for moms of multiples: Nook took their best-selling LilyPad activity mat and made it bigger. There’s over 21 square feet of playspace on this plush, organic mat. Features you’ll love:

• At 56 inches by 56 inches, it’s one of the biggest mats we’ve seen.

• It’s also one of the most compact mats we’ve seen. Fold it, snap it and roll it to fit into an on-the-go backpack.

• The LilyPad is stain-resistant, but don’t worry, it’s machine washable too.

Buy it: $240,

Image: Skip Hop

Best diaper bag: Skip Hop Duo
Two babies, two bottle pockets. Plus 10 other pockets. There’s a place for everything. Features you’ll love:

• Use it as a tote, a shoulder bag or clip it onto your stroller.

• A changing pad, pacifier pocket and toy ring come standard.

• The wipedown fabric is easy to keep clean.

Buy it: $65,

Image: Mustela

Best skin care: Mustela 2 in 1 Cleansing Gel
When you have two, a two-in-one is key. Speed up the bath time process with this cleanser intended for skin and hair. Features you’ll love:

  • The plant-based, biodegradable formula is made from 92 percent natural ingredients.
  • This formula is gentle enough for newborns.

Buy it: $11,

Best monitor: Summer Infant Wide View 2.0 DUO

Whether you’re keeping tabs on two cribs or two rooms, this is the monitor for you. The Wide View 2.0 DUO actually comes with new cameras; no add-ons needed. Features you’ll love:

• Two-way communication and remote-controlled zoom let you talk to and monitor your babies without disturbing them in the nursery.

• The soft glow of each camera allows it to double as a nightlight.

• Choose the 8-second auto-rotation to switch between rooms or cribs. That way, you don’t have to keep flipping between views yourself.

Buy it: $180,

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