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The Top 10 Things Parents Put on Their Baby Registry

See the go-to diapering, feeding and baby-proofing products new parents swear by. Bonus: They're all available on Amazon.

Most expectant parents start their baby registry right around week 12 of their pregnancy. And with all that’s going on, that’s not a lot of time to wrap your head around learning about baby gear (like what exactly is a NoseFrida?) and whether you need it for your baby. Luckily, you can turn to other moms and dads (and their baby wish lists) for inspiration. Amazon shared their top 10 most popular baby registry items—which, if you ask any parent who’s been there and survived that,is super helpful (unless you really want to sift through thousands of baby products on Amazon).

Photo: Courtesy Baby Einstein

1. Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

Chances are you’ve heard of the insanely popular Baby Einstein videos. Yep, the company makes insanely popular toys too. Baby Einstein seems to have found the perfect formula of classical music (Mozart, Chopin, Vivaldi and the like) paired with visually stimulating dancing lights to keep babies (and their parents) very, very happy. Reviewer HyperChicken says: “I have my doubts that Einstein had anything to with the design of this toy. If he HAD invented this toy, he would have been satisfied enough with his career to abandon his dream of a unified theory. In other words, this toy is fan-freakin-tastic.”

Buy it: $9,

Photo: Courtesy Munchkin

2. Munchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail Snap, Seal and Toss Refill Bags

There will be poop—a lot of it. No wonder parents brace themselves with offensive tactics, like looking for a diaper pail that can both hold a lot of diapers and contain the odor. The highlight of the Munchkin Diaper Pail: Their bags come equipped with Arm & Hammer baking soda to keep the stink at bay and can contain about 30 diapers before you need to change one out. “These are easy to place and easy to remove with minimal exposure to the smelly diaper bag,” user Jamie Opic says. “An A+ in my book.”

Buy it: $16,

Photo: Courtesy Summer Infant

3. Summer Infant Contoured Changing Pad

Changing pads can get surprisingly pricey. But remember, a changing pad really only needs to do two things: keep baby comfortably secure and remain clean—and this one does the job without putting you out. Amazon reviewer Sarah says, “We bought this changing pad because it wasn’t very expensive. It’s contoured so my super wiggly little girl still can’t manage to roll off, and it has survived several accidents—I just wipe it clean and off we go.”

Buy it: $18,

Photo: Courtesy Nuby

4. Nuby Octopus Hoopla Bathtime Fun Toys

Sure, bath time fun may be a few months away. (You’ll need an infant tub until right around the 6-month mark or longer, if you choose.) But once baby is able to sit up independently in the big tub, that’s when toys enter the picture. Reviewer Mach Manuel says, “Our daughter enjoys taking the rings on and off, and she also enjoys playing with the rings alone. She’ll often bring some of them with her after bathing and play with them as we dry and dress her.”

Buy it: $10,

Photo: Courtesy Regalo

5. Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate

This is the babyproofing item you’ll want to really nail (or, in this case, pressure mount) before baby starts walking. Regalo’s all-metal frame offers the sturdiest protection (over plastic or wood)—especially important if you need a gate at the top of the stairs. And it’s certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA). “We bought two of these and installed both in under 30 minutes,” says Amazon reviewer Claudia83, adding that the one-hand open and close is easy to master.

Buy it: $34,

Photo: Courtesy Dr. Brown's

6. Dr. Brown’s Bottle Brush

Whether baby ends up preferring standard or wide-neck bottles, this brush’s sponge-bristle combo does a good job of keeping them both clean. “This is pretty much all we have been using since our first child,” Amazon reviewer Alex says. “The sponge on the top makes sure you get in all those creases, and the little nipple brush is a wonderful add-on.” And yes—Dr. Brown’s bottles fall into the most popular feeding gear parents register for on Amazon. (We especially love them for reducing colic.)

Buy it: $4,

Photo: Courtesy Baby Banana

7. Baby Banana Bendable Training Toothbrush

When you start your registry, chances are you’re zeroing in on products that’ll help you survive the newborn period; but you can start teaching baby good dental hygiene as early as three months. This flexible baby brush—a softer alternative to plastic infant toothbrushes—will last baby up to 12 months. Plus, the silicone bristles allow it to double as a teether and the peel-shaped handles help baby hold it all on his or her own. The question is: Will they ever let go? “My 7-month-old teething monster loves this thing,” reviewer Annie says. “It’s easy for her to hold, I can hook it onto things, and it’s easy to clean. Would buy again!”

Buy it: $17 for 2,

Photo: Courtesy Mommy's Helper

8. Mommy’s Helper Outlet Plugs

It may not be the cutest thing on your registry, but little fingers always find their way to the exact places they shouldn’t. This 36-pack makes sure all the outlets in baby’s crawling strike zone will be covered. “These are so tight, it takes a nail or key to get them out,” says Amazon user Stephen. “Much better than our old plugs, which my son kept pulling out and bringing to me as a trophy.”

Buy it: $3,

Photo: Courtesy Vulli

9. Vulli Sophie la Girafe

All teethers are not created equal. A three-time Best of Baby Award winner, Sophie, the French-born teether toy made of 100 percent natural rubber and food grade paint, is a perennial hit with both parents and babies. Sure, she’s a splurge, but parents like Amazon reviewer NJgirlie07720 swear she’s totally worth it. “I didn’t want to buy this for my daughter because of all the hype and the price. But everyone kept telling me how great it was, and they were right! My 4-month-old is teething terribly and loves this.”

Buy it: $24,

Photo: Courtesy Medela

10. Medela Pump and Save Breast Milk Bags

Medela pumps consistently get high marks from moms, so it makes sense their breast milk bags also top the list. The protective oxygen barrier on these freezer-safe zippered pouches keeps breast milk’s nutrients intact. Plus, if you have a Medela pump, you can pump right into them. “I love the adapter that comes with these to make it even easier to pump directly into the bag,” reviewer S. Alexander says. “My only wish is that they held more!”

Buy it: $24 for 50,

Ready to register for these items yourself? Amazon makes it easy (and not just because the site has such an impressive selection!). Create an Amazon baby registry to access your wish list from any device.

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Updated November 2018