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8 Best Baby Baths

Introducing eight awesome baby bathtubs that make a real splash.
Stokke Flexi Bath

It's portable, it's flexible, and it's got the modern design aesthetic you expect from Stokke. This roomy tub will last you well into the toddler years, and an optional newborn insert helps support smaller babies as well.

Buy it: $45,

Photo: Stokke
Boon Soak

Boon's contoured back walls with non-slip foam keeps your slippery baby from sliding all over the place during bath time. And an adjustable bump means it's a perfect fit for baby through three stages: newborn, infant and toddler. An added bonus? A color-changing drain will let you know the ideal bath temperature before you place baby in the tub.

Buy it: $33,

Photo: Boon
Summer Infant Warming Waterfall Bath

Bath time becomes spa time with this new tub. A gentle waterfall circulates bathwater, offering added cleanliness and comfort for baby. And they didn't forget about you; a parent assist tray keeps your bath time essentials close at hand, and a rinse cup and washcloth are included.

Buy it: $50,

Photo: Summer Infant
Angelcare Bath Support Tub

With its mesh lining and ergonomically designed recline, this durable and lightweight tub will keep baby in place and comfortable.

Buy it: $30,


Photo: Angelcare
4moms Infant Tub

The most high-tech tub out there, the 4moms tub turns bath time into a science. Sure, the elbow test is one way to gauge temperature, but the color-coded digital thermometer lets you know when the water is just right. A side drain continuously filters dirty water out while a clean water reservoir lets the good stuff flow in.

Buy it: $60,

Photo: 4moms
Puj Soft Infant Bath Tub

When it’s hanging flat on your wall or shower, it’s hard to tell this one-inch-thick piece of foam is a tub at all. Easily fold it into a cradle shape for an instant kitchen sink bathtub.

Buy it: $45,

Photo: Puj
Fisher-Price Sling 'n Seat Tub

This four-in-one tub really does grow with baby. A mesh insert cradles newborns in just the right amount of water, while a “baby stopper” keeps infants from slipping and sliding and helps older babies sit upright. Take it out when baby’s ready to play and sit up independently.

Buy it: $40,

Photo: Fisher-Price
Munchkin Clean Cradle Tub

Made to sit on your countertop or in your bathtub, the Munchkin tub is different in that a warm water reservoir gives you the option of keeping baby warm with radiant heat as well as  direct water contact. And the non-slip, reclining design lets you check off comfort and safety.

Buy it: $40,

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Photo: Munchkin
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