Awesome Amazon Prime Benefits Parents Didn't Even Know Existed

Don’t miss out on these little-known perks.
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By Nathalie Kirby, Assistant Social Media Editor
Updated October 13, 2020
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Let’s face it: As a parent, there are days when Amazon is hands-down your best friend. Need to restock on wipes? Ran out of baby lotion? Looking for questionably funny baby onesies? No sweat! (How many Amazon orders can you possibly place in a week? We’re putting that one to the test.) And if you’re a Prime member, you have even more to be excited about. Members are eligible for a ton of Amazon Prime benefits, most of which you probably didn’t even know existed. Here, check out all the awesome perks that’ll save you time, money and maybe even your sanity.

1. Fast, Free Shipping

If you don’t already know about Amazon Prime’s free two-day shipping, you’re seriously missing out. And they didn’t just stop there–you can now get one-day and even same-day delivery. Whether you ran out of diapers in the middle of a blowout or dropped your last pacifier, Amazon has your back (and everything you could ever need).

2. A Chance to Try Clothes On First

Parents are pretty much always strapped for time. And when you do get a second of reprieve, you probably don’t want to spend it all at a store trying on clothes. That’s why Prime Wardrobe is the easiest, parent-approved way to shop.Thanks to this Amazon Prime benefit, you’re able to order up to eight items to try on before you buy. From clothes to shoes and accessories, you can try it all on and only pay for the items you keep. Plus, you can include baby clothes in your box!

3. Discounts on Baby Essentials

Having a baby is expensive, so when parents hear the word “discount,” we’re all over it. With Amazon Family, you can get up to 20 percent off diapers, baby food and a ton more when you sign up for recurring deliveries via Subscribe & Save. This perk is especially awesome if you want to “set and forget” monthly supply orders. There’s nothing like realizing you’re low on diapers, only to have a fresh box suddenly arrive on your stoop!

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Of course, moms-to-be love discounts just as much. If you’re expecting, you can get 15 percent off eligible items on your Amazon baby registry whenever it’s completed. And to get you prepped for baby’s arrival, Amazon offers a free welcome box filled with goodies for your new addition. Savings on baby care products? Count us in!

4. Convenient Grocery Shopping

Who has time to spend an hour pushing a cart through the grocery store aisles? Not parents, that’s for sure. Which is why AmazonFresh is perhaps one of our favorite Amazon Prime membership benefits. For no added cost, you can skip the trip to the supermarket and order everything you need from the convenience of your phone, to be delivered straight to your door in two hours (and nope, you don’t have to be home to receive it.) If you’re about to have a baby, this can be especially helpful, since leaving the house for a grocery run probably won’t be your biggest to-do.

5. Pantry Staples Delivery

Can’t commit to the monthly payment that comes with AmazonFresh? No worries! You can still get all your everyday essentials sent straight to your door with Prime Pantry. Shop for all your grocery basics, including diapers, baby formula, lotions, sippy cups and more. You get free shipping on orders of $35 or more.

6. Easy Photo Storage

With all the sweet snaps you have of your little one, you’re going to need somewhere to keep them (they can’t all go on Instagram!). Amazon Photos makes it a breeze to store (you get free, unlimited space!) and search for your photos in one easy spot. Not to mention, you can share all those photos with up to five people, which is perfect for those family members who might miss the magical moments you’re sharing on social media.

7. Cash Back on Reloaded Gift Cards

If you like saving money (who doesn’t?), you should look into Prime Reload. If you have any empty Amazon gift cards laying around (and you know you do—gift cards are a classic baby shower or baby birthday present), don’t throw them away just yet. Instead, earn 2 percent rewards on debit spending when you add more money to those old gift cards. We’ll take extra savings any day!

8. Cash Back on Credit Card Purchases

While we’re talking about savings, don’t forget to check out the Amazon Prime Store Card. With this credit card, eligible prime members can earn up to 5 percent back on Amazon purchases. So when you go to add yet another baby toy to your cart, you can hit ‘buy’ without the guilt.

9. Hands-Free Shopping

Ah, Alexa–the robot we all know and love. It’s no shocker that you can use your Alexa to play Baby Shark for the fifth time or get much-needed answers to all your toddlers’ burning questions, but did you know that Alexa can shop for you too? As part of your Amazon Prime benefits, you can do all your shopping hands-free, which bodes well for parents who literally have their hands full. You can even ask it questions like, “Alexa, what are the best diapers?” and it’ll serve you up the product with the best deals and ratings. Score!

10. Curated Children’s Books

Your family’s bedtime book routine just got that much better. With Prime Book Box Kids (which won a 2020 Best of Baby award for best children’s book subscription service), Prime members can get four board books or two hardcover books every one, two or three months depending on your preference for $20 a box. Whether you have a baby or tween, Prime Book box offers options for kids of all ages.

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