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Babies Wearing Funny Onesies

Baby (and mom and dad!) has a sense of humor! Check out these comical and creative onesies. Who says you can’t have fun with fashion?
“Like” This

According to his onesie, this baby is bald, unemployed and still living with his parents. We’ll still friend him! Submitted by hepcats

Photo: hepcats / The Bump
Conan’s Biggest Fan

Baby’s definitely on Team Coco. Submitted by Lauren

Photo: Lauren / The Bump

It’s tiring being so popular. Submitted by Kristina F.

Photo: Kristina F. / The Bump
Shout-out to the Prez

Baby’s saying, “What’s up, Barack?” Submitted by Laura D.

Photo: Laura D. / The Bump
Cool ’Stache

We’re not sure what we love more — baby’s mustache pacifier or his awesome onesie. Submitted by kimbim01

Photo: kimbim01 / The Bump
Parental Guidance

We never thought we’d love someone who still lived with his parents! Submitted by steph0501

Photo: steph0501 / The Bump
Daddy’s Girl

This baby’s taking it to the links. Submitted by SkyC

Photo: Sky C. / The Bump
Rough ’n’ Tough

Whoa, we don’t want to mess with this baby. Submitted by BrinaElka

Photo: Brina Elka / The Bump