25 Brilliant Baby Wipes Hacks That Do It All

If you’re just using baby wipes on your child’s bum, you’re missing out. Read on to realize the full potential of the tub o’ magic already sitting in your home.
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By Holly Pevzner, Contributing Writer
Updated March 28, 2019
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Whether you’re a fan of chemical-free baby wipes (hello, WaterWipes with Soapberry) or a new parent hunting for budget baby wipes (who doesn’t love Kirkland Signature Baby Wipes), a serious stash of baby wipes is a must-have for all parents. Honestly, you can never have too many. Not only do you need a wipe (or three) for each of the 320+ diaper changes a baby typically goes through in a single month, you’ll find yourself reaching for a baby wipe to clean up sticky ice cream hands, booger-y cheeks, baby food-smeared high chair trays and so much more. Curious to learn how you can really put those baby wipes to work? Read on for ingenious baby wipe hacks you’ll wish you thought of sooner.

1. Remove Crayon Marks

Just as sure as you’ll change a bazillion diapers, sooner or later you’ll be faced with some unexpected Crayola magic all over your living room walls. Good thing a baby wipe—plus some elbow grease—can ensure your kiddo’s artwork will be a temporary exhibit.

2. Cleanse Your Makeup Brushes

Soaking your brushes in water and waiting (and waiting) for them to dry is, quite frankly, a luxury most moms don’t have time for. Instead, give them a lickity-split baby wipe rubdown, followed by a quick blast from the blow dryer to have them back in play in no time.

3. Tame Hair

Use a baby wipe to gently pat down your child’s (or your) fly away or staticky strands. Hair will be looking fab before there’s even a chance to protest the primping.

4. Clean Rubber Stamps

Sure, baby wipes are great for cleaning craft-covered kids, but they’re also great at cleaning your craft supplies, like rubber stamps. First, stamp off the excess ink on a piece of scrap paper. Then fold the baby wipe over a few times and press your stamp onto the wipe until it’s all clean.

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5. Tidy a Pedicure

Letting your kiddo paint your toes is super-fun—and often a hot mess. To quickly remove any nail polish from your skin, simply use a baby wipe.

6. Wash Toys

Little hands are known to get into everything—so it’s no surprise their toys get gunky fast. Good thing baby wipes are a safe and easy way to clean plastic toys!

7. Cleanse Your Soles

Sneakers, rain boots, winter boots, Crocs—If they’re muddy, grimy or gross, a little sponge bath with a baby wipe can make them look new again.

7. Cool Off

Stow a container of baby wipes in the fridge for a quick and refreshing wipe down after a workout, a backyard Nerf battle or a sweaty garden sesh.

8. Apply Temporary Tattoos

Place the temporary tattoo on your child’s clean, dry skin. Next, gently press a wet baby wipe on the back of the tattoo for about 45 seconds, or until the tattoo is completely saturated. Slowly peel away and you’re done! (You can also use baby wipes to gently remove the very same tattoo.)

9. Erase the Board

Traditional board erasers can only do so much. To really clean-slate your chalkboard or whiteboard, give it a once-over with a baby wipe.

10. Clean Your Chairs

High chairs, booster seats, the crevices of your kitchen chairs—all of the above can benefit from a regular wipe-down from a good ol’ baby wipe

11. Erase Deodorant Stains

Be honest: In a rush to get out of the house, what parent hasn’t showed up to a daycare drop-off, kid’s birthday party or a parent-teacher conference without an embarrassing deodorant smear on your outfit? Never again! A baby wipe can instantly get the white out.

12. Wipe the Windows

If you don’t already have a pack of baby wipes in the car, toss one in there pronto. They’re exactly what you need for cleaning the dashboard, windows and those adorably messy passengers of yours.

13. Spruce Up the Baseboards

Want a safe way to rope the kids into cleaning? Hand out some baby wipes and have them rub the grime from your house baseboards. (After all, they’re just the right height.)

14. Ease Hemorrhoids

Pregnant people get hemorrhoids, and those who are postpartum often deal with healing episiotomies or vaginal tears. To help the hurt, pour witch hazel into a fresh container of aloe-infused baby wipes and place the box in the fridge. Once it’s nice and cold, use the wipes to offer your sensitive bits some cool comfort.

15. Wash Pet Paws

Sure, baby wipes are great at cleaning your kids’ dirty hands, but they’re also purr-fect for wiping down your pets’ paws too.

16. Pick Up Glitter

If you’re about to dive into a glitter-infused kid craft session, bring the baby wipes. They’re excellent at neatly picking up sparkly spills.

17. Swap Out Swiffer Pads

Out of wet cleaning pads for your Swiffer? A baby wipe works great in a pinch.

18. Lick Envelopes

Wetting envelope glue with your tongue can get kind of gross. When you’re in for a marathon of sealing envelopes (think: post-birthday thank-you notes or holiday cards), use baby wipes to moisten the glue instead.

19. Wipe Prints Clean

No crime scene required. Give your appliances a quick once-over with a baby wipe to remove any and all lingering fingerprints.

20. Get Sand Off

Toss a pack of baby wipes into your beach bag, or better yet, your beach cooler. Use the wipes to clean off sandy bodies and for a nice cool wipe-down when the sun gets to be too much.

21. Remove Makeup

A slick swipe of a baby wipe can make like your mascara mishap never even happened.

22. Wipe Away Dye

Whether you’re covering some of your own grays or adding a streak of bold brightness to your kiddo’s locks, dye can easily drip and smear on faces and necks. Have baby wipes at the ready to nix stains quick.

23. Clean Leather Couches

You can easily tackle spills, sticky hand prints and other unwanted stains on your leather or pleather sofa with a baby-wipe rub. To ensure you don’t accidentally discolor or peel your couch, however, it’s best to only use all-natural, chemical-free wipes, like WaterWipes.

24. De-Gunk Devices

Phone screens and tablets get pretty grimy. And that’s even before kids get to them! Use baby wipes to safely clean screens before and after use.

25. Nix Stains

Baby wipes are a pretty solid stand-in for those on-the-go stain remover pens. Use them to get makeup off collars, food splats off the car seat, spit up off the carpet and more.

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