Registry Checklist for Multiples

Baby stores have huge lists of things to buy — and none of them even address twins (or triplets or more!). Here’s what you really need for your multiples.
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ByExcerpted from The Baby Bump, Twins and Triplets Edition
February 28, 2017
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Image: Jim Bastardo / The Bump

 Cribs (your babies may be able to share in the beginning, but they start wriggling around pretty quickly, so 1 per baby)
[]  Crib mattresses (1 per baby) and covers
[]  2–3 fitted crib sheets (per crib)
[]  Dresser (depending on how many babies you have, you may be able to fit all of their stuff in 1 large dresser)
[]  Changing table

 High chairs (1 per baby)
[]  Swing (buy 1 and see if you need more down the line)
[]  Bouncer seat or rocker (you may be able to get away with having just 1 here, too)
[]  Car seats (1 per baby/no skimping here!)
[]  Car window shade
[]  Stroller (choose one that can accommodate all of your babies)
[]  Umbrella stroller (You only really need one stroller, but it’s good to also have an umbrella stroller for travel.)
[]  Baby slings or carriers
[]  Diaper bag
[]  Changing mat (just get 1 of these)
[]  Diaper pail and liner
[]  Activity mat (get a big one that can accommodate all of your babies)

 Baby monitor
[]  Pacifiers
[]  Thermometer
[]  Nasal aspirator
[]  Baby nail clippers
[]  First-aid kit
[]  Infant bathtub
[]  2 hooded bath towels per baby
[]  4 washcloths per baby
[]  Baby shampoo and wash
[]  Brush and comb set
[]  Diaper rash cream
[]  Diapers (start with at least 2 cases of newborn size)

 4–6 undershirts per baby
[]  4–6 receiving blankets per baby
[]  4–6 long-sleeved onesies per baby
[]  4 sleep sacks per baby
[]  Caps/mittens

 Breast pump
[]  Multiples nursing pillow
[]  4–8 bibs per baby
[]  Burp cloths
[]  10–16 bottles per baby (Seem like a lot? Babies go through these very quickly. You’ll be happy when you aren’t spending your days washing out plastic bottles.)
[]  Insulated bottle tote
[]  Bottle brush
[]  Bottle sterilizer
[]  Bottle warmers
[]  Dishwasher caddy

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