Your Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist for Twins and Multiples

Wondering how much gear you really need for your little ones? Check out this baby registry checklist for twins and multiples.
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Updated June 17, 2022
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There’s a lot to do before baby arrives, and arguably most important on the to-do list is making sure to get all the baby essentials you’ll need. Newborns may be teeny tiny, but they require a lot of gear—and even more so if you’re expecting twins or multiples. To help you streamline your shopping, we’re breaking down your ultimate twin baby registry checklist. Keep reading to learn what baby gear you need, which products are optional and how many quantities to get.

Twins and Multiples Baby Nursery Gear

While there are some things you can share between your babies, select nursery items (like a crib and crib mattress) should really be bought per child. Below, the twin and multiples baby gear you’ll need for the nursery (and how much to get).

  • Cribs (Your babies may be able to share in the beginning, but they start wriggling around pretty quickly, so get one per baby)
  • Crib mattresses (Again, one per baby) and covers
  • 2–3 fitted crib sheets (per crib)
  • Dual baby monitor
  • Dresser (Depending on how many babies you have, you may be able to fit all of their stuff into one large dresser)
  • Changing table or changing pad with safety straps and rails (You really only need one of these)
  • White noise machine (Optional, but having one may be useful if all your babies are sleeping in the same room)
  • Baby swing or bouncer (You’ll want to have one per baby, so each kiddo has a safe place to rest when you put them down)
  • Activity mat (Get a big one that can accommodate all of your babies)

Twin and Multiples Baby Travel Gear

More babies equals more love, more cuddles, more kisses—and more travel gear. When shopping for travel gear for twins and multiples, you’ll want to think about your preferences. Getting a safe, durable car seat for each of your kiddos is essential for anytime you’re driving. If you walk everywhere, you might want to invest in a sturdy double or triple stroller for your babies. You might prefer to push a single or double stroller and carry your other baby in a baby carrier or wrap, or even find carriers that can accomodate twins, if you love to babywear. Keep reading to figure out what you’ll need.

Twin and Multiples Baby Diapering Gear

When it comes to putting together a baby registry for twins or multiples, a diaper and wipes subscription is a good idea. Babies already go through lots of diapers—and with two or more babies at home, it’s likely you’ll be going through the cases at a much faster rate. Along with a subscription, there are a few more items to have handy once the babies arrive:

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Twins and Multiples Baby Safety and Wellness Gear

Thankfully, many items for baby’s wellness can be shared between siblings, but there are some, like nasal aspirators and pacifiers, you may want to keep separate to avoid the spread of germs.

Baby Clothing for Twins and Multiples

As adorable as those baby outfits are, when it comes to the first few months of life, value packs of comfortable basics (like onesies) will get more use. Luckily, there are tons of great brands out there that offer saver bundles of all the baby apparel you’ll need.

Feeding Gear for Twins and Multiples

The feeding gear you’ll ultimately need depends on how you plan to feed your babies. If you’re hoping to breastfeed, you’ll likely want a few things to keep you comfortable, like nipple cream or nursing pads. If you’re going the formula route, you’ll need to stock up on bottles. Below, all the feeding gear to have on your multiples or twin baby registry checklist.

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