10 Reasons You’re an Awesome Mom

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ByShayna Ferm & Tracey Tee
Co-founders of the comedy act "The Pump and Dump Show"
Mar 2017
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It’s about that time for Mother’s Day! Time to stop and reflect that what you do is hard work. People who say this is easy are either lying or are crazy rich, and this list isn’t for them anyway. So moms, here are ten reasons why you should celebrate that you made it another year:

1. You have listened to “Let it Go” over 376 times and you still dance and sing along at the top of your lungs (even though your kids beg you not to).

2. You are effortlessly competing for the world record in most kisses you can give your children, even after a day where they also made you cry alone in your closet.  Twice.

3. You have an Executive Costco Membership.

4. You have bravely traveled the town without an ounce of make up on and also not given a shit.  Rock on.

5. In those moments when you had such little sleep and you thought you were going to die. You didn’t.

6. You have managed to shower – whether it’s every few days or sacredly once a day - you do get clean.

7. You sustain life.  Before you had kids, you couldn’t keep a plant alive.  But now you’ve managed to figure out how to feed, clean and rest a human.  Good for you.

8. You hold the key to your children.  Because you have survived the challenges, you know more about how to make them happy than anyone else in the world.  That’s power.

9. Even when you are so sick of your kid and cannot wait to get a break, as soon as you are away from them all you do is think about how awesome they are (okay - after a whiskey, maybe).

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10. You are an expert ball-juggler.  Kids, Partner, Home, Work, Friends, Sex, Love, Pets, Money, Time.  Balls drop often, but they don’t break because you are doing the best you can.

We all have different stories of how we came to be mothers. No matter the journey, if you have kids, you’re a #breeder in our book, and for that we salute you and wish you a joyous and love-filled Mother’s Day!

Now it’s time to tell another mom how awesome they are. Stay tuned for a special #YoureAnAwesomeMom giveaway — all day 5/8 The Bump will be giving away our hilarious mom cards and merch from TheMomtoMomProject.

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