12 Retro Toys From Your Childhood You Can Still Buy for Your Kids

Remembering all your favorite childhood toys is bound to make your smile. What’ll bring an even bigger smile? Discovering that many of them are still available today.
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By Ashlee Neuman, Content Director
Updated August 6, 2020
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We all had our favorite toys growing up, but there were certain toys practically every ’80s child owned. I’m betting I’m not the only millennial parent who back then had a Lite Brite on the shelf and a Pound Puppy in the toy bin. But as fun as it is to reminisce about the playthings from your past, what’s even more fun is learning that many of them are still around! And what’s more special than giving your kid a toy that will not only brighten their childhood, but also bring back memories of your own? Here are a dozen retro toys you can still snag—on Amazon, no less!

Image: Courtesy Fisher Price

Fisher-Price Classic Retro Chatter Phone

You may not see any rotary phones these days, but thankfully you can still find this gem of a toddler toy. Spinning the rotary may not be the practical practice it once was, but it does hone kids’ fine motor skills; plus, they’ll love pulling the phone along as they walk and watching the mouth chatter and eyes roll.

Buy it: $9,

Image: Courtesy Pound Puppies

Pound Puppies Classic Stuffed Animal

Yep, we scoured the internet and found authentic reproductions of the original 1980s pound puppies! These soft, huggable dogs are looking for a loving home. They even come with a certificate of adoption.

Buy it: $13,

Image: Courtesy Lite Brite

Lite Brite Ultimate Classic Toy

This classic toy is sure to brighten up your kid’s day, as it once did yours. The updated version is bigger and brighter, but it offers all the same fun benefits, like increasing youngsters’ fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and creativity.

Buy it: $15,

Image: Courtesy Care Bears

Care Bears

Oh goody, goody, gosh, look what we found! Care Bears will take millennial parents back to their childhood, but those cuddly bears and their big bellies will also still delight any toddler of today—and that’s the truth! Here’s Wish Bear, and other characters can be found on Amazon too.

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Buy it: $16,

Image: Courtesy Hasbro


It may have a slightly updated look, but this is the same classic game you played as a child, with all the lights, buzzing and bizarre ailments. Surgery has never been more fun! (And neither has family game night.)

Buy it: $12,

Image: Courtesy Hasbro


Once older kids figure out what Simon is, they won’t be able to keep their hands off it. This ’80s toy was a smash hit for a reason—the challenge of repeating sequences of flashing lights in the correct order really gets your heart pounding.

Buy it: $14,

Image: Courtesy Spirograph

Spirograph Jr.

If your kids are the more creative types, a good old fashioned spirograph will make them squeal with delight. (After all, didn’t you, when you were young?) This set comes with jumbo gears made specifically with little hands in mind.

Buy it: $25,

Image: Courtesy Hasbro

Candy Land

This classic game is sure to bring back fond childhood memories. It’s the perfect beginner board game for younger kids (even for those who can’t read yet!) and a sweet way to spend some quality family time.

Buy it: $13,

Image: Courtesy Cabbage Patch Kids

Cabbage Patch Kids Retro-Style Doll

These dolls were ALL the rage starting in 1978, and the brand is still alive and well! Today’s Cabbage Patch Kids have an updated look (to be honest, they’re barely recognizable), but if you’re in the market for the retro version you knew and loved as a child, you’re in luck! This vintage-style doll comes complete with the looped yarn hair, soft body and plastic head.

Buy it: $50,

Image: Courtesy View Master

View Master

A few years ago, Google and toy maker Mattel teamed up to relaunch the classic View Master but with a virtual reality twist. VR is cool and all, but why mess with a good thing? (Spoiler alert: they’re about to discontinue the VR versions.) Get back to the basics with this retro-styled toy, which comes with reels of safari adventures, prehistoric life and aquatic animals.

Buy it: $18,

Image: Courtesy Polly Pocket

Polly Pocket Sweet Treat Compact

Remember Polly Pocket?! Good things really do come in small packages. Each Pocket World is themed and comes with micro dolls and accessories and secret reveals. It’s the perfect toy to slip into your kid’s pocket for on-the-go play.

Buy it: $12,

Image: Courtesy Playskool

Mr. Potato Head

Mr. Potato Head is looking great for his age! He’s slimmed down a bit and comes with more accessories (and legs!)—but don’t worry, the parts are compatible with older versions of Mr. (and Mrs.) Potato Head. When playtime is over, those parts can now be stored in his “tater tush.”

Buy it: $7,

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