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5 Thanksgiving-Themed Crafts For Toddlers

While the turkey roasts and you get ready to host friends and family for Thanksgiving , don't forget to give your toddler a little extra TLC. Though he won't appreciate a good baked Brie and cranberry dip like you will, there's still a way to make the holidays fun (though to be honest, it's hard for me to remember a year when I didn't deeply love Brie). Anyway, these Turkey Day-themed crafts will keep your tot distracted (and having fun!) while you chow down:

Foot Print Turkeys

Try this new take on those traditional hand print turkeys. Your tot will get a kick out of his gooey feet and he'll love showing his creation to family.

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Goobly-Good Cookies

A craft you can eat? Say no more, mom! You can keep it Thanksgiving themed with seasonal toppings or use whatever you've got in the house.

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The First Thanksgiving

The First Thanksgiving was all about bringing people together to celebrate what they're most thankful for. A fun way to make this craft come to life is by tying it in with an age-appropriate book. You can read it together before guests arrive or make it a family affair. Afterwards, while he's crafting you can talk about what he's thankful for this year.

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Thumb Print Turkeys

Thumbs up, everyone! If you're not into painted feet, try this hand print craft instead. You can do turkeys head on or from the side — just make sure you've got plenty of paint (and wipes!).

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A Thankful Tree

As a family, you can do something together to really show off what this holiday is all about. Gather leaves and branches from outside and make them the centerpiece of your table. Before dinner, you can share everything that's on the tree.

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