Fun Facts and Stats About Babies

We’ve crunched the numbers and rounded up the most fascinating (and surprising) facts about babies.
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Updated May 2, 2017
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267 : The number of baby photos you’ll have on your camera phone…after the first week.

$96,261 : Estimated “salary” a stay-at-home mom would make if she were paid for all her nanny, chef, chauffeur and other household roles, according to

715 : Loads of laundry you’ll end up doing before your baby turns one.

141 : The number of times during baby’s first year that you’ll realize you’re acting like your own mother.

16 : The number of pounds one Texas baby weighed at birth last year (whoa!).

14 : How many years the name Jacob has been at the top of the Social Security Administration’s Popular Baby Names list.

320 : The number of diapers baby will go through in a month (that’s a lot of poo).

2 : How many years the name Sophia has been at the top of the Social Security Administration’s Popular Baby Names list.

50 : The number of social events you’ll pass up to stay home with baby during the first year.

1 in 30 : The number of babies born a twin in 2009, according to a study from Michigan State University. In 1980, it was 1 in every 53 babies.

4,000,279 : The number of US births in 2010, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That’s 3 percent less than in 2009.

2 : Months you’ll have to wait before baby’s first smile. It’s worth the wait!

20 : The number of times a week you’ll tell your husband, “Oh, just let me do it!”

$234,900 : US Department of Agriculture’s recent estimate of how much parents spend on their child over 17 years.

32,400 : Minutes you’ll spend breastfeeding in baby’s first six months (if you exclusively nurse).

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3 : Percentage of births that are twins.

84 : Number of diapers you’ll go through in baby’s first week.

150 : Crying sessions during baby’s first year (we’re talking about you, mom, not baby — including happy and sad tears).

50+: Percentage of babies born today who will live to be more than 100 years old in major industrialized nations.

6,989 : Babies conceived on Valentine’s Day in 2012 (New Year’s Eve also ranks high).

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