Baby Keepsakes – What to Save, Toss and What To Hide!

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Updated March 2, 2017
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I have a small Ziploc bag in my desk drawer containing a lock of hair from my son’s first haircut. I’m not sure exactly why I saved it (or what I’m going to do with it) but it seemed like something a mom is supposed to save. Same with other stuff I’ve kept for sentimental reasons – the extra birth announcements, the burp cloths, the binkies and every stuffed animal he ever snuggled.

I know some people who’ve made lovely shadow boxes and scrapbooks with their baby keepsakes, but I’m not that crafty. And besides, what do you do with the bigger stuff, like the teddy bears?

Here’s what I’ve decided to save and toss:


The birth announcement. Well, duh, right? But with my first baby, I handmade my birth announcements (I was 10 days overdue and had a LOT of time on my hands), but forgot to make myself one. I thought I’d remember every detail – time of birth, weight, etc. I didn’t realize then what years of sleep deprivation would do to my memory.

Favorite loveys. I actually don’t have to worry about this one because my son is still using his 7 years later! I have heard of some moms salvaging a square of their child’s disintegrating blankie, and some who’ve turned pieces of beloved blankies and clothing into a quilt. Some people are just so darn crafty.


The hospital bracelet. For a long time I hung onto the plastic bracelets they gave me and the baby at the hospital. Then one day I asked myself why I was saving an ugly piece of plastic scrawled on with ballpoint pen. I have plenty of photos to remember the occasion – not to mention the actual baby. Toss!

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Everything the baby ever wore. I was guilty of this one. “Oh, his first swimsuit!” “The hat he wore on his first trip to the beach!” “His first pair of rain boots…” When the bins of clothes began to take over the basement, I saved a couple of my favorite outfits — including that first pair of shoes — gave my second-favorites to friends’ kids and donated the rest to Goodwill.


Baby teeth. OK, this is a third category I snuck in here, purely for the benefit of you new moms. In a few years, your baby will start losing his teeth, and the “tooth fairy” will whisk them away while he sleeps. “What does the tooth fairy do with my teeth?” asked my son. She keeps them in a jewelry box where he will accidentally stumble upon them one day, prompting all sorts of awkward questions. So do yourselves a favor and HIDE those baby teeth, moms/tooth fairies! You’ll thank me one day.

What baby mementos do you save? Have you done anything creative with them?

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