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Best Baby First Aid Kit: the First Years Red Cross Deluxe Baby Healthcare and Grooming Kit

It’s a safety backup all parents need.

With baby gear invading every corner of your home, buying something that you may use occasionally seems…well, unnecessary. But a first aid kit is one of those exceptions. A kit that has all the essentials, plus extras like grooming tools and a nod from the American Red Cross, makes this one a no-brainer.


  • Several of the tools give you options to best fit baby’s needs—choose from a standard kid’s toothbrush or an infant-friendly finger version, a medicine dispenser or medicine spoons, nail scissors or nail clippers
  • The wellness and safety guide (included in the kit) spells out when and how to use each tool


The products you hope you’ll rarely need but the peace of mind of having it all on hand—that’s this kit.

Price: $19


Photo: The First Years
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