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9 Game-Changing Babyproofing Products

Once baby is on the move, it's time to start childproofing your home. Check out these sleek, safety-first products that are changing the game.

Now that baby is in the picture, are you feeling like everywhere you look, there’s an accident waiting to happen? You may not be totally exaggerating—there are lots of potential hazards scattered around the house. Thankfully, there are even more babyproofing products available that will put you at ease. Here, we’ve rounded up nine game-changing babyproofing gadgets that look as good as they’ll make you feel, knowing baby is safe.


Qdos Crystal Baby Gate

Gates are a must-have from the moment baby starts to crawl, but they typically aren’t too cute. Enter the Qdos Crystal Baby Gate—a sleek, transparent acrylic option that blends into any home decor. The hardware-mounted gate comes with rails that show you exactly where to place the screws, making for easy installation, and the At-A-Glance Indicator turns green to let you know when the gate is properly locked.

Buy it: $180, Regallager.com

Photo: Courtesy of Regal + Lager

Nest Protect Smoke Detector

You usually forget all about smoke detectors (until the battery dies), but baby brings all safety precautions top of mind. Nest Protect promises a decade of battery life, plus audio and phone alerts detailing when and where any problems take place. False alarm? Silence it from your phone.

Buy it: $99, Amazon.com

Photo: Nest.com

4moms Spout Cover

Bath time should be fun, not fearful. This cushy foam spout cover protects baby from faucet-induced bumps and bruises. But unlike your average spout cover, this one includes a color-coded digital thermometer so you know when the water is a comfortable (and safe) temperature.

Buy it: $30, Amazon.com

Photo: 4moms.com

KidCO Universal Outlet Covers

Covering up electrical outlets is key to keeping inquisitive little fingers out. Instead of dealing with bulky, unsightly safety covers or separate plugs you need to take in and out, go for something a little more streamline. KidCo Universal Outlet Covers look just like your standard outlet casing but have a clever sliding mechanism that automatic snaps shut as soon as a device is removed, preventing kids from poking their fingers were they don’t belong.

Buy it: $13, Amazon.com

Photo: Courtesy of KidCo

Mommy’s Helper Panda Door Pinch Guard

Shut out potential hazards by keeping doors open. This flexible panda—designed to fit all doors—prevents slamming and finger-pinching, not to mention inadvertant lock-outs by toddlers.

Buy it: $6, Walmart.com

Photo: MommysHelperInc.com

Safety 1st Magnetic Locking System

Let’s be honest: What adult hasn’t been frustrated by a child-proof cabinet lock? They’re often a pain to open and just plain ugly to look at. Safety 1st has come up with a brilliant solution: Instead of attaching locks on the outside of your kitchen cabinets, this magnetic locking system is installed inside the cabinet, leaving the exterior looking pristine. To open the door, just use the magnetic key, which you can conveniently store nearby. And when you’re not in need of the locks, you can simply turn them them without having to remove them.

Buy it: $17, Amazon.com

Photo: Courtesy of Safety 1st

Prince Lionheart Stove Guard

Your curious toddler will have to wait until dinnertime to know what’s cooking. Block your burners from reach with this transparent stove guard, which adjusts to fit stoves from 24 inches to 36 inches long.

Buy it: $20, Amazon.com

Photo: PrinceLionheart.com

Vornadobaby Purio

After you’ve babyproofed all your surfaces, don’t forget about the air. The Purio uses ultra-efficient HEPA filters designed to both eliminate airborne particles and neutralize odors. And it’s totally babyproof in its own right, complete with lockable controls and a lockable cover for the filter. Even cooler: It doubles as a nursery nightlight.

Buy it: $120, Amazon.com

Photo: Vornadobaby.com

Babyganics Multi Surface Cleaner

Baby is going to touch and crawl on nearly every surface, which means you’re going to have to keep them all sanitized. Babyganics Multi Surface Cleaner is safe for any material you can clean with water thanks to a plant-based, nontoxic and hypoallergenic formula.

Buy it: $14, Amazon.com

Plus, check out our babyproofing infographic: baby-proofing-home-three-rooms-735x1530

Updated October 2017 

Photo: Babyganics.com
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