9 Best Babyproofing Products for Your Home

9 Game-Changing Babyproofing Products

Check out these sleek, safety-first products that are changing the babyproofing game.
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August 29, 2021
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Now that baby is in the picture, are you feeling like everywhere you look, there’s an accident waiting to happen? You may not be totally exaggerating—there are lots of potential hazards scattered around the house. Babyproofing your home is the best way to avoid incidents and put your mind at ease.

Preparations can take time, so it’s best to get started on the essentials—like investing in a first aid kit, installing smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and removing any potential slip-hazards—before baby is on the scene. Once your little one starts to crawl (around 6 to 10 months) you’ll need to do another round of childproofing, placing dangerous items out of reach, securing windows and doors and installing baby gates as needed.

Feeling overwhelmed by the long list of safety requirements? Don’t sweat it. Thankfully, there are tons of innovative babyproofing products on the market designed to help parents keep their little ones out of harm’s way. Here, we’ve rounded up nine of the best babyproofing products that are functional, easy-to-use and—most importantly—safe.

Image: Courtesy Retract-a-Gate

Smart Retract Retract-A-Gate

Gates are a must-have from the moment baby starts to crawl, but it can be difficult to find one to fit an awkward space. Enter the Retract-A-Gate—a retractable mesh safety gate that can be installed at any angle. It’s certified for indoor and outdoor use, and extends to 52”, meaning you can use it to block off a staircase, patio or hallway. Plus, it can be opened and closed with one hand and features a childproof lock for added security. Bonus: This pick is made from eco-friendly, non-toxic materials.

Buy it: $135, Amazon.com

Image: Courtesy Safety 1st

Safety 1st 8-Pack Adhesive Magnetic Locks with Keys

What adult hasn’t been frustrated by a childproof cabinet lock? (Guilty as charged!) They’re often a pain to open and, frankly, ugly to look at. Safety 1st has come up with a brilliant solution though. Instead of attaching locks on the outside of your kitchen cabinets, this magnetic locking system is installed inside, leaving the exterior looking pristine. To open the door, simply use the magnetic key, which you can conveniently store nearby. Better yet, once they’re no longer needed, you can switch off the locks without having to remove the entire unit.

Buy it: $50 for a pack of 8, buybuyBABY.com

Image: Courtesy Munchkin

Munchkin XTRAGUARD Dual Action Multi-Use Latches

It’s not just cabinets you’ll want to keep locked—drawers with sharp objects, toilet seat covers and appliances also need to stay shut. These multipurpose latches are just the thing you need. The flexible strap latches around corners, and the dual-button release makes it that much harder for savvy toddlers to figure out. When they’re not in use, you can release and rotate the locks out of the way. Plus, they’re a cinch to install and won’t leave a mark.

Buy it: $9 for a pack of 2, Munchkin.com

Image: Courtesy CalMyotis

CalMyotis Store Corner Protector

If baby is starting to pull themselves up to stand or taking their first teetering steps, you’ll quickly notice all the sharp, menacing-looking table corners around your home. Covering everything with bubble wrap would certainly do the trick, but to keep baby safe and your decor aesthetic intact, go with these clear plastic corner guards instead. The clever corner protectors are flexible, tearproof and can be installed in as little as one minute.

Buy it: $10, Amazon.com

Image: Courtesy Moby

Moby Bath Spout Cover

When it’s time for a bath, don’t let safety concerns keep you and baby from having a whale of a time. Fixtures tend to be big and hard with unforgiving corners, but this adorable spout cover will help you keep bathtime bump-free. The adjustable strap offers a near-universal fit and the curved tail doubles as a handy storage hook. Pro tip: Skip Hop offers some of the best babyproofing products for bathtime, including a matching non-slip bath mat.

Buy it: $14, SkipHop.com

Image: Courtesy Munchkin

Munchkin White Hot Ducky

Bathtime slips and head bonks are definitely things to avoid, but so is scalding hot water. To make sure baby’s bathwater is just the right temperature, pick up a thermometer. Munchkin’s safety duck is the perfect bathing companion. A white hot safety disc on the bottom reveals the word “hot” when the water temperature is too high and it’s completely watertight to avoid mold growth. Plus, what’s a bath without a classic rubber ducky?

Buy it: $3, Munchkin.com

Image: Courtesy Safety 1st

Safety 1st TV & Furniture Safety Straps

Toddlers often see their home as a fun jungle gym, but their climbing efforts can throw items off balance. That’s why securing furniture and large devices (like a television) to the wall is essential to babyproofing. Safety 1st safety straps offer multiple layers of protection, as you can secure your TV to its stand and a piece of furniture to the wall. And, like many of the best babyproofing products on this list, these straps are super-easy to install.

Buy it: $10, Amazon.com

Image: Courtesy Safety Innovations

Safety Innovations Self-Closing Standard Outlet Covers

Covering up electrical outlets is key to keeping inquisitive little fingers away. Instead of dealing with bulky, unsightly safety covers or separate plugs that you need to take in and out, opt for something a little more streamlined. Safety Innovations babyproof outlet covers look just like your standard outlet casing but have a clever mechanism that automatically slides shut once a device is unplugged. The wall plates are easy to install with options for standard single-screw fittings as well as double-screw decora outlets.

Buy it: $20, Amazon.com

Image: Courtesy healthynest

Healthynest Our Cleaning System

Baby is going to touch and crawl on nearly every surface, so it’s worthwhile investing in quality cleaning products to sanitize your home. Made from a custom blend of plants and minerals Healthynest products are neurotoxin free, non-toxic and kind to sensitive skin. This cleaning system includes three stainless steel bottles, three reusable dishcloths and a safe, environmentally-friendly concentrate that can be used as a surface cleanser, dish soap and hand soap. Plus, it’s super-easy to use—simply add the concentrate, dilute it with water and shake it up. Trust us, this is one of the best babyproofing products that you’ll use daily.

Buy it: $90, HealthyBaby.com


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