Top 7 Puzzles and Games for Toddlers

You’re tot will love solving and playing these puzzles and board games with you — and she’ll even sneak in some early learning and problem-solving skills too!
ByKylie McConville
Jan 2017
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Best for Beginners

The Skip Hop Nesting Animal Puzzle is the perfect starter puzzle for your tot. It’s not overly complicated (so she’ll be able to fit the pieces in with a little help!) and the bright colors will keep her interested. Another reason to love it? The money, elephant and lion puzzle pieces all come with a printed letter, so you can start early on animal sounds and the alphabet! , $15



Best for On-the-go

You can play the University Games Scavenger Hunt For Kids Cards travel game at home, at a friends or in the car. The real-world scavenger hunt will have your toddler looking up, down, side-to-side and all over! We love it because adults can play too. , $6



Best Advanced Puzzle

For rainy (or snowy!) days when you’re stuck inside, we love the Busy Barn Yard Shaped Floor Puzzle. Your tot will definitely need some help (it has 32 pieces!), but once it’s put together, she’ll love showing off her hard work. Melissa& , $13



Best Family Night Game

Don’t Wake Daddy is a game that we grew up playing so it makes passing on the tradition to your tot all the more sweeter. He’ll get a kick out of trying to sneak through the house for a midnight snack without waking up daddy. Let’s just hope he doesn’t try to do it in real life! , $25



Best for Building Listening Skills

Love puppies? Us too. That’s why we get such a kick out of the International Playthings Diggity Dog! The pup barks the number of spaces you have to move — so paying attention is key. The better you listen, the more bones you collect. , $17



Best Two-in-One Puzzle

The Vehicles Sound Puzzle makes the correct siren sound every time your toddler places a piece in the right spot. He’ll have his safety sounds memorized in no time! Melissa& , $13



Best for Hand-Eye Coordination

In the Hungry Hungry Hippos game, the hippo that eats the most wins! Your tot will learn to pump her hands as fast as she can to beat out her opponents for the crown (and she’ll have fun doing it too). , $20

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