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Best Infant Car Seat: Cybex Aton Q

Form doesn't always meet function when it comes to car seats. But this one stands above the rest.

All car seats are designed for the sole purpose of keeping baby safe. So how can you differentiate one from another? It’s all in the details. And the Cybex has above-and-beyond attention to detail in both its safety and design features.


  • Cybex’s signature Telescopic Linear Side-impact Protection means a bar extends from the side of the seat to the passenger door, being the first thing to absorb shock upon impact. After that? The car seat’s shell absorbs additional impact forces
  • Harness length adapts automatically when you adjust the 8-position headrest, so you never need to re-thread
  • The base’s Load Leg—a European-style innovation—additionally anchors the seat to the car floor, preventing it from turning forward in the event of a crash
  • When not in use, the canopy tucks neatly into its color-coordinated visor, which blends right into the seat design: proof that safety can be a fashion statement


Cybex makes sure to check all your safety boxes with an on-trend design to boot, so your backseat passenger can safely ride in style.

Price: From $350


Photo: Cybex
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