Nuna Baby and Uber Team Up to Provide Parents Peace of Mind

In select cities Uber users can now request rides equipped with Nuna's RAVA car seat. The partnership marks a step forward in prioritizing the needs and safety of parents and children in transit.
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By Wyndi Kappes, Associate Editor
Published May 18, 2023
Baby in car seat nuna rava
Image: Nuna Baby

From dentist appointments to vacations and everything in between, commuting around a city without a car and baby in tow can be difficult, if not impossible. Parents are either stuck hauling around their child’s car seat or left worrying that their ride-share service won’t have the proper car seat that their child needs. But there is hope on the horizon.

Nuna Baby and Uber have teamed up to help you reserve safe and reliable ride share for you and your child. The beloved baby gear brand officially announced its partnership with Uber’s Car Seat program yesterday. Under the partnership, parents can now reserve an Uber equipped with Nuna’s fan-favorite RAVA car seat in select cities like New York and Los Angles.

While Uber’s Car Seat program has been around for a few years now, the partnership with Nuna Baby means that parents can take comfort in knowing the seat they are strapping their child into meets top-of-the-line safety standards. The RAVA can accommodate children weighing from 5 to 65 lbs and features an all-steel frame, natural flame-resistant material and adjustable options for rear and forward-facing positions. Uber also notes that all drivers who sign up to be Uber Car Seat providers are trained by Safe Kids Worldwide in how to properly and safely install car seats.

Knowing exactly what kind of car seat will be showing up at your door is also a pleasant feeling. The RAVA’s fuss-free adjustments make it incredibly user-friendly for parents familiar with Nuna car seats. This means less time fumbling around with straps and a quicker load-up time when minutes really matter.

“We’re thrilled to team up with Nuna to offer Uber riders an easy way to get their little ones around town,” Molly Spychalski, Uber’s Head of Global Brand Partnership Marketing, said in a press release. “As Nuna is an industry leader and the RAVA is a convertible and easily installed car seat, they are an ideal partner to bring this product to life. Uber riders in select cities will now be able to experience Nuna’s products in the real world.”

Along with the Nuna partnership, Uber also unveiled the ability to reserve your Uber Car Seat ahead of time this year. This option could be a godsend for parents who report a low inventory of Uber Car Seats when they need them and prohibitive wait times.

Though there still may be challenges around ordering an Uber Car Seat, including availability and limited area coverage, Nuna Baby and Uber’s partnership represents a much-needed acknowledgment of the difficulties of traveling with baby and a step in the right direction in getting more parents access to the resources they need to commute easily and freely.

To learn whether Uber Car Seats are available in your area and to take advantage of the new Nuna partnership, simply enter your pick-up and drop-off locations in the Uber app, scroll down to select the Car Seat option and confirm your ride.

For more information on Nuna Baby and Uber Car Seat’s partnership, visit

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