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Gina Ciagne, certified lactation counselor and senior director of professional relations for Lansinoh
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Breastfeeding Schedule?

Is it okay to schedule baby’s feedings instead of feeding on demand? I’d like to get into a routine!

A loose routine? Probably. A schedule? No. Breastfed babies don’t tell time; their tummies tell them they’re hungry!

Newborns nurse at least 10-12 times every 24 hours, and it’s normal to have frequent feedings in the early days when you’re establishing your supply. A baby’s tummy is the size of a marble when he’s born and grows as he develops. Breast milk is more easily digested than formula, so being hungry often is very normal. You might just feel like all you do is feed baby!

The time between feedings will lengthen as baby’s tummy grows, and it will be easier to get into a routine after the first several weeks or months. But, remember that even older babies aren’t predictable. You’ll find — especially as baby gets enters a new phase or goes through a growth spurt — that your routine goes down the tubes. During crucial times like those, babies often want to feed even more often. That preps your body to make more milk so they can get the extra vitamins and nutrients they need to continue growing. Just go with the flow, mama!

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