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Q&A: Can I Eat Spicy Foods?

I love spicy food, but can I eat it when I'm breastfeeding? Is it safe for my baby?

Sure…unless you notice that baby has a problem with them. There aren’t any foods that are strict no-no’s when breastfeeding, but a few moms find that their babies fuss for a while after they’ve eaten certain foods or spices. (Spices are known to sometimes change the flavor of breast milk.) If you think baby might be reacting to a spice in your diet, consider keeping a food diary for a while, writing down what you eat, what comes out of baby (diaper-wise), and how he’s acting. If you find a correlation, cut out that spice and see if baby’s fussiness fades. (If the flavor of your milk changed, it should return to normal within a day of cutting out the offending spice.)

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