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Is Chlorine Safe During Pregnancy?

Is it safe to swim in a chlorinated pool during pregnancy?

Yes! “Many pregnant women try to avoid every chemical on the planet,” says San Diego–based expert David M. Priver, MD, FACOG. “I tell them that if you combine chlorine with sodium, you get table salt. Moderate exposure is fine.” While one European study found that a chemical by-product of chlorine, in large amounts, can be dangerous to pregnant women and their babies, Priver insists that swimming is one of the healthiest activities a pregnant woman can engage in. “Being weightless in water is the one thing that keeps many of my  third-trimester patients from going crazy,” says Priver. “I’d have had my head handed to me on a platter if I told them they had to stop.”

Swimming tops the list of beneficial forms of prenatal exercise, along with walking, biking, prenatal yoga and dance.  Activities to avoid include downhill snow skiing, water skiing and horseback riding.

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