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12 Fun Activities to Support Baby’s Brain Development in the First Year

Want to help baby’s brain through play? Try these easy ideas.

Fun fact: Baby’s brain grows 175 percent in the first year alone. So it’s not just your imagination if you feel like they’re learning something new every day—they practically are! You probably already have a natural instinct to interact with baby any way you can. But if you’re running out of ideas, we have a few suggestions for how to encourage each specific cognitive development as it’s happening. For one, start with a foundation of solid nutrition, whether that’s breastfeeding or choosing a formula inspired by breast milk like Enfamil NeuroPro (both contain an important brain-building ingredient called MFGM). Then, explore the timeline below for fun, month-by-month activities that support each stage of baby’s first year. Just remember that the timing here is only a guideline—every baby is unique.

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