A Dad-to-Be’s Guide To Having a Baby

Advice for dads from a guy who's been there.
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Updated November 8, 2018

Guys, it’s true–having a plethora of information and knowledge will help pave the way to your successful role as a dad. And these days, it’s easy as there are ample resources available to help moms- and dads-to-be understand what to expect along the road ahead.

There were three resources I used to prepare for my role as a dad, and trust me, I’m so glad I did. Want to know how you can get ready for baby’s arrival?

1. Study the Books—Hard!

As an expectant dad, it’s hard to feel like you play a big role in baby’s life—after all, your partner is growing your baby inside of her, and you’ve just been doing your part, doing exactly as you’re told. But you can read up. Buy a book that helps you understand exactly what changes are taking place in your partner’s body (both physically and emotionally!). Sometimes it’s easier to understand just the facts. And there are so many books written specifically for dads-to-be! Nine months will fly by in the blink of an eye, and you want to be as prepared as possible.

2. Take the Classes (and Learn to Like Them!)

If you’re into the second trimester of your partner’s pregnancy (or planning ahead), try taking birth and newborn education programs. If you’re expecting your first, then the educational classes will help you realize you are not alone—other soon-to-be dads will be there too. And if you have friends who are expecting, it might be a fun thing to do together. Don’t dread the class, either. If you go into it with an open mind, the class can be entertaining and, most importantly, informative. My wife and I took an all day seminar together, and it was actually fun!

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3. Research (All!) the Details

Take a visit to the hospital where you and your partner have chosen to have the baby—it’s worth it, I swear. We just had our third baby and even though I’d been through this two other times, I still had trouble remembering all the hallways and doorways to get to Labor and Delivery. The last thing you could ever want is to be late for baby’s arrival! So, look into a hospital or birthing center tour. Maybe even meet the nurses. Once your partner is in labor and you’re headed to the hospital, you’ll be glad you took that birthing center tour after all.

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