8 Romantic Ideas for Date Night Before Baby Arrives

Once baby is on the scene, they’ll require a lot of your attention. Take advantage of this time together as a couple before baby arrives.
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Updated March 22, 2022
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Time alone with your partner can be scarce in the first weeks (and months) with baby. Newborns call for constant care, and when you’re up to your elbows in diapers, trying to figure out how to best feed baby and running on little to no sleep, date night probably won’t be as high on your list of priorities as a nap or a shower. Our advice? Soak up as many moments together as you can before welcoming the newest addition to your family. These romantic date night ideas can help you make the most of your final evenings together before becoming parents—and perhaps even inspire future date nights once you’ve settled into your parenting groove.

Enjoy a Candlelit Dinner

A romantic evening at a restaurant might not happen for a while. Take advantage of these pre-baby days and make a reservation at a local restaurant you both love, or find a new eatery you’re excited to try. If going out doesn’t appeal, cook up some of your favorite recipes together at home. Set the table, cue the music and light some candles. One of the best parts about enjoying a romantic meal together? Cuddling up on the couch afterward.

Take a Class Together

We’re not talking about a childbirth class here. Think back to the dates you had in the early months of your relationship. Get creative and find a painting or pottery class, a cooking class—something new and fun that’ll capture your collective interest. Not only will it make for an enjoyable outing before baby’s arrival, but you might also be left with a sweet keepsake to evoke those fond memories.

Book a Couples Massage

Pregnancy comes with a lot of aches and pains. What better way to treat yourself before baby’s birth than with a prenatal massage? Make it a date and book a couples massage (after all, the stress of expecting a baby can take a toll on both of you). Heck, why not plan a whole spa day? You’ll end the day feeling infinitely more relaxed and connected.

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Catch a Movie

In the era of COVID-19, many of us have gotten used to streaming movies at home. But there’s something special about getting movie tickets, buying buttery popcorn and oversized drinks and watching a new movie in theaters. Since you can’t exactly bring a crying baby to the local cinema (although some do host baby-friendly screenings for new parents—they’re awesome, so look into it), take advantage now and see a blockbuster on the big screen. Netflix will be waiting in the wings for those first few months with baby.

Double Date

A night with friends is always fun. Catch up with one (or more!) of your couple-friends over dinner and revel in some adult discussion. No, you two won’t be alone, but you can use this as a way to connect with your partner as a person and not just a co-parent in waiting. (If you’re worried about COVID-19, it’s always okay to ask your friends to take a test before coming over. Your safety—and baby’s—comes first.)

Get Outside

Preparing for baby is stressful, but spending time outside is a great way to boost your mood. Pack a picnic and head out to the park, or take a walk through your local woods. If you’re pressed for time, simply strolling around the neighborhood can help you and your partner breathe in some fresh air and find moments to bond. You might even try to build walks into your daily schedule—and bring baby along after their arrival.

Sign Up for an Adventure

Sure, parenthood is perhaps one of life’s greatest adventures—but before you set sail on that experience, why not sneak in some activities that are decidedly not baby-friendly? Paintball. Jet skiing. Escape rooms. Helicopter tours. A round of billiards at your local dive bar. A burlesque show. See what your area has to offer—and where your creativity can lead you!

Go on a Mini Babymoon

This one’s worth several date nights combined. Thanks to the COVID-19 vaccine, the world is slowly starting to open up, and some parents-to-be are once again thinking about babymoons. Even if you’re not comfortable flying on a plane, you and your partner can still get away. Spend the weekend at a destination that’s within driving distance. Escape to a beach, a spa, a woodsy cabin—whatever brings you and your partner the most joy. Traveling doesn’t have to end the moment you become parents, of course, but it will involve a whole lot more planning and packing. Looking back, you’ll be grateful for the chance to travel as a twosome, even just for the weekend.

However you choose to spend your last few weeks as a couple, find ways to connect and show your love for each other. Ensuring your bond is strong now will make the transition into parenthood all the easier.

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