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Ideas For Last Date Night Before Baby?

Any tips for a final date night? I guess we won't have another for a while!

You're right that time alone with your spouse can be scarce in the first weeks (or years) with baby. Make the most of your final few evenings together before becoming parents.

Catch a flick
There are lots of places where you can bring an infant. A movie theater is not one of them. See a blockbuster on the big screen before you're doomed to Netflix.

Have a candlelit dinner
A romantic evening at home might not happen for the next, oh, eight or nine years. (Sex almost definitely won't happen for six weeks.) Cook together or order in and cuddle in the living room.

Double date
Go out with your childless couple-friends and pack in adult interaction before the little one takes over. And try not to talk about the baby. No, you two won't be alone, but you can use this as a time to reconnect with your partner as a person (as opposed to a babymaker).

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