Q&A: Dealing With Thrush?

"My son and I have had thrush for about four weeks and have had the nystatin. Just when it seems to get better, it gets worse and it doesn't want to go away!  What can I do to finally get rid of the 'Yeastie Beastie' and keep it from coming back? Also why don't they warn new breastfeeding mothers about this?!" —MrsMMHill
ByAndi Silverman
March 2, 2017
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Why don’t new moms warn each other about anything?! Sometimes I think there’s a mommy conspiracy of silence.  Maybe people don’t like to admit that they are having a hard time.

Yeast infections, or thrush on the breast, can be just one of those problems. It’s painful and can take a while to resolve. You want to make sure your son is getting treated too; otherwise you will keep passing it back and forth to each other. You might ask your doctor about an oral medication, or even a natural remedy called gentian violet.

From the editors: Nystatin is a cream medication commonly prescribed for thrush. If this doesn’t do the trick or you have deep breast thrush, your doc may also recommend Diflucan. Until you talk with the doc, make sure to wash your hands and nipples with soap and water every day. Rinse your nipples after every feeding, and always wear a clean bra. Nursing pads should be changed every time you feed.

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