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Excerpted from The Baby Bump, Twins and Triplets Edition

Eating While Pregnant With Twins?

So I'm eating for three? Do I get to go a little crazy at the vending machine?

The good news is that when you’re carrying twins or more, you do get to add some more to your plate. In fact, a woman of average weight should be taking in about 2,700 calories each day, or enough to gain 35 to 45 pounds (about a pound a week for the first half of your pregnancy, then a little more than a pound a week for the second). But while the occasional milk shake is fine, those babies need their vitamins and minerals, so make those mini-meals well balanced. And don’t forget to drink up — it may feel like you’re always making a beeline for the bathroom, but it’s important to help support the extra blood volume and keep things functioning smoothly.

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